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Contains nuts and cheese! (MINI EVENINGS #01)

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2007 6:29 pm
by Adz.M
Mini Evenings #1 - Contains nuts and cheese!

[MAYBOY] putting spaces in makes no difference ;)
[DIZZY] indeed, hi btw.
[ADZ] hows ya?
[MAYBOY] hey hey hows the great one himself :) all bow ppl ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] he?s a cop :p
[MAYBOY bows]
[DIZZY] great as always :)
[DIZZY] how are u lot? :)
[DYLANSBIRD] yeah i'm great ;)
[ADZ bows]
[MAYBOY] im gd yeah
[ADZ] not bad, swaeating like a pig though :laugh:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] im being quiet :)
[DYLANSBIRD] lol im like a gennipig
[DIZZY] hehe :p
[MAYBOY] we need animal smileys lol
[ADZ] seen me sig? ;)
[MAYBOY] apart from the sheep lol
[ADZ] we've got smilies? :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL displays a cat emoticon]
[DYLANSBIRD displays a smiley bumming-tiger emoticon]
[DYLANSBIRD] those ones scare me :laugh:
[DYLANSBIRD then displays a Weebl?s Badger emoticon]
[ADZ] oooook, enyway :laugh:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL displays a hippo emoticon]
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i got 147 !!!! :twisted:
[ADZ] shes been stealing emoticons again :p
[MAYBOY displays an overweight bird emoticon]
[DYLANSBIRD] tweaty pie has definately put on weight lol :laugh:
[DIZZY displays a ?naughty-girl? emoticon]
[DYLANSBIRD] old macdonald had a farm?..
[DYLANSBIRD looks at DIZZY?s emoticon]
[DYLANSBIRD] ewwwww!!!! LMAO!
[MAYBOY] lol mate u had to scar the bunch :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[MAYBOY] hands up who added that one :p


[ADZ yawns again]

[DYLANSBIRD] ellooo :v2_dizzy_wink:
[ADZ] hi :)
[MAYBOY] u ok, i saw the yawn as your name ;)
[DYLANSBIRD] tired lol
[MAYBOY] me too :(
[ADZ] me 3 :p
[MAYBOY] im having a bath soon so that might wake me up :p
[ADZ] I had to feed the animals, microwave my pasty and do the dishes :p
[MAYBOY] u have had a hard day ;)
[ADZ] I haven't been outside today, I've had a bath aswell so excuse the smell of Jojoba :p
[MAYBOY] lol thought i could smell something :p saying that though u wait till i come dwn ;)
[ADZ] lol, well, it sure has been eventful today, and another 6 days to go :p
[MAYBOY] hehe :p
[MAYBOY] my dad is yawning aswell now :laugh: its so catching grr :p
[Everyone yawns]
[ADZ] I gotta get used to MSN 7, so different :shocked:
[ADZ disappears then reappears]
[MAYBOY] what happened mate, u ok
[ADZ] dunno what happened there :?
[MAYBOY] this msn 7 is always playing up lol :laugh:
[ADZ] *Guitar Smash* :p
[DYLANSBIRD] msn does play up :p
[ADZ] exactly that :p
[MAYBOY] i wouldnt use a guitar to hit msn though ;) use a baseball bat :p
[DYLANSBIRD] hahaha yeah
[ADZ] knock knock
[DYLANSBIRD] chainsaw :p
[MAYBOY] oooh who knocked me :p whos there ;) chainsaw who :p
[ADZ] I forget :laugh:
[MAYBOY looks closer]
[MAYBOY] chainsaw!! :shocked:
[MAYBOY runs away]
[DYLANSBIRD] pmsl :v2_dizzy_lol:


[MAYBOY] hehe i had the surprise of my life just before i came on here, i put my thing on friends reunited and my primary/secondary school crush has just e-mailed me :embarassed:
[ADZ] nice :)
[MAYBOY] anyway i havent spoke to her yet, said she has been on the food quite a bit :laugh: dont know what that means lol
[ADZ] too much sweets my guess :p
[DYLANSBIRD] fattened herself up probably
[MAYBOY] yeah
[DYLANSBIRD] eurgh :p
[MAYBOY] i used to really really fancy her though, still im going back 9 or so years
[ADZ] Sounds like me when I'm 22 :laugh:
[MAYBOY] lol thanks for that mate ;)
[DYLANSBIRD] lmao :v2_dizzy_clapping:
[MAYBOY] ill have a word with her , she also said this is freaky that she walks dwn the alleyway just outside my house and looks in sometimes :shocked:
[ADZ] eek :shocked:
[DYLANSBIRD] weirdo! :shocked:
[MAYBOY] but has never seen me thank god lol


[DYLANSBIRD] what a lovely little mouse, i brought it some cheese :say_yes:
[ADZ] that woman is a bloke!
[MAYBOY] dont mention cheese :p
[DYLANSBIRD] "calm down dear its not a real mouse!", oh and i love the maltesers advert as well :D when they all roll all over the table
[ADZ] oh yeah :)
[DYLANSBIRD] i p*ss myself at that :laugh: can't help it :laugh:
[MAYBOY] i loved the one with the straws would love to do that ;)
[DYLANSBIRD] i so need to get out more :laugh:
[MAYBOY] they sucked them up on the end of a straw and placed them into the other ones mouth
[DYLANSBIRD] lmao oh yeah
[MAYBOY] would love to do that ;)
[DYLANSBIRD] typical of you Nathan ;)
[MAYBOY] i cant keep mine on the straw, they fall off :( must need to use the tongue, or suck harder :p
[DYLANSBIRD] maybe you're not sucking hard enough ;)
[ADZ] lmao
[DYLANSBIRD] i am too rude :p
[ADZ] I don't use straws, my mouth is big enough as it is. :v2_dizzy_happy: