Average sunday or no? (EVENING #15)

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Average sunday or no? (EVENING #15)

Post by Adz.M » Fri Feb 16, 2007 6:31 pm

Evening 15: - Average Sunday or no?

[MARGATEMAN] is someone here? lol
[MAT_DIZZY] :p no...
[MARGATEMAN] :p damn
[MAT_DIZZY] im matthew... twin... thinks (yeah that should work :laugh: ) muah ha
[MARGATEMAN] :p ah, hello... matthew twin!
[MAT_DIZZY] ;) greetings
[MARGATEMAN] :p are you just like matt in everyway by any chance?
[MAT_DIZZY] yes, and even annoyinger :dizzy_biggrin:
[MARGATEMAN] :O thats not possible!.... is it? j/k
[MAT_DIZZY] :p har har
[MARGATEMAN] i have a feeling Adz is around :p
[ADZ] am I? ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] :p indeed
[MARGATEMAN] ha, im always right ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] little rascal :p not talking to us :laugh: sure sam :rolleyes:
[MARGATEMAN] :p of course i am!!!
[ADZ] you're bck from football early sam
[MARGATEMAN] :p i am? i got back at about 1...
[ADZ] oh ok, it's only me and mat at home atm, i'll see what he's up to now
[MARGATEMAN] :p yeah, what is he up to?
[MARGATEMAN] yeah, lol
[ADZ] well you're only mat in the house m8 ;)
[MARGATEMAN] oh no...he's Matthew, Mat's evil twin
[ADZ] :v2_dizzy_blink: wtf
[MARGATEMAN] ... as all twins are evil... actually... maybe mat is the evil one... :p
[ADZ] i've heard worse lol
[MARGATEMAN] :) maybe
[MAT_DIZZY] :rolleyes: indeed
[ADZ] im bored now
[MARGATEMAN] :p you too? lets um...i spy!
[MAT_DIZZY] :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN] i spy with my little eye... something begining with....D
[MAT_DIZZY] umm.....D...
[ADZ] d*ck
[MAT_DIZZY] :laugh: lmao
[MARGATEMAN] lol, no
[ADZ] dull :p
[MARGATEMAN] lol, congratulations ok, lol, not eye spy then
[ADZ] um....wet willy?
[MAT_DIZZY and MARGATEMAN looks at ADZ oddly]
[ADZ] ok ok, um, whats on TV?
[ADZ] anything other than porn? im not in a dirty mood lol
[MARGATEMAN] no... this is tv...all they show is porn, except channel 5 :p that shows hardcore porn ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] lol, nah
[ADZ] lol oooook
[ADZ goes to PC]
[MARGATEMAN] sorry, everything on the internet is porn too :p
[ADZ] not if you know ur websites ;) , anyway im making my game opens games factory
[MARGATEMAN] oooo, looks good :say_yes:
[MAT_DIZZY] cool :) bbl later guys, be back in about 15 mins
[MAT_DIZZY exits]
[ADZ] this game is more about us, they're monsters about and we have to kill em and unlock rooms,
[MARGATEMAN] :p cool
[ADZ] got any ideas for this anyway?
[MARGATEMAN] um... nope, lol
[ADZ] what about music?
[MARGATEMAN] R.E.M, imitation of life ;)
[ADZ] ok, looks in music folder....... woah :O thats a lot of tunes
[MARGATEMAN] :laugh: i expect so,
[ADZ] most of it's naths i see lol, all queen and darkness stuff
[MARGATEMAN] :v2_dizzy_fingers: i like the darkness! lol
[ADZ] Prodigy and the Beatles would be Mat's, Six Feet Under and Cradle Of Filth would be Nitro's, t.A.T.u and Gigi D'Agostino would be mine and Shakira and Nik Kershaw would be Andy's
[MARGATEMAN] lol, guess mine :p
[ADZ] ah, here we go, R.E.M and various Footy anthems lol
[MARGATEMAN] :rolleyes: nope, R.E.M. and U2
[ADZ] well i was half right ;)
[MARGATEMAN] ah, true
[ADZ] so where did the footy anthems come from?
[MARGATEMAN] um... the ghost of Bobby Moore? :rolleyes:
[ADZ] hmm, u dont think?.......
[MARGATEMAN] yeah, he lives in the basement :p
[ADZ] Nitro never said anything about that when he last went down there......well i guess it was dark then lol :confused:
[MARGATEMAN] .. would nitro know who bobby moore is?
[ADZ] no idea, i dunno who he is :v2_dizzy_blush:
[MARGATEMAN] :p The England captain of 1966 (when we last won the world cup)
[ADZ] ah ha
[MARGATEMAN] he also played for WHUFC
[ADZ adds random tunes to the games]
[MARGATEMAN] :laugh: excellent
[ADZ] we should go into remixing :p
[MARGATEMAN] yeah, we should, gimme some decks! lol
[ADZ] they're in the attic, i dont have the key
[MARGATEMAN] :p and i don't need a key gets out crowbar
[MAT_DIZZY reappears with MAYBOY]
[MAT_DIZZY] :p finally
[MARGATEMAN] :p wb people
[ADZ] watch it with that crowbar m8
[MAYBOY] hang on hang on im sucking on something :p
[ADZ] eww
[MARGATEMAN] .. ouch! :O stop sucking on my thumb! ...and biting it... :v2_dizzy_frown:
[MAT_DIZZY] :p ahh thats what that noise is
[MAYBOY] no no your not even warm :p well this is
[MAT_DIZZY] :shocked:
[MARGATEMAN] :p indeed
[MAYBOY] nah its a drumstick lolly
[ADZ] okies
[MARGATEMAN] lol, good
[ADZ] well c'mon sam, get to the attic, we have decks to get out :p
[MAYBOY] yes young sam :p chop chop
[MARGATEMAN] o yes runs off to attic mmm... now... how do i open the door without breaking it...mmm...
[MAYBOY] use the door knob :p
[MARGATEMAN] oh well :v2_dizzy_tongue: puts crowbar through middle of the door
[ADZ] head bang it
[MARGATEMAN] :p no, its ok now, i broke it :D
[ADZ] vandal :p
[MARGATEMAN smashes door up a lil bit more for fun]
[MARGATEMAN] im not a vandal! i just enjoy senseless violence :p
[ADZ] oh gdgd
[MAYBOY] i noticed :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN] :) ah, no more door
[Everyone goes up the attic]
[MARGATEMAN] hey... this attic is empty!
[MAYBOY] just dust
[ADZ] hang on, i see something
[MARGATEMAN] its...Naths shadow! aaaaaaah!!!!!
[ADZ looks at MAYBOY]
[MARGATEMAN] Naths shadow stole all our crap from the attic! now i can't throw it at homeless people :(
[ADZ] no he hasn't m8 stop overacting :p
[ADZ looks around]
[ADZ] ah there they are :)
[MARGATEMAN] ah... of course...i should have looked behind me...
[MAYBOY] hehe even my shadow affects ppl :p
[ADZ] indeed
[15 mins later they get the decks down when NITRO walks in]
[MARGATEMAN] right, im gonna walk the dog! lol :p tty people in a bit
[MAYBOY] kk young sam :)
[ADZ looks for RECORDS]
[MAYBOY] something funky for me please :p
[NITRO] try to avoid New Wave ;)
[MAYBOY] :laugh:
[ADZ] alrite, no new wave, hmmmm
[NITRO] although, I may settle for Depeche Mode, 80s is some sweet music
[MAYBOY] indeed
[ADZ] ah, what do we have here.......beatles?
[ADZ] kk looks again
[MAYBOY] at the back somewhere maybe
[NITRO] ah yes, save the best for last :laugh:
[ADZ] indeed
[MAT_DIZZY] back
[NITRO] hey, dont interrupt, we are looking for a record! :p
[ADZ] mat, what sort of records do u think is best?
[MAT_DIZZY] beatles
[NITRO] we already tossed the beatles :laugh:
[MAT_DIZZY] :v2_dizzy_frown:
[ADZ] sorry m8 lol
[NITRO] unless it has eleanor rigby, but, we are looking for some 80s tunage
[MAYBOY] indeed
[ADZ] buggles?
[NITRO] ehh?
[ADZ] video killed the radiostar
[MAYBOY] lol classic
[NITRO] oh.. alright thats sweet stuff
[ADZ] okies
[NITRO] yeah, I need to get ahold of that haha, one sec
[MAT_DIZZY] i was looking at something :p
[MAYBOY] can i put the needle on the record :p
[MAT_DIZZY] :p of course
[ADZ] we still need to find another record yet lol
[MAT_DIZZY] u like chumbawamba?
[NITRO] no :p
[MAT_DIZZY] excellant band
[NITRO] the name turned me off :laugh:
[ADZ] what goes well with video killed the radiostar?
[MAYBOY] yeah i know but i wanna put it on when we are ready
[NITRO] ;) The Faint
[MAT_DIZZY] they threw water over john prescott
[MAYBOY] lets have them then
[NITRO] question: Who is John Prescott?
[MAT_DIZZY] they did # i get knocked down, then i get up again
[MAYBOY] John Presscott was a deputy prime minister
[NITRO] oooh, ok, point one haha
[MAYBOY] blair's right hand man...literally
[ADZ] Blair? right hand? lmao
[NITRO] haha, stephen harper only eats chickens right wings hahah
[MAYBOY] hehe i wanna find that guy who chucked an egg at john prescott :p
[NITRO] sweeet
[MAT_DIZZY] very famouse in the late 90's, their song called "tubthumping"
[MAYBOY] "p*ssing the night away"
[ADZ] u would m8 lol
[MAT_DIZZY] its part of the lyrics :laugh:
[NITRO] its british band :)
[NITRO] oh, did you guys hear of Bloc Party?
[MAYBOY] i have
[NITRO] how do you like them?
[ADZ] rings a bell
[MAYBOY] was that one of their songs? :p kidding ;)
[NITRO] nah haha
[ADZ] so whats our final answer for record 2?
[MAYBOY] yes we need a number 2
[MAT_DIZZY] tubthumping
[NITRO] Bloc Party vs The Faint vs KMFDM, one of those 3
[ADZ] very well......actually, we can mix more than 2 songs here
[MAYBOY] anyone gd on decks? lol
[NITRO] alrighty haha, Nath said KMFDM is cool haha
[MAYBOY] i like them actually
[ADZ] alright KMFDM it is :say_yes:
[MAYBOY] he sent me a song i thought was very gd
[NITRO] wooo
[MAYBOY] kk then we are sorted
[ADZ] right, lets see what we can do
[MAYBOY grabs needle]
[MAYBOY places it on RECORD]
[ADZ] speed it up a bit
[MAYBOY] someone do the other
[MAT_DIZZY] plays at... umm 78rpm
[NITRO] lol deeal! haha
[MAT_DIZZY] like a gramaphone
[MAYBOY] the chipmunk speed
[MAT_DIZZY] indeed :p tis funny
[NITRO] hahah
[ADZ walks to the FRIDGE and jumps when the RECORDS plays full blast]
[MAT_DIZZY] :p sorry cnt turn it dwn
[MAYBOY] u wus :p
[NITRO] heh, headbangs
[MAT_DIZZY] anyone got a sock to put in the horn?
[MAYBOY] sock! not now young matt.......oh i see
[NITRO] nah man, im bare foot, such a nice day
[MAT_DIZZY] for u maybe, here is sh*t, and we got no ch or hw
[ADZ] eh?
[MAT_DIZZY] boiler is being replaced tomoz, central heating and hot water
[ADZ] ah
[NITRO] what did I miss?
[MAT_DIZZY] what?
[MAYBOY] just matt moaning about his boiler
[NITRO] its not a nice day here actually, its -26
[ADZ] of course
[MAT_DIZZY] snowing?
[NITRO] looks out nah man :laugh: I so want grass haha....football
[MAYBOY] hehe indeed
[MAT_DIZZY] haha
[MAYBOY] i like my ball games
[NITRO] me too
[ADZ] no nath, not them sort of balls :laugh:
[NITRO] haha
[MAYBOY] lol well those games are gd too of course cough anyway..moving on, play the records again
[NITRO] hey, nath, lets go play some xbox! we used an xbox last time
[MAYBOY] great idea, any games though? lol
[NITRO] yes, the records wil be a great soundtrack
[ADZ] might aswell, we're getting nowhere on this
[NITRO] ah yeah, halo perhaps
[MAYBOY] i wanna try halo 2, looks awesome
[NITRO] yeah, more vehicles, those delta tanks are a tun of fun haha....no wait.. tanks
[ADZ] lol, set the xbox up then, i'll watch
[NITRO] no 4th controller?
[MAYBOY] take it in turns
[NITRO] ah, perhaps you guys should steal someone elses xbox, and we network haha
[ADZ] hmm
[ADZ runs next door to steal network cable]
[NITRO] wooo
[crashes are heard]
[NITRO] waffles are stolen :laugh:
[MAYBOY] mmm :drool:
[NITRO] aaah, you don't happen to butter-flavoured table syrup by chance?
[ADZ walks in]
[ADZ] i got it, i got it!
[ADZ] here ya go
[NITRO] alright, lets get this game going
[NITRO] oh, it looks like checks watch lunch time!!!! brb guys
[NITRO dashes out]


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Team Yolkfolk
Team Yolkfolk
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Post by Adz.M » Sat Feb 17, 2007 9:45 am


[MARGATEMAN returns knackered]
[MAYBOY] i wanna stick it up there :v2_dizzy_biggrin:
[MARGATEMAN] :rolleyes: cheers
[ADZ] :p go for it, hi sam, enjoy ur walk?
[MAYBOY] dog didnt hump your leg too much? :laugh:
[MAT_DIZZY] hahahaha
[MARGATEMAN] :p no, lol
[MAT_DIZZY] gdgd :p
[MARGATEMAN] :p yes, twas a good walk Adz, bit cold
[ADZ] we were gonna use the decks just to play whilst nath plays halo lol, Nitro just left to his lunch
[MAYBOY] ive got a halo, u really do adore me ;) .......sorry :p
[ADZ] uh huh
[MAYBOY] bit of texas, or homebase i cant remember
[MAYBOY] anyway ill get bck to playing with this thing
[ADZ] i'm watching btw lol
[MARGATEMAN] anyone else find Bobby Moore's ghost?
[MAYBOY] lol i found george best's
[ADZ] nope, haven't looked in the basement
[MAYBOY] still p*ssed even in death :laugh:
[ADZ] :p
[MARGATEMAN] wow :v2_dizzy_blink: does he have a new liver yet?
[MAYBOY] so a real spirit :p he doesnt need a liver in death
[ADZ] ghost talk mat :laugh: , lol
[ADZ] communicating with the dead lol
[MAYBOY] can u feel my aura ;) or however u spell it lol
[MARGATEMAN] :p nope, lol
[MAYBOY] shame
[MARGATEMAN] :p indeed
[MAYBOY] dont i look fabulous? ;)
[ADZ] quite skinny :laugh:
[MAYBOY] legs ache though from bending over all the time :p
[ADZ] i bet lol
[MARGATEMAN] :laugh:
[MAYBOY] Sam if i looked at u like this stares oddly what would u say to me?
[MARGATEMAN] p*ss off! :p
[ADZ] i thinks it's my turn on the xbox :rolleyes:
[MARGATEMAN] no, its my turn, i need to beet Nath at Halo
[MAYBOY] yeah im sorry i have been hogging it :p
[ADZ] he hasnt even played it yet lol
[MARGATEMAN] what? w***er :p
[ADZ] he's been plugging in the network cable
[MAYBOY] yeah but i wanna play with sam at halo
[ADZ] bomerman?
[MAYBOY] dont keep shouting the games name out :p
[MARGATEMAN] ;) Project Gotham Racing!
[MAYBOY] grab the controller and start playing
[MAYBOY] u like ball games young sam :p
[MARGATEMAN] indeed, specially if it involves mine!
[MAYBOY] something your not telling us :laugh:
[ADZ] and he's has the balls to say that :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN] :p no, of course not
[MAYBOY] u wanna play halo with me or not :p
[MARGATEMAN] yes, go on then
[MAYBOY] my times money ;) kk do your worst :p u going to watch Adz?
[MARGATEMAN] lol, yes! time to kick naths arse :p I'll push the kick nath's arse button
[MAYBOY] nooo u shoot in this game
[ADZ] im watching
[MAT_DIZZY] me too
[ADZ] btw. behave or no one plays! lol
[MAYBOY] oh ok ;) I'll let go of sams throat
[MARGATEMAN] damn, I'll continue pressing the shoot nath's arse button
[MAYBOY jumps]
[ADZ] tsk tsk
[MARGATEMAN] :p indeed
[MAYBOY hides behind bush]
[MAYBOY] oooh tony blair is here aswell :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN] really? :O is he up Bushes arse still?
[MAYBOY] :v2_dizzy_lol: indeed
[MAYBOY] anyway, I'll run over the hill ..... haha im safe
[MARGATEMAN] no your not
[MAT_DIZZY] :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN gets out a nuke]
[MAYBOY] :v2_dizzy_eek:
[MAYBOY jumps in a deep water hole]
[ADZ] i dunno, what'll we do with them mat? lol
[MAT_DIZZY] put them to sleep :p
[MARGATEMAN gets out water poisoning stuff]
[MAYBOY] need air :shocked:
[MARGATEMAN pours it in with MAYBOY]
[MAYBOY takes some in mouth and spits it at MARGATEMAN]
[MARGATEMAN] aaaah! it burns!!!!
[MAYBOY] serves u right :p
[MARGATEMAN collapses dramaticly]
[MAYBOY] awwwww young sam :(
[MAYBOY walks over]
[MAYBOY] the kiss of life might save him
[MARGATEMAN sticks his tongue out pretending to be dead]
[ADZ] game over lol
[MAYBOY] nothings working :v2_dizzy_cry:
[ADZ] interesting :rolleyes: nath it's only a game lol
[MARGATEMAN] :p indeed, im still alive here dances
[ADZ] and sam, stop being a drama queen :p
[MAYBOY] but games are soo real nowadays :confused: but the outfit suits him :p
[ADZ] what the dress?
[MAYBOY] indeed :p
[MARGATEMAN] :v2_dizzy_eek: dress?
[MAYBOY] yes u drama queen u
[MARGATEMAN] :O eeeek!
[MAYBOY] the dress would fit us all
[MAT_DIZZY] :laugh:
[MAYBOY runs around in circles]
[MAYBOY] i enjoyed that :p
[MARGATEMAN] :p did you?
[ADZ] u would
[MAT_DIZZY] me has an idea :)
[ADZ] this idea could kill us all!!!
[MAYBOY] i do :p
[MARGATEMAN] is it a good one?
[MAYBOY] this gd one could kill us all!!! :p sorry
[ADZ runs around in circles]
[MAYBOY] kk thats enough :p making me Dizzy keep running around haha Dizzy :p
[ADZ] I heard basil brush tell worse jokes than that :laugh:
[MAYBOY] im off in a min folks......yolkfolk's ;)
[MARGATEMAN] :p really?
[ADZ] no kidding holds nose i say you're way past ur 'sell by' date :laugh:
[MAYBOY] i know
[MAT_DIZZY] lmao
[MAYBOY] means im going cheap though, any offers
[MARGATEMAN] i'll give you 2 pence
[MAYBOY] sold :p ill be round your house in the morning
[ADZ] hehe
[MAT_DIZZY] hehe
[MAT_DIZZY] do the honures nath? :p say it!
[MARGATEMAN] i think he's gone, lol
[MAT_DIZZY] prob too excited and on his way to ur house :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN] :v2_dizzy_eek: oh no!!!
[ADZ] hahaha
[MAYBOY] :p say what?
[MAT_DIZZY] meant to say hehe
[MAYBOY] oooh i see......with your eyes young matt :p
[MAT_DIZZY] :v2_dizzy_clapping:
[MAYBOY] they are for seeing ;) anyway im off
[MAT_DIZZY] u going to sams house?
[MAYBOY] indeed ;) Sam im coming
[ADZ] don't miss the bus m8
[MAT_DIZZY] u really goin mate?
[MAYBOY] nah im running :p put something nice on young sam
[MARGATEMAN] :rolleyes: ok
[MAYBOY] none of that football shirt cobblers :p suit and tie
[MAYBOY] gdgd :p see u in 40mins
[MAT_DIZZY] yep indeed :laugh: have fun
[ADZ] yeah m8
[MARGATEMAN] eeek... you will?
[MAYBOY] anyway, gotta run
[MAYBOY exits]
[MARGATEMAN] and then there were 3
[ADZ] what would ur parents say?
[MARGATEMAN]... to Nath turning up?
[MAT_DIZZY] :p yep
[MARGATEMAN] they'd probs spray mace at him...or i would
[MAT_DIZZY] hahahahahaha
[ADZ] wanna play?
[MAT_DIZZY] yep :)
[MARGATEMAN] bbl hungry
[MAT_DIZZY] ok m8
[ADZ] ive already had my takeaway :p
[MAT_DIZZY] :p lucky u
[ADZ] i think bubble bobble this time lol
[MAT_DIZZY] or rainbow islands
[ADZ] ummm kk, rock paper scissors, with rainbow islands or bubble bobble
[ADZ] 3, 2, 1.......
[MAT_DIZZY] dammit!
[ADZ] ha! paper wraps stone, bubble bobble it is :p
[MAT_DIZZY] :p bugger
[ADZ] I'll leave you to it a sec runs to bathroom
[MAT_DIZZY] :p thanks
[MARGATEMAN] :p back
[ADZ] wb, dont mind us, mats playing rainbow islands lol
[MARGATEMAN] i love that game
[ADZ] no fighting m8, we share things remember
[ADZ] gdgd, winning mat?
[MAT_DIZZY ignores ADZ]
[ADZ] he's too in the game lol
[MARGATEMAN] yeah, lol
[ADZ] well now what? lol
[MARGATEMAN] um... not sure
[NITRO walks in]
[ADZ] lol, sam u seen this? mat's fallen asleep on the controller
[NITRO] damn, are we playin xbox?
[MARGATEMAN] lol, has he really?
[ADZ] well yeah mat's was playing rainbow islands but appears to have fallen asleep
[MARGATEMAN] heh, the games not that crap
[ADZ] feel free to push him to one side on play halo against sam
[NITRO] yes, lets play halo haha
[MARGATEMAN] good idea
[NITRO] I'm going inverted haha
[MARGATEMAN] im not... inverted is blood confusing
[ADZ] i still remember when nath killed sam and started overacting lol
[MARGATEMAN] lol, him or me?
[ADZ] nath tried to give u the cough didnt he?
[MARGATEMAN] ...yes :rolleyes:
[NITRO] lol, now onto the xbox, I think I'll be going on a mass murder rampage ;)
[ADZ] games loaded
[NITRO] oh..
[ADZ watches, so does MAT_DIZZY after rubbing his eyes]
[MARGATEMAN] yes, genuine Stolex watches!
[NITRO] haha matt is here
[MARGATEMAN] fresh from the streets of singapore
[MAT_DIZZY] haha indeed Nitro :p
[ADZ] singapore, been there done that :p
[MARGATEMAN] :p realich?
[ADZ] yeah, theres a night time zoo there
[NITRO] yeah, my cousin lived in singapore, supposed to be a very clean place
[ADZ] shame about the smell in some areas lol
[MARGATEMAN] lol a night zoo eh? sounds interesting
[ADZ] yup, bats swoop down on you
[NITRO] heh, theres this museum in toronto, it was on for 24 hours straight, its cheapest in middle of the night and no little kids
[MARGATEMAN] lol, why would you go in a museum late at night?
[NITRO] why not? actually, why go to a museum at all? :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN] also true! lol
[ADZ] unless theres a car museum lol
[NITRO] It was this in-depth exhibit some world wide thing about the human body .. remember the movie House Of Wax .. these people willingly had their corpes plasterized.. its a bit like that
[MARGATEMAN] ah, not nice!
[MARGATEMAN] but it was a pretty good film
[NITRO] lol, it was a cool exhibie like, as museum exhibits go..
[MARGATEMAN] yeah, i can't remember the last time i went to museum
[ADZ] same here
[MAT_DIZZY] me neither
[NITRO] anyway, on with halo :say_yes:
[As MARGATEMAN and NITRO play HALO together, ADZ and MAT_DIZZY head to their ROOMS]