A festive one (EVENING #02)

Transcripts of the Team Yolkfolk Evenings
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A festive one (EVENING #02)

Post by Adz.M » Tue Jan 16, 2007 5:52 pm

Evening 2: - A festive one

[The gang goes through a snowy wood]
[ADZ] Do you hear any noises?
[DYLANSBIRD] # oh what a night, sorry that was me singing ;) :v2_dizzy_blush:
[ADZ] lol
[MAYBOY] # knock on wood :p
[ADZ] trips what was that? :umm:
[MAYBOY looks back]
[ADZ] I can't see it :umm:
[MAYBOY gets magnifying glass out for closer inspection]
[DIZZY] watch your bck guys :umm:
[ADZ] what is it?
[MAYBOY] u wont believe this but....
[MAYBOY] its Mad Moe's head buried in the snow :O
[DIZZY] :v2_dizzy_eek:
[MAYBOY] wonder how that got there?
[ADZ] did we really chop his head off over Andy's place
[MAYBOY] maggots must have got at it :p
[DYLANSBIRD] yuck! :(
[MAYBOY] so....what do we do with this head now then
[DIZZY] whatever we want :laugh:
[DYLANSBIRD] piggy in the middle
[ADZ] stick it on a pole and dance around it ^_^ :laugh:
[MAYBOY] Psycho in the middle :p
[MAYBOY] like a tribal dance
[DIZZY] :v2_dizzy_smile: :v2_dizzy_smile:
[MAYBOY spots a chest behind a tree]
[ADZ] look at those colour lights ahead, take the chest and put it under the lights
[MAYBOY] damn padlocked :( ...now what
[DYLANSBIRD] anyone got a lock pick?
[ADZ] lets follow those lights maybe theres something to help us there
[The gang starts to follow the lights]
[DIZZY plays the great escape on his tiny keyboard]

[DIZZY] Game over :p
[ADZ] Theres a scroll ahead
[The Scroll reads: red lights will not lead you to your goal]
[ADZ] so we'll follow the blue ones yeah?
[MAYBOY looks ahead and cautiously follows blue lights]
[DIZZY] better go slowly ppl :umm:
[ADZ] theres another scroll ahead
[The scroll reads: left, right, left, NitroX will point to the key]
[snow crumbles from beneath the gang]
[ADZ] lets roll! :say_yes:
[DIZZY] find a statue of NitroX whilst running
[DYLANSBIRD starts making her way left]
[DIZZY slips in the snow]
[MAYBOY helps DIZZY up]

[ADZ] there it is, oh no, not another temple :cross:
[gang runs into temple]
[MAYBOY] scroll indents on the side, must be where the scrolls go
[ADZ] heres one
[The Scroll reads: pictures on the floor are booby trapped]
[DYLANSBIRD] its a bit dark in here innit? :v2_dizzy_blink:
[DYLANSBIRD grabs a torch]
[DIZZY] how are we going to light this torch?
[DYLANSBIRD] anyone got a lighter?
[MAYBOY spots a lava pit ahead]
[ADZ] I don't smoke :p
[MAYBOY] Amy, gimme the torch a sec
[MAYBOY slowly puts head of torch in the lava]
[MAYBOY] got it ppl WE HAVE LIGHT!! :)
[DYLANSBIRD] whoop de doo! :D
[DIZZY] i'll just light these other torches around the room here
[DIZZY starts lighting the other torches]
[MAYBOY] careful Andy we are not sure whats around there
[The gang hears a growling sounds in the distance]
[DYLANSBIRD] wtf was that?! :O
[a figure comes out of the shadows]
[DYLANSBIRD stands there, paralysed]

[MAYBOY] its a panther :shocked:
[MAYBOY fends back with the lit torch]
[DYLANSBIRD] hey! look up :O
[ADZ] whats that anvil above him?
[MAYBOY looks up and follows string from anvil to a switch on the wall]
[ADZ] Andy? :p
[The string snaps and the anvil drops on the panther]
[DYLANSBIRD jumps out of the way just in time]
[ADZ] Congrats.......where did Andy go? :v2_dizzy_blink:
[DYLANSBIRD] he was here a second ago :O
[DYLANSBIRD sees DIZZY's silloette in the distance]
[DYLANSBIRD runs towards DIZZY, but falls through a trapdoor in the floor]
[Trapdoors collapse underneath ADZ and MAYBOY]
[DYLANSBIRD wipes off bottom]
[DYLANSBIRD] okay, pretend ya didn't see that :p
[MAYBOY] hehe ;)
[ADZ] see what? ;)
[DYLANSBIRD] I can't believe Andy dissapeared on us :say_no:
[MAYBOY] can u hear something?
[MAYBOY hears distant footsteps]
[ADZ] theres a passage, follow me
[MAYBOY hands ADZ the torch]
[MAYBOY] after u mate ;)
[ADZ] cheers :)
[water starts dripping from the ceiling]
[DYLANSBIRD] Ewww! :say_no:
[DYLANSBIRD trips up]
[DYLANSBIRD] feeeeeeeeeeeeeeck! :O
[MAYBOY runs back to help DYLANSBIRD]
[MAYBOY] come on lets go!!
[DYLANSBIRD] I'll catch up!
[DYLANSBIRD struggles to her feet]
[MAYBOY looks on the floor]
[ADZ kicks the door ahead
[DYLANSBIRD] feck, me ankle's killin me now :v2_dizzy_cry:
[MAYBOY] another scroll!!!
[The scroll reads: proceed at your own risk]
[ADZ] sod it, lets go, Nath, carry Amy out shes having trouble
[ADZ] quick, through the xmas lights not under the red lights remember
[MAYBOY follows ADZ whilst carrying DYLANSBIRD]
[The gang ends up at the front of the temple]

[ADZ] strange, wheres the snow?
[ADZ & MAYBOY looks at the NITRO statue]
[MAYBOY] we must in Ottawa
[DYLANSBIRD] you can put me down now Nath, me foot's better now
[ADZ] gently m8 ;)
[MAYBOY puts DYLANSBIRD down gently]
[ADZ] I don't think NitroX is pointing to the temple, me thinks he's pointing to that moonlit path up there
[DYLANSBIRD] oh good, let's get the hell out of here :say_yes:
[MAYBOY] yeah before this place starts to crumble
[ADZ] check out those woodlands :D
[DYLANSBIRD] theres 3 paths
[MAYBOY looks closely at brightest tree near paths]
[MAYBOY] Another scroll!!!!!
[The scroll reads: Black crystals can be trusted to follow]
[Everyone follows path with black crystals]
[ADZ] Theres a body frozen in ice :O
[MAYBOY inspects closer]
[DYLANSBIRD] me thinks he's just.....chillin out *boom boom*
[ADZ] seems Mad Moe like :umm:
[DYLANSBIRD] eeeeeeek not again :o Hes everywhere all of a sudden :O
[ADZ] lets just ignore it and admire that key that looks like it'll open that chest we past ages ago
[MAYBOY picks up key and runs back to find the CHEST]
[DYLANSBIRD] do u think he'll remember his way?
[ADZ] I'm sure he will
[DYLANSBIRD] look, he's back already
[MAYBOY returns with chest]
[MAYBOY] OK guys, ready?
[MAYBOY opens the chest]
[ADZ] hmmmmm, looks like a bomb.......
[DYLANSBIRD] :shocked:
[ADZ] AND IT'S TICKING!!!! :v2_dizzy_eek:
[Everyone legs it further n the pathways past the bloke in ice]
[Explosion occurs]

[MAYBOY] phew that was close
[ADZ] whos that in the distance?
[DIZZY runs down]
[DIZZY] hi guys :)
[ADZ] where'd u go m8?
[DIZZY] beats me :v2_dizzy_confused2:
[Everyone continues on in the woodland]