Interview with Adz, Mayboy & Mat_Dizzy (2006) (EVENING #21)

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Interview with Adz, Mayboy & Mat_Dizzy (2006) (EVENING #21)

Post by Adz.M » Fri Feb 23, 2007 6:48 pm

Evening 21: - Interview #1

[INTERVIEW GUY] Seeing as we've already reached the 2nd milestone in the Dizzy Community’s Team Yolkfolk evenings, I thought we'd check out the funniest moments of the past TY evenings brought to us and get to know a few of the current Dizzy fanatics who are with us right now!
So, Adz, Mayboy, Matt, how are u all? :)

[ADZ] ya im good :cool:
[MATT] im good also thanks :)
[MAYBOY] yeah im gd ;)
[INTERVIEW GUY] So, what would u say was your most funniest moment during these evenings?
[MAYBOY] well let me think ;)
[MATT] probably the wedding but I’ve only read it seeing as i wasn’t there at the time :(
[MAYBOY] each evening has something in it I like :p
[MATT] now theres a story... :p
[MAYBOY] we really know how to give gd answers :lol:
[ADZ] :rolleyes: well, I’d say the time when Andy or Dizzy kept coming up with funny quotes, then nath started getting into the act with his cheese fit :p
[MATT] cheese fit nath :p
[INTERVIEW GUY] Well lets take a look at this clip which was the first ever TY evening.....
[MAYBOY] this all sounds very professional :laugh:
[Starts film rolling]
[MAYBOY does bunny shadows]
[MATT] oi! :p
[ADZ smacks MAYBOY’s arm]
[MATT] ooh looks like fun :laugh:

[MAYBOY] right how do we cover up the evidence
[ADZ] You hide him under the carpet, i'll pretend to be a cop, cough ello ello ello, whats that dead body doing under the carpet?
[DYLANSBIRD] Errr :rolleyes:
[A real Cop appears out of nowhere]
[COP] ello ello ello, whats that dead body doing under the carpet?
[ADZ] darn
[ADZ gets MAD MOE's body out of the carpet]
[ADZ] You mean this body?
[MAYBOY] err we are practicing for drama class

[INTERVIEW GUY] Was that evening hard to think about?
[MAYBOY] i had forgotten that actual bit, i think the first evening had a gd story… looking at it now :p
[ADZ] I wish Andy still kept the anvil :p
[MAYBOY] i love the bit where, didnt the anvil fall through the world and someone from china or something came up and said "is this your anvil"? lol
[ADZ] yeah, he was Japanese wasn't he?
[MAYBOY] ah thats it ;) Andy was proving he did understand the madness of us and join in at one point :p
[INTERVIEW GUY] Who do you think was the most insane in the group?
[ADZ points at MAYBOY]
[MAYBOY] probably me :p I remember the evenings with Amanda AKA green_day_gal :) when we shaved santa's beard off :p and i put my hand in his sack lol
[ADZ] ah yeah :laugh: I got what i needed at the music store :p
[MAYBOY] what evening was that?
[INTERVIEW GUY] Your 2 New Years eve TY evenings we're said to be funny, anything to comment on that?
[MAYBOY] they were gd :p
[ADZ] i never got to use the camera on Andy :laugh:
[MAYBOY] lol, i kissed Amanda after 12 :p
[MATT] u remember me with the nuts nath? :p
[MAYBOY] and we buggered up the countdown :p
[ADZ] correction, u did! :p
[INTERVIEW GUY] Here’s a clip of total randomness from the 1st celebration
[Rolls film]

[ADZ] A toast ;)
[MAYBOY] u put it under the grill mate :p
[ADZ] ......and that kid, I forget his name
[DIZZY] oooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeo,
[MAYBOY] biscuits "ooh crumbs" penfold impression
[ADZ] who.........mentioned..........biscuits?!
[DIZZY] meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D 53 mins
[MAYBOY] This rate ill be asleep when the time comes, LOL

[MAYBOY] love the joke about the toast! :v2_dizzy_lol: just laughed out loud :p
[MATT] u lol'd? :p
[ADZ] it was funny :laugh:
[MAYBOY] at my own joke :laugh: :embarassed:
[INTERVIEW GUY] Actually, here’s another random clip here!….
[Rolls film]

[DIZZY] anything people want to confess now?
[MAYBOY] I’m not that drunk :p hehe nothing I can think of
[DIZZY] lol, didn’t mean it like that :laugh:
[ADZ] confess???
[DIZZY] never mind, I've mellowed now
[MAYBOY] marshmellowed? :neutral:
[ADZ] MARSHMELLOW MAN?!?!?!? :v2_dizzy_eek: WE'RE GONNA DIE!! :shocked:
[DIZZY] nah nah I’m not marshmellow man, don’t worry folks
[ADZ] phew
[MAYBOY] 40 mins

[MAYBOY] i can picture adz with one of those pointy sticks :p
[ADZ] wtf was i thinking? :v2_dizzy_blink:
[MAYBOY] marshmellow man? :p try poking him on the BBQ for toasted marshmallows ;)
[INTERVIEW GUY] Heres the 2nd celebration……..
[Rolls film]

[MAYBOY] i hope i dont end up bald lol guess all guys do though eventually :laugh: and no more long hair for u Adz mate ;)
[ADZ] dont hold ur breath :rolleyes:
[MAYBOY] good idea i might die :p cant be doing that before the new year comes in lol
[MAT_DIZZY] lol, dont mind me while i much on my pringles :p
[ADZ] yeah, we need u m8, i have salt n vinegar
[MAYBOY] i have sour cream lol
[MAT_DIZZY] :laugh: me 2

[MAYBOY] sour cream is a bad condition :p need to go to the doctors :p was that the first one with young Matt?
[INTERVIEW GUY] Here is the blooper of the countdown
[Rolls film]

[ADZ] 10
[Big Pause]
[MAT_DIZZY] ehem……NATH! :p
[MAYBOY] hang on a min :p start again
[ADZ] wakey wakey bro lol :v2_dizzy_lol:
[MAT_DIZZY] it has to stop there, typical :p

[MATT] wasn’t it a practice though?
[ADZ] yeah
[MAYBOY] "it has to stop there, typical" my sex life summed up :p
[MATT] how?
[MAYBOY] anyway moving on :p
[INTERVIEW GUY] cough Anyway, there was this one incident where u had some MSN bot into the evening.....heres a clip of that….
[MAYBOY] shirley! :D :p
[MATT] lol
[Rolls film]

[MAYBOY] what do u look like
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MATT] hmm this is weird
[ADZ] theres your answer nath :p
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MAYBOY] yeah, say that again and ill kick you
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MAYBOY] where it hurts in the bot parts
[MAYBOY kicks the bot]
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MSN-BOT-UK] [service to busy]
[MATT] im suspisous about this
[MSN-BOT-UK] you are?
[MAYBOY] in what way
[MSN-BOT-UK] gd thanks!
[MAYBOY] and u stay out of this botty boy :p

[INTERVIEW GUY] So what happened to this bot in the end? It made the viewers think.
[MATT] whispers it was me :v2_dizzy_blush:
[ADZ] don't worry, Nath already punished him :p
[INTERVIEW GUY] I see.........So what would u say was the most embarrassing moment?
[ADZ] Nath talking about his ass :p j/k
[MAYBOY] i spoke about my ass? :p
[INTERVIEW GUY] there is a clip that springs to mind here
[MAYBOY] as long as my ass doesn’t spring to mind :laugh:
[Rolls film]

[ADZ] Errr, is anyone actually watching nath? he appears to have 'grown'
[MAYBOY] i saw Amanda looking at my bum :shocked: .....sorry :embarassed:
[MAYBOY] sorry this cheese is putting weight on me :laugh: take it away so i cant eat anymore :v2_dizzy_sick:
[MAT_DIZZY] what? no more cheese :O
[DYLANSBIRD] Nath needs to go on a weight loss program :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] the moon is wasting away beneath our feet
[DYLANSBIRD] i'll soon help him burn those calories off... cough annnnnyways...

[MAYBOY] Amanda didn’t like me saying that did she :p lol
[ADZ] i don’t think she did m8 :p
[INTERVIEW GUY] Mayboy, Is it true you have a craving for Cheese like Dizzy did with chickens?
[ADZ] spill the beans Nath :p
[MAYBOY] yeah :p i do like it soo much :D
[MATT] you like it soo much aswell Nath :p
[ADZ] im the same with chocolate :p
[MAYBOY] did my mate tell u what i do round his house ….well about cheese anyway :laugh:
[INTERVIEW GUY] so when did MargateMan come along?
[ADZ] found him in a box :p j/k ;) i…… dont know really lol
[MAYBOY] yeah how did young sam come on the scene :confused: i remember when i spoke to him in the beginning i was so serious, thought he was alot older than he was :laugh:
[INTERVIEW GUY] We have another clip here of MargateMan’s first ever TY appearence…..
[Rolls film]

[MARGATEMAN] woah, I'm off im 10 mins, hey guys, let's all go on a p*ss up!
[ADZ] yeah! :)
[MAYBOY] i usually p*ss down :p
[ADZ] lol
[MARGATEMAN] u ever dun it up a wall? see who can go highest? :laugh:
[MAT_DIZZY] lol p*ss up
[MAYBOY] yeah!
[MAYBOY] well when i was younger :p didnt have the power.... but i do now though :laugh:
[ADZ] right, wait till we get to the pub :p well see who can do it the highest ;) mat, you'll have to stay off the loony beer, you're under 16 remember :p
[MARGATEMAN] he can have coca cola though

[MAYBOY] what an entrance :laugh:
[ADZ] indeed
[MATT] 1st appearnces are always the most important ;)
[MAYBOY] indeed ;) i bet u lot ran when i came on the scene :p
[MATT] so I’ve been here longer than young (older than me) sam?
[ADZ] nah, Sam was around before we were
[INTERVIEW GUY] I understand that Dizzy looked forward to when one round up evening was made?
[ADZ] Eh?, oh i think i know where this is going, his head was on fire wasn't it?
[MAYBOY] whos head was on fire :p lol
[ADZ] Andy's
[INTERVIEW GUY] Heres a clip.......
[Rolls film]

[MAT_DIZZY] hey :tup:
[DYLANSBIRD] Andyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :D
[MAYBOY] welcome dude :v2_dizzy_wink:
[DYLANSBIRD] hehe tah ;)
[MARGATEMAN] ooo, it is pretty :say_yes:
[INGOLEMO] The master speaketh...
[DIZZY] I am on fire btw. :p
[DIZZY runs about]
[ADZ gets fire extinguisher]
[MAT_DIZZY] hahaha
[MAYBOY] watch out
[DYLANSBIRD helps ADZ hose DIZZY down]
[MARGATEMAN] that was close :p
[DIZZY runs back into the living room]
[DIZZY] my hair is on fire!!! :v2_dizzy_eek: ekk
[MAT_DIZZY] LOL :v2_dizzy_lol:
[ADZ] what u do to yourself? :v2_dizzy_scared:
[MAYBOY] me next with the hose please :p
[ADZ, DYLANSBIRD and MAYBOY hoses down DIZZY again]
[DIZZY] ah thanks peeps :)

[MAYBOY] :) was that the first time for Matt there
[ADZ] no that was that “go to the cheese moon” thing when you said Amanda was looking at ur butt!
[MAYBOY] so what was Amanda's first evening too?
[MATT] yeah
[MAYBOY] ah right :p
[INTERVIEW GUY] I also understand there is an older evening that was made into a story about peanuts, lets take a looksy at that!
[Rolls film]

[DIZZY] his two generals ADZ and NATH followed behind DIZZY, they set a plan to get behind the ATARI master :v2_dizzy_fingers:
[NITRO] huh?
[MAYBOY] he has no idea what he's on about :laugh:
[NITRO] cool :v2_dizzy_thumbsup: good :)
[DIZZY] the rest of the peanut army still attacked
[ADZ] u lost us :laugh:
[DIZZY] one packet after another BOOM BOOM BOOM
[NITRO] for a minute I thought you guys wanted to do something to me :laugh:
[DIZZY] they called for reinforcements so the ready salted peanut army came, now two peanut armys were at war with the ATARI master
[NITRO] omg
[DIZZY] still no luck the peanuts didnt have a chance
[NITRO] yeh :vhappy: go ATARI Master :laugh:
[DIZZY] DIZZY had a thorght
[NITRO] sure he did :p
[DIZZY] "call in the GIANT READY SALTED PEANUT!!!!" :vhappy:
[ADZ] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[NITRO] :shocked:
[DIZZY] the news reached the giant peanut and he came to the battlegorund
[NITRO] hahahhahahahhahaha, this is so stupid its funny! :v2_dizzy_lol:
[DIZZY] the giant peanut stared into the eyes of the ATARI MASTER........the war stopped
[ADZ] pffffff :rolleyes:
[NITRO] why?
[DIZZY] only the ATARI MASTER and the GIANT PEANUT stood across the battle field :p
[NITRO] Id eat that pittly peanut :laugh:

[ADZ] some ppl maybe nutters, but they're nice chaps
[MAYBOY] indeed, look at me for example ;) :p
[ADZ] O_o
[MATT] we all know nath is a nutter :p
[INTERVIEW GUY] What is everyone else up to these days?
[ADZ] Andy is still around, we don’t talk much for some reason, Amy has a b/f so shes hardly around, Sam’s on vacation, Amanda is still around, don’t tend to talk much though, Peter maybe planning something for his dizzy site, Nitro….well he’s a busy chap these days but he’ll he back, just watch ;)
[INTERVIEW GUY] Thank you very much, Adz, Mayboy, Matt! :)
After the break, we speak to the lads at Retro Remakes as the Remake competition soon draws to a close!



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Post by Adz.M » Fri Feb 23, 2007 6:53 pm

We really should plan an Interview with all of us in future ;)