Rare Dos Dizzy Games For You's.

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Rare Dos Dizzy Games For You's.

Post by JCT1984 » Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:49 pm

Dizzy=The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (Super rare).
Fantasy World Dizzy.
Magicland Dizzy.
Dizzy=Prince Of The Yolkfolk.
Fantastic Dizzy.
Fastfood Dizzy.
Kwik Snax Dizzy.
Bubble Dizzy.

It took along time to find these little gems as the dos versions are hard to find. Hope you enjoy and if you have problems running them they work fine with Dosbox.

[mod]Please do not post links to downloads to offical games, distribution has been denied by the copyright holders.[/mod]

P.S. If anyone ever finds the impossible to find Dos version of Treasure Island Dizzy, please contact me.

JCT1984. X. :v2_dizzy_tongue:

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Post by bringbackdizzy123 » Tue Jun 21, 2011 9:25 pm

Nice find dude and thank you very much for the link for the download, but I think getting hold treasure island dizzy for dos is going to be like extracting hens teeth.

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Post by Nitro » Wed Jun 22, 2011 3:50 am

Very nice. I remember playing those, but I'm guessing some of these are just the ZX ported versions? Had them all on diskettes back in the day :v2_dizzy_fingers: haha

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Post by delta » Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:30 am

oooooh you got a mod warning!

naughty JCT1984!


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