Early evening ambush (EVENING #08)

Transcripts of the Team Yolkfolk Evenings
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Early evening ambush (EVENING #08)

Post by Adz.M » Fri Jan 19, 2007 2:33 pm

Evening 8 - Early evening ambush

[MAT_DIZZY] hiya, lol
[MARGATEMAN] Hey people :)
[MAYBOY] i beat u to the 300 mat :v2_dizzy_tongue: anyway :O
[ADZ] lol
[MARGATEMAN] :p I'm not here for long
[MAT_DIZZY] hey Nath, u got 302 posts :O
[ADZ] I'm not here for long aswell
[MARGATEMAN] im goin 2 b partying! :D
[MAYBOY] I'm off at 7
[MARGATEMAN] :p for 2 whole days...
[ADZ] I g2g at 7 too
[MARGATEMAN] same here
[MAYBOY] young sam's coming round my house :p
[MARGATEMAN] ... yes!
[ADZ] cheese party? :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN] well if Nath's house was the pub :p
[MAT_DIZZY copies a piece of text from the forum]
MAT_DIZZY wrote:
hehe, when i get mad with my video game, i normally kill my self on the game to see my video game person suffer Twisted Evil
lol that is sooo crawl! but i have to admit i do it sometimes, i used to get frustrated with Lara in Tomb Raider so off a very tall cliff she would go Razz

[ADZ gets a drink]
[MAYBOY] do u have to post my posts on here young mat :rolleyes:
[MAT_DIZZY] heh, yup :p
[MARGATEMAN] :laugh: thats very nice
[ADZ] lovely lol
[MAYBOY] lara croft is annoying though :p she just wouldnt jump sometimes :v2_dizzy_fingers:
[MARGATEMAN]... i dislike tomb raider full stop :p
[MAT_DIZZY] hehe
[MARGATEMAN] gimme a Game Cube! :D not a stupid PS2!...
[ADZ] Hey! I own a PS2! :dizzy_mad:
[MAYBOY offers MARGATEMAN a Gamecube]
[ADZ] gimme a bottle of apple juice m8! ;)
[MARGATEMAN] wahey, gimme a bottle of beer!
[ADZ] here u go sam :v2_dizzy_cheers:
[MARGATEMAN] wahey :D gimme a sexy woman! :p
[ADZ] :girl: ....
[MARGATEMAN] ... well, it had worked up until then! :rolleyes:
[ADZ] ur own ur own that time m8 :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN] ...i noticed!
[MAYBOY] lol
[ADZ] my luck isn't at all good women wise lol
[MAT_DIZZY] im on 298 posts wise :vhappy:
[MAYBOY] im no good either :say_no:
[MAT_DIZZY] lol, nor me
[MARGATEMAN] ...i just muck it up once i've got them! :v2_dizzy_down:
[MAT_DIZZY] it must be cause were retro gaming boffins :p
[MAYBOY] lol
[ADZ] oh yeah my game :v2_dizzy_blink: feck, i forgot :v2_dizzy_blush:
[MAYBOY] yeah thats not exactly a turn on for them :p
[MAT_DIZZY] and im always on yolkfolk on the school libary
[MARGATEMAN] ... doesn't happen to me!
[MAT_DIZZY] they look at me :laugh:
[ADZ] I always visit yolkfolk at college :p seeing if theres no destruction online ;)
[MAYBOY] so do i
[MARGATEMAN] ...grrr... those stupid general studies teacher caught me playin Red Alert 2 during her lesson
[MAYBOY] naughty sam :p
[MAT_DIZZY] hehe, or flooding
[MARGATEMAN] ...well, i was beating my mates Matt and Oli...then she ruined it!!! :tdown: i wud hav won... :devil:
[MAYBOY] always the way lol
[MAT_DIZZY] 300 posts, cmon
[MARGATEMAN] :rolleyes:
[MAYBOY] right now calm down young mat :p im not having u beating me :p
[MAT_DIZZY] never thought i would get 20 to be honest, im not normally a forum person :laugh: honest
[ADZ] btw mat, dont try to go off topic too much okies ;)
[MAYBOY] yeah adz and i was informed by andy that we cant say things like "u can get kickstarts from planetemu" and things like that :p so dont say it or mention that the Dizzy games are downloadable elsewhere ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] lol ok, do u think i should change my sig
[MARGATEMAN] perhaps
[MAT_DIZZY] ok nath, sorry :embarassed:
[ADZ] if u do end up as team yolkfolk you'll get big responibilities....or however u spell that :p
[MAT_DIZZY] hehe, big word :p
[MARGATEMAN] im still the oldest member of the community i'll hav u guys know! :vhappy: i been there since 2000... on and off :laugh:
[MAYBOY bows down to MARGATEMAN]
[MARGATEMAN] wow... i was there b4 Andy J! :O
[MAT_DIZZY] how? no u wernet :confused: andy was the first surly?
[ADZ] yup, so sam, u should know all the community happenings then
[MARGATEMAN] it used to b Peter sum1 that ran yolkfolk b4 Andy J, or was it a different Andy?
[ADZ] mat it's a long story on the community's history lol, it was Peter Teal btw. Sam ;)
[MARGATEMAN] i forget... so long ago... :v2_dizzy_blush:
[MAT_DIZZY] really? cool :cool: i have time
[MARGATEMAN] Peter Teal, thats the one! :say_yes:
[MAT_DIZZY] ooh, hes made fan games aint he?
[MARGATEMAN] back in the days, there was ppl like the toolman, Melanie Hoyle
[ADZ] i came along in 2003 and i remember the sorts of ppl that used to visit :)
[ADZ] I found out Peter's from cornwall :)
[MARGATEMAN] wow its a small county! :laugh:
[ADZ] i live in cornwall aswell
[MAT_DIZZY] hehe
[MARGATEMAN] i know :p
[ADZ] it's where the pasties came from, cornwall ;)
[MAYBOY] yeah
[MARGATEMAN] ooo, cornish pasties, the gr8st thing on earth! :D next to Margate FC, of course ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] dont talk bout meat near me :(
[MAYBOY] a huge pasty next to Margate FC now theres a picture lol
[MARGATEMAN] wow... MFC and a pasty :p
[ADZ] hmm
[MAYBOY] the players could run out from the pasty at the beginning of the match ...ill just be quiet now :p
[MARGATEMAN] lol yes :p plz do
[MAT_DIZZY] or it could be their logo
[MARGATEMAN] ... i dont wanna b known as the pasties!
[MAT_DIZZY] lol u sure?
[MAYBOY] we are the pasties :v2_dizzy_fingers: flicks wrist
[ADZ] I wouldn't mind, i am hungry :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN] lol, i had a pasty 4 my dinner! wiv beans and chips :p im so healthy ;)
[MAYBOY] i had a sausage lol and chips
[MARGATEMAN] wow... a whole sausage?
[MAT_DIZZY] lol hehe
[MAYBOY] a jumbo one at that
[MARGATEMAN] i hav a jumbo sausage! :v2_dizzy_tongue:
[MAYBOY] i cant face a battered sausage yet :p
[MARGATEMAN] woah, I'm off im 10 mins, hey guys, let's all go on a p*ss up!
[ADZ] yeah! :)
[MAYBOY] i usually p*ss down :p
[ADZ] lol
[MARGATEMAN] u ever dun it up a wall? see who can go highest? :laugh:
[MAT_DIZZY] lol p*ss up
[MAYBOY] yeah!
[MAYBOY] well when i was younger :p didnt have the power.... but i do now though :laugh:
[ADZ] right, wait till we get to the pub :p well see who can do it the highest ;) mat, you'll have to stay off the loony beer, you're under 16 remember :p
[MARGATEMAN] he can have coca cola though
[MAYBOY] c'mon guys lets go :p
[ADZ] I'll start the car! ;)
[Everyone leaves the room]