The Peanut story (EVENING #06)

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The Peanut story (EVENING #06)

Post by Adz.M » Fri Jan 19, 2007 9:06 am

Evening 6: - The Peanut story

[DIZZY] ATARI lives in the imagination of a peanut :p
[NITRO] what? why u say that? :confused:
[DIZZY] because i like peanuts :p
[NITRO] oh so its a complement?
[DIZZY] erm, kinda, i also like eating peanuts :v2_dizzy_thumbsup:
[MAYBOY] roasted ones :drool:
[DIZZY] absolutly nice dry roasted ones
[NITRO] barbecued! :p
[ADZ] Peanuts?
[NITRO] no :rolleyes:
[DIZZY] So yep ATARI lives in the imagination of a peanut :p
[NITRO] barbecue flavour ;)
[DIZZY] cause you can eat them and then they are gone
[NITRO] :laugh:
[ADZ] unless u run to the shops ;)
[DIZZY] then more peanuts attack the mothership of dry roast :v2_dizzy_wink:
[NITRO] :rolleyes: yeh hehehe
[DIZZY] and the great ATARI master called for a war on all that is peanutty :p
[MAYBOY opens a packet now]
[NITRO] what?
[DIZZY] so the peanut army set to work on a rebellion :p
[NITRO] what? :umm:
[DIZZY] they travelled across many lands searching for the ATARI master :p
[NITRO] what are you talkin about?
[DIZZY] the peanut army almost gaven up hope when there saw in the distence...the ATARI master :vhappy:
[NITRO] your a poet :laugh: this is funny :v2_dizzy_tongue: whats it about?
[DIZZY] the leader of the peanut army (we will call him DIZZY) lead his millions into battle ;)
[ADZ] I thought he was an egg......oh right, story :v2_dizzy_blush:
[DIZZY] some were roasted beyond regognition
[NITRO] omg...
[MAYBOY] egg is peanut shaped :p
[DIZZY] his two generals ADZ and NATH followed behind DIZZY, they set a plan to get behind the ATARI master :v2_dizzy_fingers:
[NITRO] huh?
[MAYBOY] he has no idea what he's on about :laugh:
[NITRO] cool :v2_dizzy_thumbsup: good :)
[DIZZY] the rest of the peanut army still attacked
[ADZ] u lost us :laugh:
[DIZZY] one packet after another BOOM BOOM BOOM
[NITRO] for a minute I thought you guys wanted to do something to me :laugh:
[DIZZY] they called for reinforcements so the ready salted peanut army came, now two peanut armys were at war with the ATARI master
[NITRO] omg
[DIZZY] still no luck the peanuts didnt have a chance
[NITRO] yeh :vhappy: go ATARI Master :laugh:
[DIZZY] DIZZY had a thorght
[NITRO] sure he did :p
[DIZZY] "call in the GIANT READY SALTED PEANUT!!!!" :vhappy:
[ADZ] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[NITRO] :shocked:
[DIZZY] the news reached the giant peanut and he came to the battlegorund
[NITRO] hahahhahahahhahaha, this is so stupid its funny! :v2_dizzy_lol:
[DIZZY] the giant peanut stared into the eyes of the ATARI MASTER........the war stopped
[ADZ] pffffff :rolleyes:
[NITRO] why?
[DIZZY] only the ATARI MASTER and the GIANT PEANUT stood across the battle field :p
[NITRO] Id eat that pittly peanut :laugh:
[DIZZY] it was silent.......the giant peanut started to roll forward....cause the ATARI master throght he was so good he did nothing and stood there.....
[NITRO] and the ATARI Master opened his mouth, and ate it whole.....yay! :D
[DIZZY] unknown to him the GIANT PEANUT was 1000 years old so he was as hard as 100000 heavy 100 ton weights......and squashed the ATARI MASTER :vhappy:
[NITRO] awwww :tdown: :laugh:
[DIZZY] the peanuts celebrated their victory :say_yes: THE END
[ADZ, MAYBOY & NITRO applauses]