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The Moon trip (EVENING #07)

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2007 9:32 am
by Adz.M
Evening 7: - The Moon trip

[ADZ] such a nice evening dont cha think? :)
[MAT_DIZZY] yup, it is :say_yes:
[ADZ looks in the skies]
[ADZ] whats that in the sky?
[MAYBOY looks]
[DYLANSBIRD] the moon :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] shiny :v2_dizzy_smile:
[MAT_DIZZY] its the island in the sky :p lol
[MAYBOY] but theres something on the moon
[MAYBOY looks closer]
[ADZ] is it the toast king? :p
[MAT_DIZZY] on the moon :v2_dizzy_wink2:
[MAT_DIZZY gets his telescope]
[DYLANSBIRD] mmm i like toast :p
[MAT_DIZZY] with butter :p
[MAYBOY] mm i like moons :laugh:
[ADZ] beans anyone? :p
[MAT_DIZZY] cheese ;)
[DYLANSBIRD] cheese on toast :p
[MAYBOY] did someone say cheese?! :vhappy: :D
[DYLANSBIRD] CHEESE! you had to mention CHEESE in front of Nath!!!! :O
[MAYBOY] I'd like to go to the moon :p
[ADZ] oh yeah, just remembered about Nath's cheese fit lol :laugh:
[DYLANSBIRD] is the moon made of cheese? I bet Nath wishes it was
[MAYBOY] :v2_dizzy_yahoo:
[DYLANSBIRD] he could go live on it then :p
[ADZ] why is there a bite mark on the moon?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] cuz nath got hungry perhaps :p
[DYLANSBIRD] # Bluuuuuueeee mooooooon, you saw me standing alooooooooneeee.....
[MAYBOY] did I?
[DYLANSBIRD] Alfie Moon haha, there's someone at my work called Alfie, he calls himself Alfie Moon :laugh:
[MAYBOY] right guys i cant take this no longer if its made of cheese u have to find a way to get me up there!
[DYLANSBIRD] Lets build him a rocket :)
[MAYBOY] yeah lets build a rocket :D
[MAT_DIZZY] hehe
[MAYBOY has a look round for parts]
[DYLANSBIRD] or just strap him to the back of a big firework :dizzy_wink:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] "weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" :laugh:
[MAT_DIZZY] forgot the crackers gromit :p NOOO
[ADZ] damun :umm:
[MAYBOY] yeah! I need something to put all this cheese on :say_yes:
[MAT_DIZZY searches for crackers]
[DYLANSBIRD] crackers? oh no, you reminded me of Christmas :shocked:
[ADZ] u could put the cheese in a sports bag :p
[MAYBOY] tell u what, i'll pick chunks off and u can throw them into a more huge bag :p
[MAT_DIZZY] a bin liner?
[MAYBOY] close lol
[MAYBOY] mmmm something lol, im so gunna forget that
[MAT_DIZZY] hahaha :v2_dizzy_clapping:
[ADZ] so i assume u don't wanna help with the rocket mat?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i do :)
[MAYBOY] yeah i want my cheese :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] can we paint it pink?
[DYLANSBIRD] there's a rocket in my pocket ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] and black :p
[ADZ] acme rocket eh amy? ;)
[MAYBOY] me and my pink rocket ;)
[ADZ] with Queen painted on the side of it perhaps
[DYLANSBIRD] lol yeah
[MAYBOY] perfect! :vhappy: Queen of Cheese! :p
[MAYBOY] "burning through the sky yeah 2 hundred degrees to fetch some cheese yeah"
[DYLANSBIRD] oooooooookay :laugh:
[ADZ looks around]
[ADZ] hey theres an exact rocket over there :O everybody board on!
[MAYBOY] me at the front! :vhappy:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL jumps and falls]
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] owwww :v2_dizzy_cry:
[MAYBOY] awwww Amanda :(
[ROCKET SPEAKER] Countdown to take off! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!
[GREEN_DAY_GAL plays thunderbirds theme]
[MAYBOY puts the rocket into first gear]

[MAYBOY] this a good speed for everyone?
[DYLANSBIRD] Cheese Quest :p
[ADZ] what? 200km/h in the wrong lane? soz, I had to say that lol ;)
[MAYBOY] remember ppl as we get closer the smell of cheese will go up our noses :p
[MAYBOY] sniffs mmmm
[DYLANSBIRD] this story is too cheesy for my liking :say_yes:
[MAYBOY] damm we have nothing to extract the cheese :(
[ADZ] are we there yet?
[DYLANSBIRD] okay who cut this cheese? :p
[MAYBOY] wow u do like cheese mate? wasn't me amy ;)
[ADZ] err, look!
[ADZ] we're here!
[MAYBOY] sorry :embarassed:
[DYLANSBIRD] ewww Nath did you have to? LOL
[ADZ] what type is it?
[MAYBOY] mmm it tastes just like babybel :D
[ADZ] don't say yellow :p
[DYLANSBIRD] haha, someone said that at work... this boy who works on the cheese counter, he said "I have to go and carry on cutting the cheese now"
[MAYBOY] just imagine a huge babybel ;)
[DYLANSBIRD] I wet meself laughing, the joke went straight over his head :laugh:
[ADZ] farmhouse cheddar is more mine ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] me gots babybels in me fridge, purple ones :)
[MAYBOY flexes his cheesewire]
[ADZ] we have babybels?
[MAT_DIZZY] oy, adz, lol.....
[DYLANSBIRD] mmmm babybels
[ADZ] cheese demo charges activated :p
[MAT_DIZZY] ........yellow :p
[ADZ] I'm not yellow :v2_dizzy_dry:
[MAT_DIZZY] i no :p
[MAYBOY] i am, just got cheese in the face ;) Amy is there any up my nose? lol
[ADZ] at least u didnt call me a goth lol :laugh:
[MAT_DIZZY] r u?
[ADZ] i see nowt nath and nope I'm not a goth :v2_dizzy_smile:
[DYLANSBIRD] ewww i'm not looking up ur nose! :v2_dizzy_blink:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] whats the obsession wiv goths all of a sudden??
[MAYBOY] thanks adam ;)
[ADZ] dunno, some random tosser called be a goth one time, I was dressed in dark clothes :laugh:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i get called goth a lot now cuz of me nails, i jus say thank u :) lol
[ADZ] Errr, is anyone actually watching nath? he appears to have 'grown'
[MAYBOY] i saw Amanda looking at my bum :shocked: .....sorry :embarassed:
[MAYBOY] sorry this cheese is putting weight on me :laugh: take it away so i cant eat anymore :v2_dizzy_sick:
[MAT_DIZZY] what? no more cheese :O
[DYLANSBIRD] Nath needs to go on a weight loss program :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] the moon is wasting away beneath our feet
[DYLANSBIRD] i'll soon help him burn those calories off... cough annnnnyways...
[MAT_DIZZY] moon cheese is way past its sell by date, its millions of years old :p
[MAYBOY] well things look good for me now dont they :p
[ADZ] oh, didn't I mention anything about moon cheese being radioactive?
[MAT_DIZZY] err lol
[MAYBOY thinks about DYLANSBIRD's offer]
[ADZ] aah, well it is actually radioactive :shocked: hence the glow on the moon :laugh:
[DYLANSBIRD] oh dear :laugh: lol
[MAYBOY] oh great! what am i going to to now ive eaten radioactive cheese :say_no: i feel something happening to me :shocked: i think im turning into something! :shocked:
[DYLANSBIRD] eeeeeeeeee :shocked:
[MAYBOY] thinks.........cheese man! :p
[ADZ] don't worry m8, as long as you don't fart you'll be ok :p
[The Rocket starts to move and shake]
[MAYBOY] we havent got much longer on this thing :shocked:
[The rocket drops down to Earth and the gang safely drops out with parachutes and all fall into an Ivy bush]
[MAYBOY] ouch
[DYLANSBIRD] lol reminds me of Dizzy's journey to Russia :laugh:
[Everyones helps one another up off the ground and walk into the distance]
[MAYBOY] u know the morral of the story ppl? dont eat to much cheese :p
[DYLANSBIRD] never eats cheese :p
[ADZ sees GRAVE in the distance]
[ADZ] whats he doing?
[MAYBOY] looks like he's yellow :confused:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] with big pink spots?
[ADZ] soz, had to be done :laugh:
[MAT_DIZZY] opposite way though
[MAYBOY] im mr blooby after all this cheese :p
[DYLANSBIRD] noooo not mr blobby! :O
[MAT_DIZZY] he's pink, wth yellow spots, lol
[ADZ] we know :p oh he's gone now, we really gotta stop over speaking :v2_dizzy_blush:
[MAYBOY] your on your own now ppl, I gotta go a sec
[DYLANSBIRD] he's gone in the head LMAO :v2_dizzy_lol:
[MAYBOY] stay safe ;)
[ADZ] nath you'd better get home and check yourself out, we'll move on
[MAYBOY heads home as ADZ, MAT_DIZZY, GREEN_DAY_GAL and DYLANSBIRD head off to the hills]