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ZZT Dizzy Games

Post by dizzykei » Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:48 am

Today i just knew about existence of three roguelike dizzy games. Back in 1999 Peter Saltfleet aka Zenith Nadir released three homage titles: Fantasy World, Magicland and Treasure Island. All of them was creating using ZZT game engine. TI and ML available for download for free. You can grab Fantasy World too on the other site. To launch them you need ZZT game. It's abandonware, so use it at your risk. Launch ZZT and load world, choosing one of the games you want to play. That's it. Don't forget ZZT is a DOS game, and you probably need a DOSBox or DOSBox Daum Cafe to launch it.

Also look at the map of Fantasy World Dizzy.

Image Image Image

P.S. You also can read interview with Zenith.

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