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Post by SALEHMARLEY » Sat Oct 08, 2011 11:58 pm

Welcome Stephen, hope all is well?
Not been on here for a while but.....
This may be a little contravercial(hope this is spelt correct?). Went into a well known book shop the other day for my wife, tried to get her the second in the series of a book that she was reading and it was ?10???? Previous that day, i went into a well known supermarket and went to purchase the same book but in only came in a two part series (including the first book, and this is why i didn't purchase even though it was ?8!!!!!). The man behind the counter in the well known book store got angry with me cos i told him what had happened....sorry, but if i can purchase elsewhere cheaper and actually receive another book(in which i can give away!!!) I got no loyalty towards that book shop!!!!!
Anyway, enjoy the Dizzy world here....I have recently learnt the basics of DizzyAge and have started my first adventure. Admitedly, it has been on hold for around a month but work has started again and i cannot wait until it is complete and available for the community!!!!

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Post by frogandhat » Sun Oct 09, 2011 4:46 pm

Welcome aboard Stephen!

@ Meph
I have recently inherited an iPad, and this seems to try and get around the 'got a spare copy' problem as if I download something on the iPad directly (and of course it is locked in to iTunes / App Store), when I next turn on iTunes on my PC, it knows I have purchased stuff, and DOWNLOADS IT AGAIN onto my PC! This is ridiculously annoying, clogs up the HDD on my laptop, clogs up my internet and a complete waste of time! If I download an App on the PC, then it will transfer to the iPad when I sync, but it does not seem to sync the other way! Not to mention that if there is something on the iPad which is not on the iTunes on your PC library, when you sync it will disappear for ever. And you cant just transfer a single file over at will, you have to sync. :v2_dizzy_crazy:
So, glad I didnt pay for the iPad, as while it is beautifully engineered, it is ridiculously over priced (as are all Apple products) and the iTunes software is a right royal pain in the @r$?

(Deep Breath)
Sorry, seem to have gone off topic a little there. Anyway, as the others have said Stephen, plenty of fan made games are here to keep you interested in the little egg, enjoy!
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Stephen Parry
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Post by Stephen Parry » Sun Oct 09, 2011 5:35 pm

Thanks, folks, will be sure to check out the fan games soon.

Oh, and I signed the petition, too.

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Post by frogandhat » Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:42 pm

@ Pogie
yes, I have stopped it syncing automatically - thats one of the first things I did, I cant stand computers doing stuff off their own back trying to 'help' me - I will tell YOU what to do and when thank you very much Mr Computer!
Dont know about the 'check for downloads' box, I will have a look next time i dare (or have to) start iTunes. I appreciate it may be my lack of knowledge of using the software, but to me it just isnt very user friendly, and not very obvious how to use it for the best.
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Post by Meph » Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:51 pm

I don't use Itunes because i don't have an Ipod.. and you can't download from Itunes and put them on a normal mp3 player. Yet Amazon and 7digital are happy to give you the files in mp3 format.

It would be nice it Amazon would keep a record of mp3 downloads so you can d/l again later if everyone blows up.

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