30th Anniversary Badges for 2017 Dizzy Fan Games

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Re: 30th Anniversary Badges for 2017 Dizzy Fan Games

Postby Adz.M » Sun May 21, 2017 8:13 pm

I'd rather this thread wasn't derailed, but there you go. :dizzy_rolleyes:

Rindex wrote:
Grandad wrote:
and the Crystal maze is returning to telly... :cool:

......but will it be appearing on this site as well :v2_dizzy_biggrin:


What Meph and Grandad are referring to is the TV revival of the 90's UK game show "The Crystal Maze".
Although references to that game show aswell as an appearance from show's original host do appear on the 4th level of Crystal Kingdom. :)

I am looking forward to seeing June's Retro Gamer magazine, possibly the first time in quite a while.