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Palamedes - Panic Dizzy's inspiration?

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 5:12 pm
by Powpuck


Apart from streamlining the logic -- Palamedes uses an unintuitive dice suite system -- this seems to have Panic Dizzy written all over it. Note the orthogonal grid of blocks and the little avatar at the bottom of the screen who hucks more into the heap. Otherwise PD's more distinctive bits are more in line with Data East's Magical Drop series, which couldn't've inspired Dizzy as that debuted later in 1995, over a year later from PD.


Interestingly, Palamedes was available for the NES, but it was also unlicensed, just like Panic Dizzy. Its box art has grown in infamy as one of the worst ever made, yet the game itself seems to have slipped into utter obscurity.