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Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2011 2:29 pm
by enchantedgypsy25
i voted for the Amiga version as the Amiga was the computer i had growing up and where i played most (if not all) the Dizzy games at first, well i may have played some on the PC but they were very similar ports

i have since having the internet tried other versions of the game but the Amiga beats them still in my opinion, i love the music, graphics and of course the games overall plot and length

the length of course makes this trickier then some Dizzy games (but at least Theodore is on hand to grant extra lives) and that for a while put me off playing it but i'm happy to report recently i completed it, even if it did take a few hours :dizzy_smile:

i like the reuse of puzzles, combination of characters and the little extra games added in such as Bubble Dizzy and the Minecart Chase - i'm almost sad to have completed it as it means i have completed all the Dizzy adventures on the Amiga so it is either onto 8-bit versions or just run through them all again (which wouldn't be a bad thing)