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Postby xelanoimis » Tue Apr 27, 2010 9:24 pm

DizzyAGE v2.4 released!

What's new?

1. support for custom game resolution in dizzy.inf
read about it in the articles section (larger rooms)
Please don't abuse this... I love the retro style of Dizzy game!

2. support for computer's time and date: gs_systemtime(y,m,d), gs_systemdate(h,m,s). Can be used for some cool stuff, but don't base your game's logic on it. Obviously players can set any time and date to their computers.

3. bugs fixes: memory leak in audio stream (sometimes when exiting the game while stream playing), blocking static brushes with frame property set higher than 0 were not blocking (not writing in the material map).

All previous games will work with the new version without any changes.
It's recommended to use the latest engine version, especially with new games to be released.

Have fun!

I linked the latest C/C++ sources on the download page. So whoever's interested can get it. As stated, the idea is to assure developers that their games don't depend on a "magic executable" that one day could stop working. For any other purposes, contact me.