Unplanned trip (EVENING #05)

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Unplanned trip (EVENING #05)

Post by Adz.M » Fri Jan 19, 2007 8:52 am

Evening 5: - Unplanned trip

[ADZ] Whats this under the bed?
[MAYBOY has a closer look]
[DYLANSBIRD] what is it??
[MAYBOY] It's really small, im gonna need something here
[ADZ] heres a torch
[MAYBOY tries it]
[MAYBOY] tut who forgot the batteries :v2_dizzy_dry: :p
[ADZ] someone got any batteries? :laugh:
[DYLANSBIRD] me hands some over :)
[MAYBOY] thank u Amy ;)
[MAYBOY puts them in]
[DYLANSBIRD] I always carry stuff like that around, call me gadget girl lol
[MAYBOY] Go Go Gadget Batteries :p
[DIZZY] oooooooook
[MAYBOY shines light under bed to have a closer look]
[MAYBOY] mmmm
[DIZZY] huh?
[MAYBOY] keep your distance people, it could be anything.......it made a little noise :v2_dizzy_blink:
[DIZZY] it could be a sausage :p
[DIZZY] or even a small south american land mammoth :) or perhaps some tiny shrews
[MAYBOY] wildlife living under the bed ...well it wont be the first time
[DIZZY] or nothing :confused:
[DYLANSBIRD crouches down to have a look]
[MAYBOY finds a stick]
[ADZ holds FRYING PAN ready]

[MAYBOY] nothing happening ppl, im getting in closer
[ADZ keeps hold of FRYING PAN]
[MAYBOY] eww bit of a smell to it :v2_dizzy_blink:
[ADZ] is it underwear?
[MAYBOY] its starting to glow :shocked:
[DIZZY] glowing underwear? :v2_dizzy_blink: kinky :p
[MAYBOY] lol my thought exactly :laugh:
[DYLANSBIRD] lmao phew at least i don't own any glowing underwear!
[ADZ] is it underwear?
[MAYBOY] no :p
[MAYBOY reaches out to give it a feel]
[DIZZY exits]
[ADZ] I'm beggining to think why Andy just left :p
[MAYBOY] oooh it feels hard :v2_dizzy_blink:
[A green glow shoots out and transports MAYBOY to another world]
[DYLANSBIRD] eeeek! :shocked:
[ADZ] brill now what?
[DYLANSBIRD] try and follow it?
[ADZ] k, follow me
[MAYBOY's voice comes from the object "HELP ME!!!"]

[ADZ hits object with FRYING PAN]
[MAYBOY comes out of nowhere]

[MAYBOY shakes head]
[MAYBOY] ahhh what happened :v2_dizzy_blink:
[ADZ] beats me :confused:
[MAYBOY] now how are we going to get rid of this thing? its dangerous!
[ADZ] stop it from stealing someone else
[DYLANSBIRD scratches head]
[ADZ heads back to house, BBC news is on]
[DIZZY is found on the sofa]

[TV] It's believed these objects came from a cold fever at the yolkville village
[ADZ] Dang! we've got a glowy object invaision :shocked:
[ADZ looks on TV]
[ADZ] wtf?! whats happened? theres a technical diffculty message :v2_dizzy_blink:
[MAYBOY] the little green thing is preventing the signal from coming through!
[MAYBOY looks out the window]
[MAYBOY] theres thousands of them :O
[ADZ] I think nows the time to head to St Austell better get a bus quickly
[MAYBOY runs to bus stop]
[ADZ] hurry you two! theres one
[MAYBOY uses umbrella to prevent the green things from hitting his head]
[DYLANSBIRD hurries along]
[ADZ] phew made it :say_yes:
[MAYBOY comforts DYLANSBIRD through]
[ADZ] St Austell here we come! :D
[Bus chugs along nicely]
[The nights falls and our heroes fall asleep on the long journey]
[DYLANSBIRD] ok ok, who's snoring??? :p Nath???!!!
[MAYBOY] oh sorry :v2_dizzy_blush:
[MAYBOY uses a nasal strip]
[DIZZY] u woke me up! :v2_dizzy_mad:
[ADZ] huh? what?
[BUS DRIVER] last stop, The lake District
[ADZ] Eh?
[DYLANSBIRD] right, I wasn't planning to go until august :rolleyes:
[ADZ] It's still dark, do u know your way around the dark?
[MAYBOY] we have the torch remember :p
[Our heroes sit by the lake and looks at the full moon]
[MAYBOY takes a few pictures]
[ADZ] At least we're safe now :)
[MAYBOY] at least for the time being :v2_dizzy_smile:
[DYLANSBIRD] what, outside? :v2_dizzy_blink: we should have brought tents, think we better try and find somewhere to stay the nighy, bit chilly out here :say_no:
[ADZ] theres a hotel pub over there :)
[MAYBOY] we have no money :(
[ADZ] I've got 5 quid :)
[MAYBOY scrapes for loose]
[DIZZY] I've got nothing :(
[DYLANSBIRD] ah well bang goes my bright idea :p
[MAYBOY] unless.... can we pawn something?
[ADZ] yeah, my spare underwear :p
[MAYBOY] lol
[ADZ] I keep them for emergencies ;)
[MAYBOY] i only have the underwear im wearing...still i could pawn it cough
[ADZ] theres a pawn shop next to the hotel :O
[MAYBOY] how convienient :p right now, no looking ppl while i remove my underwear for pawning :p
[DIZZY] cough okies
[ADZ] I've got my spares here :p , but I suppose theres no probs pawning yours too :p
[DYLANSBIRD] lol, FREEEEEEEEDOM!!!! :v2_dizzy_biggrin:
[MAYBOY] right lets go do it now :p
[Our Heroes walk into the pawn shop]
[DYLANSBIRD] lmao dare i pawn mine?!
[3 Minutes Later]
[ADZ] well...........40 quid my draws cost :O
[DYLANSBIRD] well i have 20 quid :D
[DIZZY] how come she got 20?
[DYLANSBIRD] thats not even enough lol :laugh:
[MAYBOY] my boxers where about 20 quid :p
[DYLANSBIRD] no that's all in my purse ;)
[DIZZY] oh k
[MAYBOY checks purse]
[DYLANSBIRD] a 20 quid bit lol
[ADZ] right, off to the hotel pub :)
[MAYBOY] my round ;)
[DYLANSBIRD] i pawned my undies too, i darent say how much i got :p
[MAYBOY] whisper it to me ;)
[DIZZY] I've got my undies to pawn yet
[DIZZY walks into pawn shop]
[ADZ] as soon as we get to our room we'll head down for a drink
[DYLANSBIRD] i got 60 quid for mine
[DIZZY] ill have pervy nights in bangkok please :p
[MAYBOY] Andy :rolleyes: lol
[DIZZY] what?? shrugs
[MAYBOY] chuck in some glowing underwear aswell :p
[ADZ] lol
[DIZZY] i dont have any :umm:
[MAYBOY] just imagine walking around with a green glow coming from your crotch area ;)
[ADZ] lol!!!!!!!!
[DYLANSBIRD] hahahahahahaha! :v2_dizzy_lol:
[DIZZY] lol cough
[As soon as our heroes get their rooms and pawn their draws, they head to the pub and all talk to the Bartender]
[MAYBOY] soft drink for me plz ;)
[ADZ] so bartender, whats with the eye patch?
[MAYBOY] and the wooden leg :O
[DIZZY] ARGH!... Woah Hoo My fellow pirates... Ill have a wiskey! :p
[MAYBOY] ill join make that 2 :)
[ADZ] me 3 :say_yes:
[DYLANSBIRD] lol, me 4 then :v2_dizzy_biggrin:
[Later on, they go outside all drunk]
[ALL] # The Devil in a black dress watches over.......my god an angel she walked away
[ADZ hits a lampost]
[ADZ] I think I stepped in something
[MAYBOY] must have been the pirates parrot
[DIZZY] "get off my face" :p
[MAYBOY] messy thing :laugh:
[ADZ] do they usually smell funny? :confused:
[DYLANSBIRD] lol ewwww
[DYLANSBIRD staggers around laughing]
[ADZ] OH FECK!! :shocked:
[ADZ hops to the lake]
[DYLANSBIRD] oh dear :v2_dizzy_clapping: :v2_dizzy_lol:
[ADZ] of all the times to get *yuk* on my shoe :dizzy_mad:
[DYLANSBIRD] isn't that supposed to be good luck? :laugh:
[MAYBOY] luckily for u parrots dont do much at a time :p
[ADZ] okies, I'm off to bed, whos with me?
[MAYBOY staggers about]
[MAYBOY] ill be there in a min :p
[Back in the hotel.....]
[DYLANSBIRD nearly trips up the stairs]
[DIZZY] pizza :p
[ADZ] bare in mind all 4 of us are sharing the same rooms
[MAYBOY] I'm gonna get some dinner ;)
[ADZ] OK Nath :) , right whos sleeping where? I'm taking the one by the window :p
[DYLANSBIRD] any one will do me lol :)
[DIZZY] I'll take this one, g'night guys :)
[Everyone falls sleeps]
[MAYBOY comes in stuffed up]

[ADZ] whos snoring?
[DYLANSBIRD] Nath again :rolleyes: oi Nath, stop with the snoring! :p
[DYLANSBIRD goes over to his bed and whacks him around the head with a pillow]
[ADZ] I can't blame him for what he's eaten........aaaah.......I hope he hasn't had beans :umm:
[DYLANSBIRD] lmao i bet he has :laugh:
[ADZ] get ready to cover your nose if you keep hitting him with that pillow
[DIZZY] huh? what?
[ADZ] you woke Andy up now :p Amy, I don't think he'll stop snoring
[DYLANSBIRD] dang..... :(
[DYLANSBIRD pokes MAYBOY in the stomach]
[DIZZY takes out PISTOL from his pocket & goes over to MAYBOY]
[DYLANSBIRD] oi you noisy git! :p
[DIZZY squirts MAYBOY with water from his PISTOL]
[DIZZY] lol
[MAYBOY releases some wind]
[DYLANSBIRD] lmao nice one! ewwwwwwwwww :tdown:
[DYLANSBIRD] gross!!!! :v2_dizzy_sick:
[ADZ] everbody head to the window!
[DYLANSBIRD] he DEFINITELY had beans :laugh:
[ADZ] quick open it!
[DYLANSBIRD opens window]
[ADZ] aww man, I think it's eggs :sick:
[ADZ] k, It's gone now :)
[everyone tries to sleep again]
[DIZZY] :v2_dizzy_dry:
[an OWL shouts out]
[DIZZY takes out PISTOL, goes to window & shoots OWL]
[DIZZY] whoops wrong pocket :p
[ADZ] :tup:
[DIZZY goes back to bed.. waving the PISTOL at the beds while doing so]
[ADZ] Mind what cha do with that :O
[DIZZY jumps into bed.. Bounces on matress]
[the floor creeks]
[DIZZY] sigh....goes to sleep
[ADZ] hic
[DYLANSBIRD] oh no :rolleyes:
[ADZ] hic.......uuuuh.......hic
[ADZ runs outside]
[DYLANSBIRD] righty ho :laugh:
[Crashes are heard in the corridor]
[ADZ] I'm bck guys ;)
[ADZ] man, what a night, gets to sleep
[MAYBOY wakes up]
[MAYBOY] whos been squirting me with water? :p
[DYLANSBIRD] hahahahaha!
[MAYBOY] come on own up :p
[DYLANSBIRD whistles]
[DYLANSBIRD] It was Andy :p
[DIZZY] yeah, I'm just gonna head to the bathroom :v2_dizzy_tongue:
[MAYBOY steals DIZZY's PISTOL and wets his bed]
[ADZ] What cha think we should do in the morning?
[MAYBOY] how about getting on with the quest to find what's causing these glowing green lumps? that would mean going bck to the start again via the bus
[ADZ] it was mentioned to the yolkville village but it's hell of a way lets start again from there :umm:
[Sunrise comes as our heroes leave the hotel and catch a bus to Southend]
[MAYBOY] we are in for a long journey here
[MAYBOY buys a magazine before leaving]
[ADZ reads his Simpson Comics]
[DIZZY reads his Shakira mag]
[DYLANSBIRD listens to blues and jazz and rock n roll]
[ADZ stares out the window looking blank]
[MAYBOY gets DIZZY to look at DYLANSBIRD's CD spinning round]

[DIZZY] NICE! :vhappy:
[ADZ] round and a round :p
[DYLANSBIRD] wooo this journey is fun :)

END (We never continued this story)