Disappearing diamond ring?

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Disappearing diamond ring?

Postby Bag of Magic Food » Tue Feb 22, 2011 5:14 am

Okay, so the first time I tried to complete Spellbound Dizzy on Atari ST, I decided to save up all the Yolkfolk's objects beside the wizard Theodore without actually handing any to him until I had them all. That way I could see what total number of stars I had collected by the end, and I would have the fun of sending everybody home all in one go. But right when it came time to do that, I could no longer find Daisy's diamond ring, no matter how much retracing I did of where I could have gone with it. Has this ever happened to anyone? Yeah, I know this sounds like a bad sitcom setup, and maybe I could have just forgotten what I did and missed the ring in a clutter of background objects, but... I found proof! I remembered Solaris104's longplay of the Amiga version, and now you can see for yourself!

At 55:13, Theo has just sent Daisy home, and Dizzy sets down the ring, in between the Dylan vibes and the ear horn. It should have stayed there undisturbed while Dizzy went out to find Dora, but when he returned to Theo's grotto with Denzil's computer at 1:01:49, the ring was gone! What could have happened? Some programming oversight with storing its location? Some spooky nature of the ring, relating to how Dizzy didn't remember giving it to Daisy in the first place? Well, it would be nice if someone could figure out what triggers the vanishing item exactly, so we could warn other players of what could ruin their game. Just like how in the Commodore 64 version, you need to know you have to get the honey and retrieve the objects in the bear's cave before you put a firefly in the jar, because that version doesn't make Dizzy pop the firefly back out of the jar when he sets it down--convenient if you want to collect some other things before taking the firefly somewhere, but it's impossible to put honey in the Glowing Jar.