New years eve 2007 (EVENING #24)

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New years eve 2007 (EVENING #24)

Post by Adz.M » Wed Aug 13, 2008 2:07 pm

Just a quick mention that [SARAH] and [ROB] are friends of [GREEN_DAY_GAL].

Evening 24:- New years eve 2007

[DIZZY] yesss :v2_dizzy_yahoo:
[SARAH] i felt like saying it ;)
[ADZ.M] hiyas
[DIZZY] hi ya
[SARAH] higher :v2_dizzy_tongue2:
[ADZ.M] im not that high, im staying cool atm lol
[SARAH] i'm high on pain killers :v2_dizzy_happy:
[DIZZY] im sipping baileys
[ADZ.M] deja vu :O
[DIZZY] lol
[MAYBOY appears]
[MAYBOY] hello everyone :v2_dizzy_wink:
[ADZ.M] soz if i don't talk much, im not used to being up this late lol
[MAYBOY gives ADZ.M a stiff one]
[DIZZY cracks his whip]
[MAYBOY] thats drink btw :p lol
[DIZZY] and erm.. lol, ok :say_yes:
[MAYBOY] should keep u going mate ;)
[ADZ.M] i don't think tizer's gonna help atm m8 lol
[SARAH] i'm scared lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] my mammys home :shocked:
[SARAH] lol
[ADZ.M] no problimmo
[MAYBOY] got more windows now than a double glazing salesman
[DIZZY] ya mums home.. oh dear :( you should only have as many windows as window panes
[ADZ.M] only got 1 window open
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] and as pants :p
[MAYBOY] ive opened mine, its warm in here now
[DIZZY] ..?? how many pants you have open? :v2_dizzy_confused2:
[ADZ.M] "good evening your majesty! i can see your pants from here!" :v2_dizzy_tongue2:
[DIZZY] :v2_dizzy_clapping:
[SARAH] lol
[MAYBOY] boxers if u dont mind ;)
[DIZZY] hehe.. i go for comfort lol
[SARAH] nickers!
[DIZZY] indeed, if they fit me :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] boxers! :v2_dizzy_happy: lol
[DIZZY] frilly ones :v2_dizzy_happy:
[MAYBOY] red ones ;) anyway enough about me :p
[ADZ.M] lol
[MAYBOY] less than an hour to go :O i say that like im sooo excited :laugh:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] what colour panties is every1 wearing? :p
[MAYBOY] u expect to feel weird for a second as the new year starts
[DIZZY] lol.. well tonights been a rollorcoaster :say_yes: *checks pants* ......
[SARAH] none!
[DIZZY] ...ave a guess amanda :p
[MAYBOY] well red boxers on me
[ADZ.M] usually blue
[DIZZY] although on my birthday ill be wearing the ones you got me ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] mine are black and white with minnie mouse on the front :v2_dizzy_happy:
[DIZZY] minnie eh?? ;) rawr!
[ADZ.M] isn't it "roar"?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] no :p whereve u been? lol
[DIZZY] lol
[MAYBOY] yeah adz get with it :p
[ADZ.M] i haven't left the house tbh lol
[DIZZY] whatever it is .. its fun :v2_dizzy_yahoo:
[MAYBOY] can i just ask something? are we going to do a countdown?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] spose ;)
[MAYBOY] cos one of us always cocks it up :p
[DIZZY] ok :) ....10 9 8 7 6 5 4....
[SARAH] 3 :p
[DIZZY] ....3 2 1....theres ya go :)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] can "bah humbug" be used at new year too?
[MAYBOY] infact in holland where marco is its already new year lol
[ADZ.M] thats exactly what happened last year :laugh:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] rawrrr :p
[MAYBOY] yeah i think i got it wrong aswell :laugh:
[ADZ.M] except we're not talking about malteasers this time ;)
[MAYBOY] dont remind us :p
[ADZ.M] :p too late
[DIZZY] lol, Bow-Chicka-wow-wow
[SARAH] bum chamam mam :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] bum ya daddy waddy!
[SARAH] :O lmao, MER NER!
[DIZZY] its gonna be 'one of them nights' :dizzy_rolleyes:
[ADZ.M] huh....ah
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i burped :v2_dizzy_happy:
[DIZZY] in my ear :v2_dizzy_dry:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] and then sounded like a man :p
[ADZ.M] i didn't do it :v2_dizzy_happy:
[DIZZY] she gonna tell you what she just did then .. IN MY EAR! :cross: lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] farted :v2_dizzy_tongue2:
[SARAH] lmao
[MAYBOY] :v2_dizzy_blink: eww
[DIZZY] all the fun.. without the smell
[MAYBOY] u hope without the smell :laugh:
[DIZZY] 43 mins
[SARAH] woooo
[MAYBOY] im getting myself an alcoholic drink ;)
[ADZ.M] and im still waiting for the hot chocolate :v2_dizzy_dry:
[MAYBOY] :v2_dizzy_eek: omg that was foul
[SARAH] i got wine
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ive had quite a few of those :laugh:
[DIZZY] wish i did :( but hey....its nearly the new year, ive had 2 bailies.. spending it with a few friends on here and a wonderful girlfriend.. it doesnt sound that bad to be honest :) love you all :v2_dizzy_happy:
[MAYBOY] yeah spread the love :say_yes: not to thickly though lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] love sandwichs :p
[ADZ.M] i feel touched m8 :v2_dizzy_smile: no really i am being touched.....they something something touching me!! :v2_dizzy_scared:
[DIZZY] share the sandwich :p
[MAYBOY] sorry that was me adz :p wont do it again :v2_dizzy_happy:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] mayb he'd like u to ;)
[DIZZY] giggidy-giggidy!
[MAYBOY] please lets not be silly :p i have alcohol, watch it people :dizzy_wink:
[ADZ.M] arses :confused:
[DIZZY] i dont any more :( *hunts*
[ADZ.M] gawd, being 20 really does do strange things to u lol
[DIZZY] hey im 23 in nearly 3 days!
[MAYBOY] try being older than that :p
[ADZ.M] 35 minins now, strangly, ive got that potter puppet pals thing in my head now lol
[MAYBOY] :v2_dizzy_crazy:
[ADZ.M] and theres dumbledore who sounds like insanity prawn boy from on the moon :p pringle howls to that bit when they start singing
[MAYBOY] u been drinking adz :p
[DIZZY] lol
[ADZ.M] i haven't actually lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] im a girl :v2_dizzy_happy:
[MAYBOY] nah i know u dont touch the stuff ;)
[DIZZY] i know you are lol
[MAYBOY] yeah we know :)
[DIZZY] well.. i HOPE you are :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] erm, who? :v2_dizzy_crazy: how?
[MAYBOY] only girls use pink font :p
[SARAH] lmao drunk?
[MAYBOY] me is clever :v2_dizzy_wink2:
[DIZZY] good :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] whose drunk? :v2_dizzy_confused2:
[DIZZY] you had me worried :laugh:
[SARAH] ....ya mam :p
[DIZZY] lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ha! im a man now lol, andys gonna go all merr :v2_dizzy_lol:
[MAYBOY] two can play this game :p
[DIZZY resists]
[ADZ.M] :v2_dizzy_jawdrop:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i need a weeeeeeeeeeee!
[MAYBOY] well not here :p
[MAYBOY stamps foot and tuts]
[DIZZY] lol
[MAYBOY] not long to go now till everyones mobile will be useless for a few mins :p
[DIZZY] tis why i done it earlier ;)
[SARAH] lawl
[ADZ.M] i keep forgetting to switch mine on lol
[DIZZY] Lads and Ladettes.. Thanks again 2008 is gonna be a great year :say_yes:
[MAYBOY] can u still only get a signal by the windowsil mate?
[SARAH] :dizzy_confused:
[MAYBOY] yeah i have a feeling about it :laugh:
[SARAH] wooooo
[ADZ.M] ...ya
[MAYBOY] last year started off a bit sh*t for me :( hope this one is better...
[DIZZY] well i think this years gonna be great :)
[MAYBOY] i mean.......poo :D
[DIZZY] OH MY F***ING GOD! :v2_dizzy_eek: lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] is ur f***ing good? :p
[ADZ.M] this year wasn't too bad apart from that v.disasterous january :(
[MAYBOY] the language :v2_dizzy_scared: tut
[SARAH] think of the children :say_no:
[ADZ.M] english!.......children?
[DIZZY] :v2_dizzy_confused2:
[SARAH] me ;)
[MAYBOY] i always watch my language :p
[SARAH] manda and andy are my pawents :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i watch my tongue
[MAYBOY] sit looking at an english book for hours :laugh: ....kk bad joke :p
[ADZ.M] that was a joke?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] :v2_dizzy_lol: tht sucked a$$ :p
[DIZZY] ermmm ok
[ADZ.M] sucky sucky
[DIZZY] lmao
[MAYBOY] anyway thanks for this guys and girls, thought i would be here all alone on new years eve night :)
[ADZ.M] "time flies when u have A SQUID SUCKING YOUR FACE OFF!"
[MAYBOY examines ADZ.M]
[DIZZY] a squid sucking ya face off.... :v2_dizzy_blink:
[MAYBOY] something wrong with him :p
[ADZ.M] not with that colour matey :p
[MAYBOY] yeah leave the face alone, try a bit lower........sorry, ive had to much to drink :laugh:
[ADZ.M] yeah, i can't imagine ppl getting high on milkshake....
[DIZZY] lol
[ROB, a friend of GREEN_DAY_GAL arrives]
[DIZZY] hiiiiiiiiiii
[MAYBOY] hey its the amazing rob :)
[ROB] hey people :say_yes:
[SARAH] :v2_dizzy_clapping:
[DIZZY] Arug Arug
[ADZ.M] shrug
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i need to wrrrrrrrr
[MAYBOY] cool hair rob, similar to mine :p
[ROB] :D thanx
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] imgona habe ma last wee of the tear, brb
[MAYBOY] and of the year aswell :p
[DIZZY] indeed
[ADZ.M] p*ss for your ppl! :p
[DIZZY] do i have to? :p ......Merry Xmas Everybody.. oh sorry wrong one :laugh:
[ADZ.M] lol
[ROB] :p
[SARAH] mandaaaa
[DIZZY] Shes having the last wee of the year lol :p
[SARAH] bah
[DIZZY] :v2_dizzy_rolleyes:
[MAYBOY] yeah its a moment to cherish ;) make it last :p squeeze it out gently ;) ............anyway lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] it felt wet :confused:
[ADZ.M] Eat my Lunch!......oops, 12 hours early for that :laugh:
[MAYBOY] u didnt feel it :p
[DIZZY] your not ment to catch it in your hands lol
[ADZ.M] tut made it rain now :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] im god ;)
[MAYBOY] catch it in your hands without it going all over the place :P theres a gift ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i stuck ma weenie in a bottle...
[MAYBOY] keep it stored in a bottle :p labelled last p*ss of 2007 :laugh:
[DIZZY] lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] put i on rge shelf with all the rest of em
[MAYBOY] will be vintage one day ;)
[DIZZY] Wham.."last xmas i gave you some p*ss" :laugh:
[ADZ.M] isnt that a song by christina agulera? weenie in a bottle
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] sell it on ebay in 100 years time ;)
[MAYBOY] a whole new meaning to the phrase taking the p*ss :v2_dizzy_lol:
[MAYBOY] could be bad though, family might come round in the year 2025
[SARAH] lol
[MAYBOY] u find it again then after years and think ahh i nice wine for dinner :p taste it and think eww :laugh:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] hahahaha
[ADZ.M] P*ssardi? :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] im drinking winey stuff
[MAYBOY makes sure It's not p*ss]
[MAYBOY] nah im safe ;)
[SARAH] manddaaaaaa
[ADZ.M] u did whaaaaaaaatttttttttt?!?!?!?! :v2_dizzy_scared:
[DIZZY] 10 MINS!!!! :O
[SARAH] mullet man will take us :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] with mullet mam?
[SARAH] yeh lol
[ADZ.M] gawd i cant stay awake :confused:
[MAYBOY slaps ADZ.M]
[MAYBOY] get a grip man :p
[ADZ.M] yeah ok ok, no need to get slappy :p
[DIZZY] snog ya face off :p
[MAYBOY] lol how do i follow that :p
[ADZ.M] umm
[SARAH] ewwww
[ROB] yea save it for later you 2 ;)
[DIZZY] lol sorry :embarassed:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] rob, where art thou??
[ROB] at home :p where else :rolleyes:
[ADZ.M] how will this coutdown work this year? sigh b*llocks, i hate being tired! :tdown:
[MAYBOY] i think we should not do one.......i will go wrong :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i wants no 1!!!
[MAYBOY] and i dont wanna be shouted at again this year :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] we all get 2 numbers each....meaning i want 6 and 1 :p
[SARAH] lol
[MAYBOY] i want a number 2 now :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] sarah gets 4 and 9. i get 6 and 1
[ADZ.M] so whats the order namewise, baring in mind im too tired to spell lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] nath gets number 7 and 2
[MAYBOY] kk i will remember that ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] Adz pic a number, other than all them and 8 and 3 :p .....wait....theres 6.......b*llocks.......argh.......rob can say happy new year :say_yes:
[ROB] :D yey
[ROB] ya
[MAYBOY] yeah, although its 56 past :laugh:
[ADZ.M] nah i'll say 10, unless one of you can top my name :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] countdown goes:
Adz - 10
Sarah - 9
Andy - 8
Nath - 7
Me - 6
Adz - 5
Sarah - 4
Andy - 3
Nath - 2
Me - 1
Rob - Happy New Year
[DIZZY] exciting :say_yes:
[MAYBOY] what an honour for rob :laugh:
[ADZ.M] 10, 5 right ho, someone shout 20 seconds then i can get ready lol :p
[MAYBOY] when do we start cos i bet all our times are different by a minute or so :laugh:
[DIZZY] get ready now
[MAYBOY] ....or something stupid :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] its 58 now
[ROB] ITS 1 MIN HERE!! :v2_dizzy_scared:
[MAYBOY] 58 here
[SARAH] oooo
[ADZ.M] same
[SARAH] i hve 4 n 9 :)
[DIZZY] watch it now
[MAYBOY] u ready adz it all lies with u ;)
[DIZZY] here we go!
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] 40 secs
[ADZ.M gets ready]
[ADZ.M] READY :vhappy: 10
[ADZ.M] 5
[SARAH] 0 :p
[Fireworks go off in the distance]
[DIZZY] :v2_dizzy_yahoo: :v2_dizzy_yahoo: :v2_dizzy_yahoo:
[ROB] its 2008 lmao
[MAYBOY] :v2_dizzy_clapping:
[ADZ.M] we've had saner countdowns :p
[MAYBOY] happy new year everyone :)
[MAYBOY] its always me that makes a mess of it :p
[ROB] dont worry bout it ma siblings are fighting already :laugh: great start to 2008 ;)
[MAYBOY] yeah start as u mean to go on :p
[ADZ.M] :v2_dizzy_clapping:
[DIZZY] what slightly messed up :laugh:
[MAYBOY] everyone is saying happy new year :say_yes: as if i dont know ;)
[ADZ.M] kk
[ROB] rite am off toodles :)
[ROB exits]
[MAYBOY] well u made it adz :say_yes: didnt fall asleep ;)
[ADZ.M] indeed :) "Explodem"
[MAYBOY] loads of fireworks :)
[ADZ.M] well, this is it, see what sort of trademark adventures we'll all end up with this year :p
[DIZZY] love you all :say_yes:
[ADZ.M] :cool:
[MAYBOY] yeah love all round :) leave the penguin out of this its our moment ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol, my head is spining
[ADZ.M] that'll be the fireworks :p
[MAYBOY] "im spining around" :p
[MAYBOY] no that will be the alcohol :p
[ADZ.M] My Mine - "spin u round and round, burning up the candle light, for we can delight"
[SARAH] :v2_dizzy_crazy:
[MAYBOY] unless im about to be kicked out, probably :p
[ADZ.M] nah, your too strong for that nath ;)
[Everyone heads to bed]