Dizzy remake (unreal engine)

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Re: Dizzy remake (unreal engine)

Post by retrophil » Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:42 am

It certainly is a fresh way in how dizzy plays. I had planned to do a dizzy fan game, but maybe in the new year when hopefully I have less work on.

Best of luck with your project, don't stop!

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Re: Dizzy remake (unreal engine)

Post by Nowhere Girl » Mon Oct 14, 2019 5:16 pm

yodardeux wrote:
Sun Oct 13, 2019 6:02 pm
i have a global idea in my mind for diferent area like cimetery, village, cave, mine, moutain, castel... but i making this as i go along
So I wanted to bring again my idea, which I has already mentioned to Verm-V in his topic. I like how in some games you can read epitaphs on tombstones - in the few Dizzy games (such as "A Pirate's Life Dizzy") where it was implemented, it's done by pressing Enter in front of the grave, in point and click adventure games - typically with the eye icon. Such epitaphs could be included in your game too, maybe you could ask other users to invent some funny or haunting epitaphs to use in the game...

Some examples:
"A Pirate's Life Dizzy": "Here lies Lady Scully. Believed flying saucers weren't real till the vicar's tea party. It hit her in the head and now she's dead".

"Monkey Island" (also repeated as an Easter egg in "Heroine's Quest"): "For the most comfortable afterlife, contact Stan's Previously Used Coffins at 555-KOFN".

"Pepper's Adventures in Time" (it's a dog tomb inside a mansion, highlighting the idea that the governor's daughter is a little sadist who kidnaps pets and "beautifies" in humiliating and dangerous ways):
"My beloved Fluffum Foo,
All I did was shampoo you,
Shave your paws,
Pierce your nose,
Put rings upon your little toes.
So why oh why did you run away
And jump into the sea that day?"

"Quest for Glory 1" (VGA version), also repeated in "Quest for Infamy": "Here lies an atheist: all dressed up and nowhere to go".

"Loom": "Softshard, wife of Luscent Bottleblower, here attained Final Clarity".

"King's Quest 4":
"Strong and athletic was my frame;
Far from my native home I came,
And manly fought with Simon Byrne;
Alas! but liv'd not to return.
Reader, take warning by my fate,
Lest you should rue your case too late;
If you have ever fought before,
Determine now to fight no more."

Generally, I greatly enjoy collecting screenshots from games and it's a nice feelings when similar sceneries repeat in different games. For example, I have views of cemeteries from games such as parts of the "King's Quest" and "Quest for Glory" series, "Heroine's Quest", "Quest for Infamy", "Broken Sword 1", "Blackwell Epiphany", "The Prince and the Coward", "Eagle Eye Mysteries in London", "Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy", "Runaway 3", "Irony Curtain", "Monkey Island 3"...

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Re: Dizzy remake (unreal engine)

Post by Nowhere Girl » Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:21 pm

A little addition to my previous post. The "Here lies an atheist" epitaph seems to be a classic. ;) I have just (well, last night) made use of Steam's Halloween sale and finally bought the full version of "Spud's Quest". For those who haven't played it: in this version on the left shore of the lake there is Merlin's tower, and on the way there Spud passes through a graveyard. It has five graves with epitaphs and fair amounts of black humour - and one of them is exactly this "Here lies an atheist", coming all the way back from "Quest for Glory 1".

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