DizzyAGE Easter Competition

To participate in the DizzyAGE competition, you must follow a set of rules.
Don't worry, they're not ment to keep people out, but to bring them in.

  • All games must be developed with the DizzyAGE engine.
  • All games must be new and released since previous Easter Competition.
  • All games must be finished and submitted before 1st of June.
  • All games must be in english language.
  • All games must have at least ten rooms, a few items and some characters.
  • Games will be voted by fans, so anyone can participate, even prize donors.
  • Both single person and team developers are accepted.
  • More entries per developer accepted (scored individually).
  • Fun and gameplay should score before size, graphics or programming skills.
  • Prizes will be obtained in order of the winning votes (see prizes).
  • Winners will be announced after 2 or 3 months of voting, depending on the number of entries.
  • The competition rules may be bend or changed if necessary.

Remember all, it's a fun competition, so have fun!