Our first night being drama queens (EVENING #01)

Transcripts of the Team Yolkfolk Evenings
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Our first night being drama queens (EVENING #01)

Post by Adz.M » Tue Jan 16, 2007 2:29 pm

Evening 1: - Our first night being drama queens

[ADZ] Whats that funny noise? it's getting closer :umm:
[MAYBOY] what sort of noise is it?
[DIZZY] hmm right everyone under the table, don't break anything
[ADZ] it sounds spooky :umm:
[DIZZY's teeth is shaking]
[MAYBOY has no one to hold onto]
[DYLANSBIRD] hold onto me hehehh ;)
[ADZ accidently hits MAYBOY's arm trying to hide]
[MAYBOY] ouch :(
[ADZ] OH GOOD GLAVIN WHAT IS THAT?!!! :v2_dizzy_blink:
[ADZ] It's...it's just a spider
[DYLANSBIRD] EEEE I hate spiders :shocked:
[MAYBOY] spider!!! where?! :shocked:
[DIZZY] eeeeek
[ADZ] just keep still.....whats that gurgle noise.....quick....under the bed! :v2_dizzy_scared:
[DYLANSBIRD comes out from under the table and steps on the SPIDER]
[DYLANSBIRD] oh come on it's only a tiny little thing what ya scared for? :p
[DYLANSBIRD also hears the gurgle noise and jumps]
[MAYBOY puts the SPIDER's dead body in a Vase thats on the table]
[ADZ] ouch watch your feet whoever that was, I see something
[MAYBOY peeks]

[ADZ] IT'S MAD MOE!!! :shocked:
[MAYBOY] :v2_dizzy_eek:
[DYLANSBIRD dives under the bed]
[DIZZY] Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[MAYBOY cracks the vase over his head]
[DIZZY uses karate to kill him]
[ADZ knuckles him]
[DYLANSBIRD sticks foot out from under the BED and trips him up]

[DYLANSBIRD] I use the stealthy approach :p
[ADZ attacks like Rik Mayall]
[MAYBOY] that showed him :vhappy:
[DIZZY] i gtg to safeways to get food for folks brb
[MAYBOY] ok dude
[ADZ] okies, don't forget the lollies :p
[DYLANSBIRD] c'ya in a bit :)
[ADZ looks at MAD MOE's dead body]
[MAYBOY] right how do we cover up the evidence
[ADZ] You hide him under the carpet, i'll pretend to be a cop, cough ello ello ello, whats that dead body doing under the carpet?
[DYLANSBIRD] Errr :rolleyes:
[A real Cop appears out of nowhere]
[COP] ello ello ello, whats that dead body doing under the carpet?
[ADZ] darn
[ADZ gets MAD MOE's body out of the carpet]
[ADZ] You mean this body?
[MAYBOY] err we are practicing for drama class
[ADZ] our mate is an actor, he ain't dead :say_yes:
[DYLANSBIRD] yeah he just kinda fell asleep, he tends to do that a lot
[MAYBOY] exactly hes the only one we know who can lay still without moving :p
[ADZ] lol, our m8 Andy is getting some stuff for our drama course
[DYLANSBIRD] sleeps like a log he does, seriously you could hold a rave in here and he wouldn't wake up :laugh:
[MAYBOY] he slept like a log last night, and woke up in the fireplace.....hence hes dead charred look
[ADZ] yeah, so no trouble here m8 :v2_dizzy_smile:
[COP] OK but.....keep it quiet, Eh?
[COP leaves confused]
[MAYBOY] phew think we handled that well ppl :) so the Cop has gone, Andys gone to Safeways.....now what? umm
[ADZ sits on the BED in relief]
[MAYBOY] we still have to get rid of the body somehow, lets bury it
[MAYBOY finds the shovel]
[The door bell goes]
[ADZ] I'll answer it
[MAYBOY] well.........who is it then :p
[ADZ] It's DeMilburn!
[DEMILBURN] lo m8 :)
[DYLANSBIRD] hey, he can help us shift Mad Moe's body :tup:
[ADZ guides DEMILBURN to the bedroom]
[MAYBOY] Ask Dave what he thinks we should do
[DEMILBURN] You could dump it in the attic.
[ADZ] okies, help us out
[MAYBOY goes out to get step ladder and bin bag for body]
[DYLANSBIRD] gawd this is gonna be awkward :rolleyes:
[MAYBOY comes back with ladder and bag]
[ADZ] gd one ;)
[MAYBOY] right i'll go up into the attic and u lot pass the body up to me, better put it in the bag first
[ADZ] be careful gang :v2_dizzy_crazy:
[DEMILBURN] mind the head!! careful now!!
[DYLANSBIRD puts the bag carefully on MAD MOE]
[The door goes again]
[ADZ] right......brb
[DEMILBURN quickly ties up the top of the bag]
[DIZZY] im back :)
[DYLANSBIRD] hey Andy's back!
[MAYBOY] ahh it was andy
[ADZ] gd timing
[DYLANSBIRD] impeccable :laugh:
[DIZZY] thats me :)
[ADZ] Dave's here helping get the body in the attic
[DIZZY] okies
[MAYBOY] right then i'll wait up here, u lot pass it to me
[DEMILBURN] I'm ready! :v2_dizzy_smile:
[DIZZY] why the attic?
[DYLANSBIRD] i've just tied up the bag lol
[ADZ] where else? :p
[DIZZY] to put a bagged Mad Moe?
[MAYBOY] its either the attic or the bed :p lol
[DIZZY] put him in an extra large jiffy bag and post him back to Khaos town :v2_dizzy_lol:
[DEMILBURN] we could bury him in the yard but we might get caught :p
[MAYBOY] :oooo:
[ADZ] arrgh bloody door! :devil: runs down
[DIZZY] postage may be alot though
[ADZ] It's Nick Evans! :O
[DIZZY trys to keep the revolver in his pocket]
[ADZ] he wants to know where mate Mad Moe is
[DEMILBURN] errrrr.......
[DIZZY] He's.........in the bath, his waters broke at his house and he's borrowing ours
[ADZ] Waters broke?!?!?!....ooooook lol
[DYLANSBIRD is tempted to knock NICK out]
[NICK doesnt notice that Dizzy holding a anvil on a string above his head from the upstairs window]
[DYLANSBIRD moves clear out of the way]
[ADZ walks into the bedroom]

[DIZZY] whispers Oww common let me at him!... Let go of the string! :devil:
[DEMILBURN admires the paintings on the walls]
[MAYBOY stares at the anvil]
[DYLANSBIRD holds her breath]
[The rope begins to break]

[DIZZY] did we order a pizza guys? cause theres one on the doorstep :p
[MAYBOY] ooooh I'll get it :vhappy:
[NICK] wtf?!?!?!?!
[DIZZY] Nath Nooooooooooooooo :shocked:
[DIZZY grabs MAYBOY back]
[DYLANSBIRD] don't touch it! it could be booby trapped :umm:
[NICK] you guys are werid!
[ANVIL drops and Falls on NICK]
[DIZZY] cough.....I just dropped a giant anvil on Nick! :v2_dizzy_tongue: him being the pizza :devil: sighs ok you can eat it if your THAT hungry :P
[DYLANSBIRD] yuck! :(
[MAYBOY] urghh what a topping :(
[DEMILBURN] sooo disgusting!
[ADZ] i lost my appetite :umm:
[DEMILBURN wanders off]
[MAYBOY] the anvil appears to have fallen through the floorboards below Nick and into the room below
[DYLANSBIRD peeps down through the hole]
[DIZZY] actually, the anvil follows through the core of the earth and comes out at japan where its stuck and the people are surrounding it in ore
[Door goes again]
[ADZ] Right :neutral:
[ADZ opens door]
[DYLANSBIRD] wtf?!?!?! :O
[MAYBOY] its a Japanese guy!
[DIZZY sits on his bed.....he wishes he had his ANVIL back]
[JAPANESE GUY] was that your anvil?
[DIZZY runs downstairs]
[FALLEN appears behind the JAPANESE GUY]
[DIZZY sneaks up behind JAPANESE GUY and puts a stick of TNT in his back pocket]
[DYLANSBIRD] typical Andy :p lmao
[MAYBOY runs to fetch a match]
[ADZ keeps his mouth shut]
[MAYBOY brings back a match, gives DIZZY the honours]
[DIZZY] Ta muchly :)
[Everyone takes cover]
[ADZ grabs FALLEN and runs to a closet]
[DIZZY takes the guy in a corner outside]
[Seconds later, a giant explosion is heard and DIZZY walks back to the house]
[DIZZY] there we go guys :)
[FALLEN] could someone explain what's going on, who was that Japanese guy? :umm:
[DYLANSBIRD] well this entire story started of with me, Andy, Adam & Nath
[MAYBOY] we scared ourselves stupid at first, until Mad Moe appeared out of nowhere, together we killed him :p
[ADZ] Talked a cop into leaving by saying we were doing drama class
[DIZZY] And I dropped an Anvil on Nick E, which made the anvil fall to Japan causing a Japanese guy to appear, and guess who blew him up? :dizzy_wink:
[ADZ points his finger to DIZZY]
[FALLEN] :vhappy:
[The door goes again....]
[MAYBOY] not again!
[DIZZY & DYLANSBIRD dissapears]
[ADZ] Who the hell?!?!?!?!?!
[FALLEN] :laugh:
[ADZ] This guy looks awfully drunk :rolleyes:
[FALLEN] Is that the pizza guy behind him
[ADZ] he looks familiar.....Grave?!
[GRAVE knocks out the drunk]
[GRAVE] lol, just a bit of massive attacking I learnt from Jordan Chenier ;) How are we all then?
[FALLEN] we're cool :)
[DIZZY opens his bedroom door]
[DIZZY] we dont need saving! :p
[Slams door]
[ADZ] where did you two go?
[GRAVE] lets not bother asking :p
[DEMILBURN appears looking dizzy]
[GRAVE & FALLEN help him to the living room]
[MAYBOY appears out of the kitchen with a bump on his head]

[GRAVE] What happened to you?
[MAYBOY] not much, just banged my head on the doorway
[DYLANSBIRD sees MAYBOY and hurries to the rescue, she bathes his wound and dresses it]
[DYLANSBIRD] Amy the nurse ;) hehehehe
[DIZZY stares at the door thinking "bugger off!"]
[GRAVE walks about]
[The door goes]

[ADZ] Andy, get the door!
[DIZZY slowly opens the door]
[MAD MOE's ghost appears]
[ADZ exits the living room]

[ADZ] sod off you ghostly git, we're trying to........oh crap.....GHOST!!!!!! :shocked:
[DYLANSBIRD] FECCKK!!!! :v2_dizzy_jawdrop:
[DIZZY] quick everyone! follow me
[DEMILBURN wakes up and follows behind]
[Everyone goes to the bathroom]

[DYLANSBIRD] did u know Ghosts can go through walls!
[GRAVE] whats the number for 999? :shocked:
[The Ghost of MAD MOE heads to the BEDROOM were the PC is left on]

[MAYBOY] looks like he's hacking Yolkfolk.com! :O
[After the collision with the ghost, the rocket launcher and the PC, everyone gets sucked into Yolkfolk.com....into the Dizzy games]
[DIZZY falls asleep as he's getting slightly travel sick]
[DYLANSBIRD] ok i'm confused beyond belief now!
[MAYBOY] Looks like we're in the land of Katmandu
[GRAVE] This game?!?!
[DYLANSBIRD] there's more bloody spiders here :shocked:
[DIZZY has some fun greasing the rusty mine cart]
[ADZ looks down the hole]

[GRAVE] :laugh:
[ADZ] Don't try anything Grave!
[A cernobyl explosion occurs]
[Everyone hides underground]
[FALLEN] Theres a wooden door here
[DIZZY thinks "Prince of the Yolkfolk"]
[ADZ gets some leaves]
[MAYBOY gets a match]
[DEMILBURN finds a bucket and tap nearby and fills bucket with water]
[As they burn down the door, they proceed further]
[The evil wizard ZAKS appears in front of them, then casts a spell]

[ZAKS] yo-kezzar-komodo-de murmers bibbily bobbily boo
[Everyone wakes up in the bathroom]
[ADZ falls off BED]

[FALLEN] It's been just a nightmare :say_yes:
[DYLANSBIRD goes downstairs to grab something from the fridge]
[DEMILBURN looks at MAD MOE's dead body]

[GRAVE] afterall.....that wasn't a dream :umm:
[MAYBOY puts the body under the carpet]
[COP appears
[ADZ] This better not be a time warp we're going through :v2_dizzy_confused2:
[COP] ello ello ello, whats that dead body doing under the carpet?
[FALLEN] we.....what dead body? :p
[ADZ] if you're on about that lazy tosser, he's asleep :rolleyes:
[MAYBOY] we've already explained to you dude!
[COP exits]
[ADZ ignores the next knock on the door but discovers a postcard from NITRO]
[GRAVE] Montreal Eh? must be having fun :)
[DIZZY] Hey it's nearly 6 o'clock, Simpsons time! :vhappy:
[DYLANSBIRD grabs the popcorn]
[MAYBOY gets the drinks in]
[Everyone laughs at HOMER]