Zacks Tower Master System Youtube

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Zacks Tower Master System Youtube

Post by jimmimak » Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:10 pm

Hi Egg-people!

I just did a playthrough on Fantastic Dizzy for the Master System just to get familiar with it again. I decided to video the last bit of the game. I didn't manage to win, but hopefully this will help people who are going to attempt it.

The most difficult thing is when you have to jump to a platform and Dizzy's jump is blocked by a platform above him. In these cases you have to run until Dizzy is completely off the platform and then jump. In some cases you have to jump very lightly so that he doesn't hit the platform above.

Unfortunately my camera ran out of film while playing, and when I realised that had happened, I was about to die (I die after changing the camera's memory card).

I didn't find (or win) all of the extra lives in the game, but I highly recommend you accumulate as many lives as you can before doing this.

Here's my humiliation caught on video:

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