Global Game Jam 2015

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Global Game Jam 2015

Post by xelanoimis » Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:07 pm


Any of you took part in the Global Game Jam this year?
The theme was "What do we do now?"

It was the first time it was organized in Romania and it was quite a lot of fun!
I was with a few colleagues and friends and after 6 hours of back and forth we came with this idea.
It took us the rest of the 48 hours to put something together.

It's called "Help is coming", it's a coop for 4 players on the same screen, turn based.
And you can get it from here:

Use IExplorer or allow Chrome to download it, cause it complains about the exe and dll inside the zip.

We plan to review the rules of the game and maybe, if we come up with something solid, try to release it.

Tell us what you think and if you've been to the jam, let us know about your games.

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