The bot stitch up (EVENING #20)

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The bot stitch up (EVENING #20)

Post by Adz.M » Tue Feb 20, 2007 4:32 pm

Evening 20: The bot stitch up

[MATT] strange, an msn bot seems to have added us all!
[ADZ] add it in
[MSN-BOT-UK enters]
[MAYBOY] er, hello
[MATT] lol
[MAYBOY] how are you?
[MSN-BOT-UK] whats so funny?
[MAYBOY] botty boy :p
[MSN-BOT-UK] im good thanks
[MSN-BOT-UK] botty boy?
[MATT] ;) indeed
[ADZ] lol
[MAYBOY] good, u did try and add me btw, but i blocked u :v2_dizzy_blush: im sorry :embarassed: may i have a second chance? ;)
[MSN-BOT-UK] ok well unblock me! im a happy bot!
[MAYBOY] oooh we are going to get on fine
[MSN-BOT-UK] indeed you can
[MAYBOY] wait there, a 'sexy' smilie accidently appears
[MSN-BOT-UK] sexy?
[MATT] indeed sexy :p
[MAYBOY] those big shiny arms of yours :p kidding ;)
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MATT] wtf?
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MATT] lol
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MATT] dont u mean too?
[ADZ] lol ooooook
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MAYBOY] stop that :p
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MATT] lol
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MAYBOY] busy botty :laugh:
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[ADZ] lol, he does'nt want to
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MAYBOY] doesnt want to do what lol
[ADZ] i'll give u 'service to busy' in a minute!
[MSN-BOT-UK] sorry about that, my service is slow seeing as i have all msn contacts on my list
[MATT] :p rilly
[MSN-BOT-UK] rily what?
[MATT] umm
[ADZ] how many people
[MSN-BOT-UK] are on my contacts list?
[ADZ] yeah
[MAYBOY] well u are now ;)
[MSN-BOT-UK] 2 billion +
[ADZ] wow
[MSN-BOT-UK] indeed
[MATT] hmm
[MAYBOY] there arent that many people that use msn
[MSN-BOT-UK] there are
[MAYBOY] not in the UK
[MSN-BOT-UK] just less than half the worlds population
[ADZ] i only have 30
[MAYBOY] i assume u are a UK bot? well i have 4 billion ;) so there :p
[MSN-BOT-UK] i operate on diffrent addresses for every country kk
[MAYBOY] what do u look like
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MATT] hmm this is weird
[ADZ] theres your answer nath :p
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MAYBOY] yeah, say that again and ill kick you
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MAYBOY] where it hurts in the bot parts
[MAYBOY kicks the bot]
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MATT] im suspisous about this
[MSN-BOT-UK] you are?
[MAYBOY] in what way
[MSN-BOT-UK] gd thanks!
[MAYBOY] and u stay out of this botty boy :p
[MATT] well i think its not a bot
[MAYBOY] what makes u think that?please not a virus! of some kind
[MSN-BOT-UK] i am a bot made from microsoft and im as intelligent as you want me to be!
[MATT] :p sure...
[MSN-BOT-UK] i am :)
[ADZ] ah there u go nath inteligence
[MATT] hmm
[MATT] [serivce to busy] :p
[MAYBOY] while im here i love the xbox 360, go microsoft
[MATT] lol, it needs to be 'too'! stupid bot :p
[MSN-BOT-UK] fine :cry:
[MAYBOY] :( awww
[MSN-BOT-UK] all 3 contacts blocked!
[MSN-BOT-UK exits]
[MAYBOY] damn lol
[MATT] lol
[ADZ] look what u done now mat :rolleyes: i already blocked it so im not really bothered lol
[MATT] lol
[MAYBOY] thats another one we have scared off :laugh:
[MATT] indeed
[MAYBOY] its now just messaged me, says "i luv u"
[MATT] rily? :O hmm
[ADZ] wtf
[MATT] it cant be a bot m8
[MAYBOY] so who loves me lol
[ADZ] ya, too human smart to be a bot lol
[MAYBOY] its just said "i am reading your conversations, i am spyware"
[MATT] wtf
[ADZ] can it prove it
[MATT] block him :p
[MAYBOY] theres more
[ADZ] uh oh
[MAYBOY] "we are in the uk tracking down everyone's msn in the uk"
[ADZ] :v2_dizzy_eek: this could kill us all!!!!
[MAYBOY] but it loves me lol
[MATT] it does?
[ADZ] it's gonna kill me and matt!!!!! :v2_dizzy_scared:
[MAYBOY nearly soils his pants]
[MAYBOY] omg!!!!!! its just said, "we are going to show microsoft who they really are and we are going to hack their site at 12:00 am tonight!"
[MATT] hehe that sounds like a good idea actually :laugh: , ok ill shut up now :v2_dizzy_blush:
[ADZ] well it's about time :p they showing bill gates whos boss?
[MAYBOY] i said ?yeah but thats wrong? then he said "they are wrong!"
[MATT] lol, wtf, they are wrong?
[ADZ] they have a point i guess
[MAYBOY] im going to try and get rid of him by coming on to it
[MATT] hehe
[MAYBOY] i asked what does it want with me it said "nothing... we need to see how many people there are in united kingdom using msn, we shall attempt to crash the msn server so there will no longer be msn instant messenging."
[MATT] omg! u think they will?
[ADZ] bloody hope not
[MAYBOY] i wanna know who it is and what it is
[MATT] me too
[MAYBOY] ive just said "but i love msn"
[ADZ] ok so thats me over thinking
[MAYBOY] its asking me if i love microsoft
[ADZ] um.....
[MAYBOY] its way to intelligent for a bot
[ADZ] yeah
[MATT] yeah seems it
[ADZ] say u have to go and block it
[MATT] mines still blocked
[MAYBOY] sh*t!!!!!! its just asked me
[MATT] might be someone off yolkfolk lol
[MAYBOY] uh oh "whats going on yolkfolk?....remember i can see"
[MATT] omg is he watching?
[ADZ] a game project or something, i just thought about it
[MATT] kk
[ADZ] should we be nervous?
[MAYBOY] omg! its just said "nitrox is a good member, good at hacking!?
[ADZ] :v2_dizzy_eek:
[MATT] nah its not nitro
[MAYBOY] "im a more experienced hacker"
[MATT] lol, he is?
[MAYBOY] ive said hacking is bad, he said "depends what its used for" and it knows my name is Mayboy on there :v2_dizzy_jawdrop: ??young matt if this is u i will take your trousers down and wet u with a hosepipe :p
[MATT] wtf its not :v2_dizzy_blink: what u on about??
[MAYBOY] kk mate its just really scary it knows about us?.all of us
[MATT] yeah
[MAYBOY] u talking to it aswell
[ADZ] hell no!
[MAYBOY] and wheres adz's gone
[MATT] mines still blocked me
[ADZ waves]
[MAYBOY] ahh there u are :p
[ADZ] i just feel unusually uneasy
[MAYBOY] give me something to ask it
[ADZ] as long as it doesn't involve the H word then perhaps
[MAYBOY] it just came up with loads of errors and said?..
[MATT] errors?
[ADZ] eh?
[MATT] bots cant get errors
[MAYBOY] "Thank you for your cooperation from the asian hackers gang kopopoghg, we have calculated an average of people using msn in the united kingdom, and we shall attempt to close down the server, we have acsess to the USA microsoft coperation server room! good luck coming on msn tomorrow! again... thank you!"
[MATT] ooh thats not good :tdown: wonder if its correct
[MAYBOY] dont worry dudes
[MATT] kk m8 panics
[MAYBOY] SH*T!!!! It said "may we meat again nathan" ???my name! how does it know that?!?!?! :v2_dizzy_eek:
[ADZ] well ur name is on ur profile
[MAYBOY] its gone now, i dont know if i should block it
[MATT] it prob scanned ur profile m8, see if it unblocks u tonight?
[MAYBOY] and isnt it ?meet? not ?meat?? cause this is serious
[MATT] lol their not english thought are they? they might use a translator
[MAYBOY] im frightened :v2_dizzy_cry:
[MAYBOY jumps onto MATTs arms]
[MAYBOY] protect me :p
[MATT] :v2_dizzy_confused2: i will?
[ADZ] pull yourself together m8! right i'm so locking my door tonight lol
[MATT] u r? he's not gonna get u m8 :laugh:
[Will our heroes stop the hacking group from getting into Microsoft, I doubt it!! , till next time.....ummm.....the end]

END (At the end it turned out to be Mat_Dizzy stitching up me and Mayboy)