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Another lads evening (EVENING #17)

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 10:21 am
by Adz.M
Evening 17: - Another lads evening

[MARGATEMAN] ... wheres Nath?
[ADZ looks around]
[ADZ] i smell cheese :p
[ASH] Organize a search party, quick!!!
[ADZ] i think i no where he is
[MARGATEMAN] :p right, i'll go search in the pizza place
[ADZ] to the kitchen!
[MARGATEMAN] :p to the bat cave!
[ADZ] we have a bat cave? blimey
[MARGATEMAN] ...yeah, behind the Spider Den
[ASH] Let's split - you take the kitchen, you take the pizza place and I haven't visited my sweet erm... partner Robin in while - TO THE BAT CAVE!
[ADZ] kk
[MARGATEMAN] :p ok, while im there i might have a pizza
[ADZ runs to the KITCHEN]
[MARGATEMAN] ... no... Nath's not under the peperoni...
[MARGATEMAN] ... maybe he's under this slice...
[ADZ looks around the KITCHEN then hears a sudden grumbly noise]
[ADZ] hmm, he's not in the fridge guys, any luck over there?
[MARGATEMAN] :p yeah, pizza was nice
[MAT_DIZZY] :p with cheese
[ASH] We'll I'm in my batmobile and can't see him anywhere... Wait, maybe he'll appear if i'll press this red button *presses* WHOOOOOAOAOOCOCOAOAOOAOQWOAWOOWOOAOWWWWWWWWWWW!!! :D
[MAT_DIZZY] nothing :confused: maybe if i press this green button? green is normally good :)
[MARGATEMAN] ... i think he's still experimenting... :laugh:
[ADZ] steady m8 lol
[ADZ] catchy :p
[MAT_DIZZY] # if theres a bustle in your hedgerow
[MARGATEMAN] is matt-man?
[MAT_DIZZY] :) im a super hero ;)
[ASH] Erm... Cannoli... Shame on me - I work in an italian store and don't know how to spell it...
[ADZ] try blue, my fave colour :p
[MARGATEMAN] pft.... that is awful :p yes, blue is good, blue and claret... both good colours
[ASH] # I'm blue da-boo-dee-da-boo-die...
[ADZ] is it pressed?
[ASH] Let's do the count down. 5!
[MAT_DIZZY] 4 3 2 1........happy new year :D
[ASH] :v2_dizzy_blink:
[MAT_DIZZY] :laugh:
[MAYBOY pops up from nowhere]
[MAYBOY] omg it worked :p anyway ;)
[ADZ] happy new year?? gawd i need to keep up
[MAYBOY] yeah i cant keep up now, too fast ppl slow it dwn :p
[Big Pause]
[ADZ] this slow enough :p
[MAYBOY] i want matt to say on the radio "a shout out to young sam he cant keep it up" :p kidding ;)
[MARGATEMAN] :p you what?
[MAYBOY] i have a boil on my bum now i just looked :laugh: well a little zit thing
[MAT_DIZZY] :p indeed
[MAYBOY] annoying :p
[ASH] I'm speechless - that doesn't happen too often... Probably still shocked that the blue button worked!
[ADZ] right now that we've found nath what do we do now?
[MAYBOY] oops we have someone else here :v2_dizzy_blush: , ill behave ;)
[ADZ] i'll just dance
[MAYBOY] cant sing and dance, the dancing makes u too out of breath for the singing :p
[ASH] And I'll sing something... Like this:
[ADZ] can u do that banana dance?
[MAYBOY] what does that look like, and dont say a banana lol
[ADZ] yellow........ fruit :P
[ASH] banana dance? Is is like a dancing banana? oh, I can, i can, i can! :D
[MARGATEMAN] :p banana phone!
[MAYBOY] ring ring ring ring ring lol
[ASH] I can do that!
[MAYBOY] great song :D
[ASH] And I can do this:
[ASH shows a site on his laptop]
[MAYBOY] that michael jackson
[ASH] You know I'm bad! ;)
[MAYBOY] are u now ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] brb guys
[ADZ] lol, how long ago did u take that?
[ASH] Erm... maybe 4-5 months...
[MAYBOY] that video was that the first take or did u have to do it several times till u were happy etc
[ASH] Well... It's a one-take deal... I can also moonwalk btw... :)
[MAYBOY] nice ;)
[ADZ] ah yeah
[ASH] I do several takes for something like this:
[MAYBOY] as long as theres no zits on the moon like there is on mine :p sorry lol
[MARGATEMAN] ... yes...
[MAYBOY] wow 10MB this one :o
[ASH] Yep... It's also is quite lenghy! ;)
[MARGATEMAN] :p 4:00 mins
[MAYBOY] i see ;)
[ADZ] kk
[MAYBOY] going to take a while to open this one
[ASH] Well while you enjoy the fruits of my creativity (yeah, right!) I have to bring the garbage container home... See ya in a few!
[ASH exits]
[MAYBOY] kk happy garbage containing
[ADZ] okies m8
[MARGATEMAN] lol, ok, have fun!
[ADZ] dont give the cheese to nath if there is some
[MAYBOY] fruits eh, i remember young sams lemons :p
[MARGATEMAN] ... you what?
[ADZ] u fruit tella! lol
[MAYBOY] going to take a while to open this moon..err i mean the file :p
[MAYBOY] im at 5.8MB at the mo, anyone beating me :p
[MARGATEMAN] :p i've watched it
[MAYBOY] why u :p
[MARGATEMAN] mine downloaded it while it played
[MAYBOY] must be gd quality :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN] fairly :P
[MAYBOY] should be that big for that long, anyway its turning rude, ill shhh :p
[MARGATEMAN] :v2_dizzy_blink:
[MAYBOY] right its coming :p its on
[MARGATEMAN] its dare!
[ADZ] it's coming up....... it's there :P
[MAYBOY] :v2_dizzy_clapping: and i thought i was rude :P this is funny
[MARGATEMAN] :p its strange, lol
[ADZ] videos up, just opened it :rolleyes:
[MAYBOY] thats better ;)
[MARGATEMAN] is it? :p
[MAYBOY] i must do videos like this :p
[ASH comes back in]
[ASH] I'm back! Do you think I'm a freak yet?
[MAYBOY] its pretty cool :say_yes:
[MARGATEMAN] i think i need to get you a white coat with the arms tied up
[MAYBOY] ooh thanks i could do with some new clothes :p
[ADZ] lol, u get Dizzy on that? lol
[ASH] I'll do just that in my next video! I did get Dizzy... That's why I fell down...
[ADZ] lol, nice one :p
[MAYBOY] :p oh right u get all Dizzy i thought u were going to do a Dizzy video, i got confused :v2_dizzy_blush: often happens with me :p
[ADZ] we know ;)
[ASH] I'll do a Dizzy video!!! That's right!!! My mom is going away soon!
[MARGATEMAN] lol, that'll be interesting
[ADZ] what tune would u be using?
[ASH] I'll summerslault backwards, will eat some cherries, collect some coins and after than I'll jump on some clouds!!! On the other thought.... it's not going to happen. :laugh:
[MAYBOY] lol summersalt while eating cherries? mind the stone ;)
[ADZ] sounds like fun lol
[MAYBOY] anyone ever swallowed upside down?
[ADZ] nope
[MAYBOY] just wondered if its possible
[ASH] I would do some kind of Dizzy dance, but I don't have any ideas for it... unfortunately... or fortunately...
[MARGATEMAN] :p isn't there a Dizzy dance? im sure it used to be on a site...
[ASH] There is! It's nice track!
[ASH] Something like fantastic Dizzy dance... It's a mix using fantastic Dizzy theme (duh!) and some beats...
[MAT_DIZZY quicks pops in]
[ADZ] i did a few random Dizzy mixes and there is a rock tune to treasure island........ actually drin did a fantastic Dizzy one
[MAT_DIZZY] gtg for a while guys :( i'll be about half an hour :cool:
[MAT_DIZZY exits]
[MARGATEMAN] ... i dunno what we're doing
[ASH] I don't know anything.... at all... .... where am I???
[MARGATEMAN] :O who am i?
[ADZ] you're with the Dizzy fans atm
[MAYBOY] am i really here :laugh:
[ADZ] who be what
[MARGATEMAN] ... is this just the Matrix?
[MAYBOY] infact the question should be "am i really ALL here?" lol
[ADZ] no lol
[ASH] Dizzy? What's that? Fan? I could use a fan right now - it's kind of hot in here...
[MAYBOY] its still cold here
[ADZ] hot in here but im not taking off my clothes
[MAYBOY] im glad ;)
[ADZ] so u should be ;)
[MARGATEMAN] im taking mine off!
[MAYBOY] no leave them!! :p its the mental images lol
[ADZ] lol
[ASH] mental images huh?.... Let me look at my mental image... hmm... hmmmm.... OMGGG!!!!!! LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT!!!
[MAYBOY] lol
[MARGATEMAN] ... Nath gives me terrible mental images
[MAYBOY] sam nearly did it on webcam to me lol
[ADZ] :v2_dizzy_blink:
[ASH] I have a webcam! Can I broadcast to all? ;)
[MARGATEMAN] :p nope, can only broadcast to one at a time
[ASH] crap... Welll I guess you're in luck then!
[ADZ] lol, looks like it
[MARGATEMAN] :p looks like it! lol
[MAYBOY] sam put that shirt back on this instant :p its scaring me from here
[ADZ] t.....shirt.......
[MARGATEMAN] :p ...not my trousers?
[MAYBOY] u got those off lol
[ADZ] and thats meant to be hot :confused:
[ASH] I'm so sexy for my shirt, so sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts! (I'm listening to it right now!)
[MARGATEMAN] :O thats creepy! lol
[ADZ] right said fred
[MARGATEMAN] thats you listenin 2 it right now :p
[MAYBOY] im to sexy for this convo ;)
[MARGATEMAN] :p yay! Nath has gone :p we didn't like him anyway
[MAYBOY] only cos im too sexy :p
[ADZ] ooh, that harsh
[MARGATEMAN] :p lol, oh no! he's still here, i didn't mean that :P
[ADZ] do'h
[ASH] ...I'm a model you know what I mean...
[MAYBOY] and i can do my little turn on the catwalk....sorry ;)
[ASH] :v2_dizzy_eek:
[ADZ] u walk on cats?
[ASH] ...I'm too sexy for my car...
[MAYBOY] shake my little "tush" or whatever on the catwalk..... arse in other words lol wasnt that right said fred
[ASH] Yes. I'm too sexy for my cat... poor pussy! ;)
[MAYBOY] they did deeply dippy aswell and something like "your my mate" lol
[ADZ] aaww
[MAYBOY] ahh ive just seen your pussy ;)
[ADZ] which one
[MAYBOY] LOL ur pet ;)
[MARGATEMAN] lol, thanks for that
[ASH] LOL ;)
[ADZ] ah ha
[ASH] Maybe I should do the video of this song... hmmmm...
[ADZ] mines fluffier, i mean cat ;)
[MAYBOY] thanks for clearing that up ;)
[ADZ] np m8
[MARGATEMAN] :p arg...
[ASH] I'm happy for you... Not you, but Adz :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN] its not putting in line breaks...
[MAYBOY] that sounds wierd but funny :p
[MAYBOY pokes fun at MARGATEMAN]
[MARGATEMAN] lol, brb, should take a sec
[ADZ] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9....
[ASH] 10?
[MARGATEMAN runs back in]
[MAYBOY] 11?
[ADZ] yes ;)
[MARGATEMAN] cheers! :D ah, works properly now
[ASH] I know how to count!!! YAY!
[MAYBOY] it still in a long line
[MAYBOY] shame :p
[MARGATEMAN] tis now fixed
[ADZ] lol how fixed
[MAYBOY] brb
[MAYBOY runs out then runs in shortly]
[MAYBOY] bck
[ADZ] that was quick :P
[MAYBOY] yeah im always quick ;) ask young sam :p
[ADZ] is he?
[MAYBOY] yeah cos we talk absolute .... most of the time :p
[ADZ] nowt wrong with that :p
[ASH] I can see that. ;) What's the time in UK anyway?
[MAYBOY] 20:44
[MARGATEMAN] 8:44pm :laugh: what nath said
[ADZ] yup, what he said lol
[ASH] ok... i got it... 3:42 here...
[ADZ] afternoon?
[MAYBOY] wow syncronized then folks by the sounds of it ;)
[ASH] yep...
[MAYBOY] well with young sam anyway
[ADZ] lol
[MARGATEMAN] :p apparently so
[MAYBOY] some ppl would say im always a couple of mins behind though :P
[MARGATEMAN] lol, i did use the Windows time sycronisation thing
[ADZ] it's getting dark here too
[MAYBOY] yeah its getting dark
[ASH] it's stll bright and shiny on this continent...
[MAYBOY] well at the end of the day its gets dark u know :P
[ASH] lol
[MARGATEMAN] :p Word up
[MAYBOY] as long as thats all thats going up :P
[MARGATEMAN] :p well, nath's..... is too
[ADZ faints]
[MAYBOY] doesnt want u fainting its not that scary lol
[ADZ] no but........this is
[ADZ shows a pic of scary eyes]
[ASH] LOL!!!! :v2_dizzy_lol:
[ADZ] shame the eyes are pink lol
[ASH] I want white eyes...
[MAYBOY] anyone see my eye at the mo :p yeah i want a different colour
[ADZ] ah yes *poke*
[MAYBOY] do not poke my eyes :P
[ADZ] like david bowie?
[MAYBOY] nah not like him
[ADZ] earthworm jim?
[MAYBOY] i fancy something like yellow lol
[MARGATEMAN] i fancy women :p
[ADZ] don't we all ;)
[MARGATEMAN] ... i wonder about Nath
[MAYBOY] we all might not :p
[MARGATEMAN] lol there we go
[MAYBOY] but kk yes i do ;)
[ADZ] lol
[MAYBOY] i also fancy cheese and i have to choose between the 2, its a hard life :p
[MARGATEMAN] ... you could just get the cheese with holes
[ADZ gets his GUN out]
[ADZ] holes sorted ;)
[MAYBOY] i could get a woman made out of cheese ;)
[MARGATEMAN] :p same thing
[ASH] You know that the tighter the cheesehole is, the better?\
[MAYBOY] i like tight holes, in cheese u understand ;)
[MARGATEMAN] :v2_dizzy_confused3:
[ADZ] thats explains the funny smell
[ASH] LOL! ;) Get the cool, get the cool shoeshine!
[ADZ] spit shine or ordinary polish?
[MAYBOY] pardon :p
[ASH] I have no idea, I don't shine my shoes really... :v2_dizzy_wink2:
[MAYBOY] yeah, maybe I went a bit too far with cheese... sorry..
[MARGATEMAN] lol, maybe
[MAYBOY] i always go too far with cheese :p
[MARGATEMAN] :v2_dizzy_rolleyes:
[ADZ] nath has a massive cheese fit u see
[MARGATEMAN] i think you mean fettish
[MAYBOY] does that piece up there contain the tight holes u were on about ;)
[ADZ] like me with a chocolate fit and sam with.......errr........
[ASH] and maybe I'm not the only one who did!
[MAYBOY] yeah whats sams, women..of course :p young matt has got into cheese now, he never eat it before meeting me
[ADZ] i thought he was a vegan
[MAYBOY] he was but i know hes had cheese
[ADZ] ...and onion pasty mmmmmm :)
[MAYBOY] andy still obsessed with chicken
[ADZ] ah yes
[MAYBOY] everytime i think about him i get a bit dwn
[ASH] So I'm glad I'm not the only freak here! But I'm the only one with hair like mine!
[MARGATEMAN] my hair is the coolest ;)
[ADZ] spit shine lol
[MAYBOY] well mine is gelled :p that spelling right? lol
[MARGATEMAN] :p mine is too
[ASH] Beat this: And that's not the limit!
[MARGATEMAN] ... wow :O
[MAYBOY] nice :p
[ASH] It's better just after I wake up: :D
[MAYBOY] is that where u are sitting now
[ADZ] nice
[MAYBOY] nice ball btw. tennis ball i mean ;)
[ADZ] eh? oh
[ASH] Yes, only this picture was taken like a year ago...I love balls... ;)
[MARGATEMAN] :v2_dizzy_eek:
[ASH] tennis balls I mean...
[ADZ] bouncey bouncey ;)
[MAYBOY] i used to like mouse balls, bit old fashioned now though
[ADZ] lol
[MAYBOY] optical nowadays ;)
[ASH] do you salt them or just consume them plain?
[MAYBOY] depends ;)
[ASH] Hey, did you ever smell mothballs?
[ADZ] i did actually
[ASH] How did you get their little legs apart?
[ADZ] cant remember
[MAYBOY] lol
[MARGATEMAN] :p period?
[MAYBOY] time of the night not time of the month ;)
[ASH] I will not be here for a while - I come back from my work when it's late night in UK...
[MAYBOY] aw kk
[ADZ] okies
[MAYBOY] damn timezone :p
[As ASH prepares to head back to work, ADZ. MAYBOY and MARGATEMAN choose to fight over the x-box]



Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 10:27 am
by Adz.M
Plus, the links ASh gave us during the evening should still work ;)