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DizzyAGE Oscars - VOTE

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:32 pm
by xelanoimis

Vote your favorite DizzyAGE games here:


Hey everyone,

I'm looking into setting up this event, called DizzyAGE Oscars.
It was mentioned before and the idea is to have people vote for their favorite DizzyAGE games of all times.
DizzyAGE is running for 10 years now and there are tons of games :)
So it seems like a good time to have a retrospective view.

I'd like to set it up like this:

There will be a few categories and people will be able to vote their favorite game for each of them.
Results for each poll will be listed and all will see the best nominees.
Ideally this would be integrated in Yolkfolk or DizzyAGE website, but I think a simpler approach is to find an online poll service.

So, to make this happen I'll ask for a bit of your help.

1. Does anyone know an online poll or other system that would work as described?

Not sure if it's best to add the whole 120+ games as options for each category...
Maybe it would support participants to add the names if not already in the list.
Also not sure how many polls offer this feature.
I've fount this one, but I don't know how reliable is it:
So any suggestion is wellcomed.

2. Let's hear some proposals for the list of categories

Not sure what's the target number, but probably we should limit around 10?
I'd start with the usual categories:

- Best Game
- Best Art
- Best Story
- Longest Game
- Most Technical Game (Maybe?)

So, let's hear some ideas and have some fun!

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 8:05 pm
by Noggin the Nog
Only just seen this.

Seems like a totally decent idea - I'd certainly take part in any vote. Perhaps it would be better to keep it simple, say everyone lists their top 5 or top 10 games and then do a leaderboard?

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2016 10:12 am
by Grandad
Lists have been done before and I have a sneaky feeling that the voting would be similar to the Eurovision Song Contest.

In a similar vein how do you define something like 'Best Art'? I remember being totally gobsmacked at the drawing of the 'rocky hill' when I first entered the room with the rocky hill and the sewer entrance to the manor in 'Grogg Island'. It is still is one of the best 'backgrounds' I've ever seen in a game.

In terms of animation, I think my 'lady swallowing a snooker cue' in 'Daisy's Odd Day' is very lifelike, but in terms of 'art concept' then I'd have to vote for Jamie's 'Lord of Darkness' as that was such an original idea and executed excellently.

Likewise 'Most Technical Game' would give problems as only other 'coders' would really appreciate some of the little extras that seem impossible to replicate ....Dora holding and moving that rubber hose in 'Don't Panic Dizzy'; making Dizzy swing in 'The Other Side'; switching characters (I still haven't worked out how to stop the inventory from screwing up when the character dies), etc etc.

Likewise, who would get the honours for 'switching characters'. I think the first game that switched characters was 'Yolkfolk To The Rescue' back in 2009, but probably most people remember Colin's 'Summerblast' or 'A Pirates' Life'.

I've got little enough hair at the moment, please don't make me lose all of it :umm:

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 4:59 pm
by Meph
I don't think 'longest game' works because the one with the most rooms was longest by default.
But Hardest Game, Best arcade style could work or dizzyage games which are alternative to to the dizzy format.

Most Technical could could be good, like character switching wouldn't be about who did it first but more about how it was used or which game benefited the most from it, or the arcade games in Illusion island which was a cool idea or Mystic Forest use to of the clock, jetpack dizzy. lots of things here.

I think Graphics is a good one, but also a separate category for original sprites.
Best developer, best use of music in a game., Best loading screen and maybe most original game.

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 4:04 pm
by xelanoimis
Ok, I'll have a page for it and I'll announce it these days.

You'll have like one month to vote.
And you'll be able to select only one game for each category.
No prizes or any special rewards, just a chance to state you totally subjective opinion :)

You can also justify your choice here in this thread, so we can all have a look back and a good laugh at the old times. I'm reserving the right to quote you on the official results page when this ends.

I'm using the poll from rkursem because everyone can type the name of the came if not already in the list. This saves me from a lot of manual setup with tons of options. So let's hope the poll holds up till the finish of the awards month.

Best Game
The most memorable DizzyAGE game you ever played, the best experience for you, the one you would tell a friend about it.

Best Arcade
The game with the most memorable arcade scene or sequence, the one you have been really proud to complete.

Best Story
The game with the most memorable story, the best plot, the most incredible twist. The one you will tell your children about.

Best Visuals
The game with the most attractive visuals, art style, sprites, animations, covers, whatever caught your eye to remember it.

Best Audio
The game with the most memorable audio, best sound track, best sound effects. The one that really added to your experience.

Most Exotic
The game with the most exciting "exotic" experience, feature, mechanic, or challenge. What one would not expect to find in a classic dizzy game, but this time, it worked really well.

Most Technical
The game with the most interesting or complex tech feature or sequence. The one that most developers still wonder how it was made.

Most Difficult
The game with the most difficult challenge you ever took. That one that kept you dying over and over, that one that inspired Dark Souls, that puzzle that haunted your nights.

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 1:01 am
by xelanoimis
The page with the polls is ready:


Read the important note before voting!
I hope the poll script will play nicely.


Re: DizzyAGE Oscars - VOTE

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 9:28 pm
by Nowhere Girl
As for clever technical ideas - indeed, I'm not sure what is hard and what isn't because I know nothing about coding. But I rememeber a very interesting example. Once I wrote a walkthrough of "A Pirate's Life Dizzy" for (generally I wrote quite a lot of walkthroughs for them), the admin always wants to try it out first and to make it easier for himself, he cheated - he knows a thing about coding. unlke me, and is able to change stuff in Dizzy AGE games, for example to add immortality. That's what he did... and he got stuck at the point when Dizzy is supposed to be marked with the black spot. He wrote me about it because he was really fascinated with this solution: that it's not pretending, that "the game really kills Dizzy and only then proceeds to analyze the reasons".

Re: DizzyAGE Oscars - VOTE

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:40 pm
by xelanoimis
Updated the page with the votes results!

Looks like Dizzy and the Ring of Zaks got a lot of glory!

Congratulations to everyone!

Re: DizzyAGE Oscars - VOTE

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 9:56 am
by Grandad
Oh what a surprise! I refer you back to my earlier comments about the voting in the Eurovison Song Contest :confused: