On an island for no reason (EVENING #16)

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On an island for no reason (EVENING #16)

Post by Adz.M » Sat Feb 17, 2007 10:14 am

Evening 16: - On an island for no reason

[DAVID ATTENBOUROGH] and now deep within the woods we see some Dizzy fans having a charming conversation
[MARGATEMAN] ... nath... put on some more clothes than just that leaf!
[MAYBOY] oooh lifts leaf
[MAYBOY dresses himself up with leaves]
[MAYBOY] omg young sam theres a snake behind u :v2_dizzy_scared:
[MARGATEMAN jumps up and kicks SNAKE then goes up his leg]
[MAYBOY] its looking for a nest hole
[MARGATEMAN] :v2_dizzy_crazy: s**t
[MAYBOY] :shocked: ahhh
[MAYBOY juggles SNAKE then treads on the head]
[MAYBOY] ahh safe now :say_yes: that was a close one :p nearly ended up in your joy department young sam
[MARGATEMAN] indeed :p thinks again ... oi!
[MAYBOY] still it survives another day :p ...for now
[MARGATEMAN] :rolleyes: anyway! looks ahead o god! It's an evil Nath eating utilitarian! :shocked:
[MAYBOY] lol well u dont see one of those everyday
[MARGATEMAN] nope, still lets run the other way!!!
[MAYBOY] quick heres a cave
[Runs into CAVE]
[MAYBOY] very dark in here
[MAYBOY feels around for a torch]
[MARGATEMAN] oi, get off!!
[MAYBOY] :p sorry
[MAYBOY feels arund again]
[MAYBOY] oooh this feels like a torch......
[MARGATEMAN] nath.......please......get off! it's not what u think!
[MAYBOY] oops :v2_dizzy_blush: oh well 3rd time lucky
[MARGATEMAN] ahhh got something takes it from wall
[MAYBOY] well follow me, we need something to light it
[MAYBOY finds a STONE, rubs it against the wall, lights TORCH with STONES]
[MAYBOY] now then
[MARGATEMAN] wow, Nath... whats that on your head? :O
[MAYBOY] lets not be saucy now :p this is serious
[MAYBOY feels cold]
[MARGATEMAN] no! there is something on your head!! ... it looks like...
[MAYBOY] what is it :v2_dizzy_blink: ahhhhh
[MAYBOY waves TORCH around himself]
[MAYBOY] hey look, theres a crack in the wall
[MARGATEMAN] lol, good!
[MAYBOY pulls stones apart]
[MARGATEMAN] wow a light :say_yes:
[MAYBOY] :D it is light!
[MARGATEMAN] it's a shiny demon! :v2_dizzy_scared: in the middle of the road!
[MAYBOY] ooh he looks evil
[MARGATEMAN] ... yes... :rolleyes:
[MAYBOY] protect me young sam :p
[MARGATEMAN] i'll use.... my laser eye power! :vhappy: ......oh wait... i don't have that power :v2_dizzy_frown:
[MAYBOY] well we need to think of something
[MARGATEMAN] i know! .....we'll sing!
[MAYBOY] high.....might crack him up
[MARGATEMAN] my ear-piercing out of tuneness will scare it way!
[MAYBOY] oooh go for it
[MARGATEMAN] ok... i need summin that sounds like the guy singing it is being castrated! ... The Darkness! ahem # "I'm on a way one ticket to hellllll and BACK!"
[MAYBOY] lets hope the demons going to hell :p but not back
[MARGATEMAN] i agree ... did it work?
[MAYBOY] it did
[MARGATEMAN] :vhappy: woho!
[MAYBOY] blew his eyes out
[MAYBOY] shiny :p
[MARGATEMAN] if i've learnt anything from playing Dizzy games... we'll need these, as you tend to need all the objects you can pick up
[MAYBOY] kk pocket them young sam
[MARGATEMAN puts them in his pocket]
[MARGATEMAN] so then, now what?
[MAYBOY] right then lets get out of this cave, and walk to where the demon was might find something of value
[MARGATEMAN] :p true
[The ground starts to shake]
[MARGATEMAN] eeek! it's a volcano! :v2_dizzy_crazy:
[MAYBOY sees LAVA flowing towards them]
[MAYBOY] s**t!!
[They run out of the cave just in time]
[MARGATEMAN] nearly trips with his last breath i curse Nath!
[MAYBOY runs off]
[MARGATEMAN] why u! :p
[ADZ walks up]
[ADZ] what the hell?
[MAYBOY runs back towards ADZ]
[MARGATEMAN] and Nath now has burnt pu*** hair :p
[ADZ] hahaha, gawd nath, put some clothes on plz
[ADZ] well, it cough suits you lol
[MARGATEMAN] lol, indeed it does, a muu-muu is the fat man clothes Homer wore in that episode where he became really fat
[MAYBOY picks up a nearby wireless KEYBOARD]
[ADZ] ah ha, and you trust him to press any key on his board?
[MARGATEMAN] er no...nath! don't press anything!
[MAYBOY] lol sorry ppl ive been busy
[MARGATEMAN] that's what you always say! # dugong, dugong, dugong, it's the cow of the sea!
[ADZ] is that why they call it a moo moo? :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN] :laugh: possibly, lol
[ADZ] as long as he doesn't press the crash button that'll erupt the volcano again
[MARGATEMAN] noooo! that would be bad
[ADZ] indeed
[ADZ looks at MAYBOY on the KEYBOARD, he is tempted to press all the buttons]
[ADZ] :v2_dizzy_eek: NO NATH!!!!!!!!!!!
[MARGATEMAN] it's the end of the world as we know it! and i feel fine...
[MAYBOY] :p noooooo
[ADZ snacthes keyboard before the 'CRASH' button is pressed]
[MARGATEMAN]... phew, oh no! didnt he press the self destruct button!
[ADZ] bugger
[MARGATEMAN] stupid Nath!
[MAYBOY] get ready to go out :v2_dizzy_blush:
[ADZ] hang on, isn't that button duff anyway?
[MARGATEMAN] ... o yeah! i put it there instead of 'Q' so he pressed q!
[ADZ] really
[MARGATEMAN] well, q is a boring letter, and no one ever uses it anyway :p you try and see how many times it is used!
[ADZ] lol quitter
[MARGATEMAN] :O b*****d! lol
[MAYBOY] hehe
[MAT_DIZZY walks up swearing at his LAPTOP]
[MARGATEMAN] Matt is here! :)
[MAT_DIZZY] lol not for long, laptop buggered :(
[MARGATEMAN] what is up with it?
[MAT_DIZZY] keeps over heating :dizzy_mad: getting reparied tomoz
[MARGATEMAN] ah, you need a new fan! i can do it!
[MAT_DIZZY] :p yep
[ADZ] thats laptops for u lol
[MARGATEMAN] :p excuse me, my laptop is good!
[MAT_DIZZY] lol, how much ram?
[MARGATEMAN] 512MB......ok... its not particularly powerfull but good
[ADZ] depends how big the sheep is :laugh: ram......get it
[MARGATEMAN] ... yes.. but i ignored it! :v2_dizzy_tongue2:
[MAT_DIZZY] omg mines 512 too
[MARGATEMAN] what processor?
[MAT_DIZZY] intel pentium
[ADZ] 4?
[MARGATEMAN] pft, i wanted to use numerals :p
[MAT_DIZZY] it says intel pentium (R)
[MARGATEMAN] that means Registered Trade mark!
[MAT_DIZZY] oh yeah :v2_dizzy_blush:
[MARGATEMAN] mines a Celeron... so it would be called a Centrino
[MAT_DIZZY] i just cant help it :v2_dizzy_blush: anyway gtg nw guys
[ADZ] lol, ok
[MARGATEMAN] kk sure you will
[MAYBOY] whats been happening
[ADZ] good luck with the old fan
[MAT_DIZZY] im going now old nath :p
[MARGATEMAN] he is old, and hairy...
[MAYBOY] no im smooth and young ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] :laugh:
[MAT_DIZZY exits]
[MARGATEMAN] well, thats the end of him
[ADZ] wheres that keyboard u had?
[MAYBOY] no idea :p anyway, im gonna find some clothes, see ya guys later
[ADZ] kk, will speak soon
[MARGATEMAN] kk m8 take care, then it'll just be me and Adz ... and Adz keeps touching me... :cry:
[ADZ] oh it's u is it?
[MARGATEMAN] yes... im not the keyboard!
[MAYBOY] touching u? :p
[ADZ] thought it felt rough
[MAYBOY] did it now :laugh: anyway bye
[MAYBOY runs off]
[MARGATEMAN] aaah, so it's just the two of us now adz! whats new with you then?
[ADZ] nowt atm really
[ADZ] what u got theres
[MARGATEMAN] i might give that to my g/f
[ADZ] lol
[DAVID ATTENBOUROGH] and so we leave our Dizzy fans whilst they wait for sun to fall, g'night everybody