New years eve 2005 (EVENING #12)

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New years eve 2005 (EVENING #12)

Post by Adz.M » Sat Jan 20, 2007 9:09 am

Evening 12 - New years eve 2005

[ADZ] wow, what a night :) how exciting
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] im jus drinkin lucozade lol which makes me mad anyway, :laugh: jus started 1st bottle tho
[MAYBOY] which flavour?
[MAT_DIZZY] :p seing weird colours and falling over, speaking insane gibberish :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] original
[MAT_DIZZY] yum : :p
[MAYBOY] u not really drinking vodka are u matt? :rolleyes:
[ADZ] thats what my mum drinks :p
[MAYBOY] well Amanda and I do not drink :p bad influence u lot :p
[MAT_DIZZY] :p indeed
[ADZ] i drink apple juice ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] no but i want some cider :(
[ADZ] save our cider, save our cider, save our cider :p
[MAYBOY] u will have the back of my hand across your botty in a minute lol :p
[MAT_DIZZY] ur not getting away with it that easily Adz ;)
[MAYBOY] ive had enough im having no more *phew*
[MAT_DIZZY] ewwww
[ADZ] lovely :rolleyes:
[MAT_DIZZY] u gonna spank? :neutral:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] no he aint! :rolleyes:
[ADZ] LMAO :laugh:
[MAYBOY] were u joking about the vodka though mate?
[MAT_DIZZY] yeah, i wouldent drink that yet lol - i would drink anything else tho :p
[MAYBOY gets botty slapping hand ready]
[MAYBOY] oh, thats alright then :p
[ADZ] loony beer, gets ya drunk and it isn't dear :p u relise how many ppl i confuzzle saying that? :p
[MAT_DIZZY] bus station loony :p no one knows m8 ;)
[MAYBOY] im on the energy drinks now :shocked: not sure its a good idea though lol
[MAT_DIZZY] starter for the DRINK! quote from father ted ;)
[MAT_DIZZY chuckles]
[MAT_DIZZY] DRINK :vhappy: Feck Ar$e :shocked:
[MAYBOY] infact lets have an msn cheers, everyone grab there bottles or glasses
[ADZ] Feckin' hell mat boy, u say feck arse?
[MAT_DIZZY] ummmm :v2_dizzy_confused2:
[MAT_DIZZY grabs speaker]
[MAT_DIZZY] i aint got no drink :( lol thats why i keep needing a wee :p
[MAYBOY] put the speaker down :p :rolleyes:
[MAT_DIZZY] moving on :p
[ADZ] rite cheerz 8) *Rasies glass* a toast
[MAYBOY raises glass]
[GREEN_DAY_GAL raises lucozade]

[MAYBOY] a toast! :p
[MAT_DIZZY] cheers :v2_dizzy_thumbsup:
[ADZ] u put it under the grill m8 ;)
[MAYBOY] i could just hold up a piece of bread for the toast :p
[MAT_DIZZY] bud um cha ;)
[ADZ] thank u, meur raz ma lad
[MAT_DIZZY] any of u like father ted? reminds me of this thing :laugh:
[ADZ] all i know theres an old man that says DRINK :laugh: hmmm it's been a funny year
[MAYBOY] had its moments though :laugh:
[ADZ] i felt there was something missing though :confused:
[MAYBOY] ive felt that way for ages :p im kidding :laugh: in what way mate?
[MAT_DIZZY] omg nath ur in a weird mood tonight :p tut tut i blame the DRINK :rolleyes:
[ADZ] not entirly sure :umm: that is FECK ARSE m8 :p
[MAYBOY] i dont know whats come over me tonight lol
[ADZ eats pringles]
[MAYBOY] im frightened what the next 2 hours might have in store :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i wanna go 2 bed
[MAYBOY pops his pringles]
[MAT_DIZZY] ur the funniest msn convo chatter ive ever met nath ;) im laughing out loud! better keep it down :v2_dizzy_rolleyes:
[ADZ] we still have 1 hour and 35 mins yet
[MAT_DIZZY] ahhh
[MAYBOY] say that in the morning cos i might forget :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i got told off for laffin at boris the utha nite!! :laugh: I?m not even allowed 2 laff anymore :( but what the heck, can do wha i want 2nyt :vhappy:
[MAYBOY] thats the spirit :)
[ADZ] ya can get p***ed with us ! :p
[ADZ] wonder if i can do it highest on a wall ;) flat out
[MAT_DIZZY] u type very fast nath, it just appears - without saying at the bottom :p :shocked:
[MAYBOY] wow :p
[ADZ] copy and paste :p
[MAYBOY] i dont do that :p
[ADZ] gdgd ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] ahhh, cheater ayyy :v2_dizzy_tongue: god that would be a waste of time :p
[MAYBOY] :p its actually me :rolleyes:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i want a wand :(
[MAT_DIZZY] lol i want a DRINK! :p
[ADZ] izzy wizzy lets get Dizzy :p
[MAYBOY] we could do with a bit of magic :p
[ADZ] speaking of which
[MAT_DIZZY] yay Dizzy :D
[ADZ displays DIZZY emoticon]
[MAYBOY] wonder what size DIZZY's wand is :p
[ADZ] hint - look on spellbound ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] im glad u wanna no ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] lol, i will thanks mate
[MAYBOY] big one indeed
[MAT_DIZZY] *spell*bound, name gives it away :p eggs dont have wands ;)
[ADZ] getting spellbound are we? :p
[MAYBOY] its the drink sorry ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] :p ahhh the old its the drink lie :p
[ADZ] "someone might have slipped something in my drink" - Grave
[MAYBOY] lol
[MAT_DIZZY] yeah yeah :rolleyes:
[MAYBOY] someone put a smint in mine the other week
[MAT_DIZZY] mint?
[ADZ] polos, sweet :)
[MAT_DIZZY] mint smint :p
[ADZ] i like the fruit ones
[MAT_DIZZY] lmao
[MAYBOY] the mint with the hole, even though it hasnt got a hole cos a hole consists of nothing :p
[ADZ] hole in the head perhaps?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] if ur bald
[MAYBOY] anyone tried the all fruits allsorts?
[ADZ] thank god for long hair :laugh: i have Nath yeah
[MAYBOY] i hope i dont end up bald lol guess all guys do though eventually :laugh: and no more long hair for u Adz mate ;)
[ADZ] dont hold ur breath :rolleyes:
[MAYBOY] good idea i might die :p cant be doing that before the new year comes in lol
[MAT_DIZZY] lol, dont mind me while i much on my pringles :p
[ADZ] yeah, we need u m8, i have salt n vinegar
[MAYBOY] i have sour cream lol
[MAT_DIZZY] :laugh: me 2
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i hav none :(
[MAT_DIZZY] i cnt really have them, but they offerd so i dont wanna be rude if u no what i mean
[ADZ] yup like if i was offered cheese and pineapple :p
[MAT_DIZZY] hint to nath :p
[MAYBOY] i do that even things i dont like i eat anyway if im offered lol????..who said cheese? :p
[The wind outside starts to howl]
[The front door creeks]

[MAYBOY] even that howling wind had a hint of cheese in it :p
[MAT_DIZZY] it was cold, and MAT_DIZZY, MAYBOY, and ADZ were sitting by their computers...
[MAYBOY] on new years eve ;) shall we wait for amanda?
[ADZ] she'll return, ;) so no sneaking off chaps :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] charming Adz :rolleyes: dnt wait for me :rolleyes:
[ADZ] an hour and 23 minutes to be exact
[MAT_DIZZY] :p ner ner
[MAYBOY] i cant keep it up that long :laugh: well lets try a team effort :p
[ADZ] on everyone elses behalf ;) lets make a story to pass the time
[MAT_DIZZY] one day??.
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ??at asda
[MAT_DIZZY] there was
[MAYBOY] *jumps in* i bought
[MAT_DIZZY] ooookk :?
[ADZ] *jumps in* beer
[MAT_DIZZY] there was i bought :v2_dizzy_confused2: could be a new item for 2006 :p
[MAYBOY] what beer :p
[MAT_DIZZY] i bought there was :confused: :p
[ADZ] im confuzzled now :p
[MAT_DIZZY] :laugh: right
[MAYBOY] lets start again
[MAT_DIZZY] nooooowww :p one day
[MAYBOY] *interupts* let me start :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol :p
[MAYBOY] no no ill let the wonderful, amazing, gorgeous Amanda start ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] no :p lol
[MAT_DIZZY] i will ;)
[MAYBOY] go on then :p
[MAT_DIZZY] one blue sunny night :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] sunny night :?
[MAT_DIZZY] yes ;)
[MAYBOY] imagine that sunny at night lol
[MAT_DIZZY] lol and dark at day :p
[MAYBOY] kk come on matt or smacked botty :p
[MAT_DIZZY] :laugh:
[MAYBOY] get on with it :p
[MAT_DIZZY] one day MAYBOY was about to smack MAT_DIZZY's botty untill...
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ??..amanda sed he cudnt ;)
[MAYBOY] come on just a little one :p
[MAT_DIZZY] she sed hands off :p
[ADZ picks up frying pan]
[MAT_DIZZY] nooo *bang* owww :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ooo make me sum bacon :p
[MAYBOY] he would prefer my hand lol
[ADZ] wtf?
[MAYBOY] yeah bacon please :p 3 rashers for me
[MAT_DIZZY] and cheese ;) with pineapples
[ADZ] road rash?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] is there a mirror round ere? Infact, where r we?
[ADZ] the pub :p
[MAT_DIZZY] *interupts* the castle dungeon
[ADZ] andy's house
[MAT_DIZZY] this looks like a pub??
[MAYBOY] sounds like a nice place ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] a troll and an apple
[ADZ] troll?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i want a mirror! :v2_dizzy_down:
[MAT_DIZZY] oooh no cheese :(
[ADZ] Keldor?
[MAT_DIZZY] no no fwd :laugh:
[MAYBOY] i have a makeup mirror :p
[ADZ] oh dear :laugh:
[MAYBOY] kidding
[MAT_DIZZY] water, and stale bread
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i want a big 1 tho
[MAYBOY] i have a big one too
[MAYBOY] what nothing to be ashamed of :p
[MAT_DIZZY] and drink water, and eat apples, as angry looking trolls stare at us :p
[MAT_DIZZY falls over bucket of water]
[ADZ] when it comes to apples, i'll have juice
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lmao, matt u ok? :laugh:
[ADZ laughs at MAT_DIZZY]
[MAYBOY] wipe yourself dry matt this instant :laugh: I think ill have juice too
[MAT_DIZZY] cider? ;)
[ADZ] i wish it was fizzy m8
[MAT_DIZZY jumps on fire whilst shouting ?i hate life?]
[MAYBOY] my juice is fizzy lol
[ADZ gets bucket of water]
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] u put the fire out when u knocked the bucket ova
[MAYBOY] yeah we can go through
[ADZ] we shant have you dancing on fires now do we :rolleyes:
[MAYBOY] careful though everyone
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i still want a mirror!!!
[ADZ] theres one hanging on a tree
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] is it big?
[ADZ] ya
[GREEN_DAY_GAL goes ova to the mirror n puts hand thru]
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] kool it works!
[GREEN_DAY_GAL walks thru]
[MAYBOY] should we follow u through it :p
[ADZ] bloody nora, not more magic!
[MAYBOY] im coming :p
[MAT_DIZZY] lets go out of the castle tooo???.gday mate :p down under :laugh: so first we must find a crowbar, hmmm??.ahh, grand DIZZY
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] matt? :umm:
[MAT_DIZZY] u have to play the Dizzy games to understand :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i know :rolleyes: but??..
[ADZ] ive got a better idea with a crowbar :p
[MAT_DIZZY] :p dont go there! where shall we go now? hmm
[ADZ] khaos town?
[MAT_DIZZY] ahhh, the castle in the sky where daisy awaits :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL went thru the mirror]
[MAYBOY and the others followed]

[MAT_DIZZY] *interupts* and i didn?t :p
[ADZ drags MAT_DIZZY to the mirror]
[MAYBOY helps as he drags Matt_DIZZY in by the botty]
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] :shocked:
[ADZ] why the a$$ m8? ??..infact dont answer that lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] is it jus me... or is everything reversed in here :?
[MAT_DIZZY] :p adz
[ADZ] ya?
[MAT_DIZZY] *mucks about* olleh ?ay
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] not like tht lol :rolleyes:
[ADZ] knockout :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] its daylight but theres a moon :p ;)
[MAYBOY] ive just worked that out :laugh: moon must be matt again lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] n we're upside dwn :shocked:
[MAYBOY] sorry :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] but walking on the floor??.
[MAYBOY starts to slip]
[ADZ] ...with crowbar in hand?.CUM ERE! :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] if we fall we fall into the sky, watch out
[MAYBOY treads carefully]
[MAT_DIZZY] woah :shocked: hehe made u flinch :p :twisted:
[MAYBOY] why u :p
[ADZ] aah sod it
[ADZ walks to a pasty stand]
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] jus becareful, stop goofin around! im not cummin into space for any1
[MAYBOY] why didnt we see that? :p
[*PING* A pasty man appears from nowhere]
[ADZ] sweet :) I'll have 3 pasties please
[MAYBOY] ill have 1 now and 1 later
[MAT_DIZZY] lol, im exitied, new year for us all :D
[MAYBOY gets money out]
[MAT_DIZZY] :p i have no money :(
[MAYBOY] tell him to keep the change
[MAT_DIZZY] im a binner seaking freebies :p
[ADZ] theres 10 quid underneath that bush
[MAYBOY feels under bush]
[MAT_DIZZY runs over there]

[ADZ] sweet, 15 quid :p
[MAT_DIZZY] you have picked up a gold coin, ooohh only another 29 to go then me and daisy can build a house together :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] sumthin moved in the bush :confused:
[MAYBOY] its moving :shocked:
[MAT_DIZZY] ahh, must be nath ;)
[MAYBOY] well obviously what am i saying lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] what the...?
[MAT_DIZZY] lol ur speaking from, the bush :rolleyes:
[ADZ] i see mat's hand is under the bush too
[MAT_DIZZY] shaddup lol dont tell them :laugh:
[ADZ] thats what i see :rolleyes: we all moved to the house of fun :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ? welcome to the house of fun? - Madness
[ADZ] twas fonny
[MAYBOY] yeah i have to admit :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] fonny?
[MAYBOY] funny?
[ADZ] "ya still not fonny" - Jeb
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] :laugh:
[ADZ] i like that crazy frog p*ss take he did
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] yeh tht was hilarious :laugh:
[MAYBOY] they still cover his thing up lol
[MAT_DIZZY] hehehe i like that
[MAYBOY] u would :p
[MAT_DIZZY] shame :p i mean...
[ADZ] "and i've got a bigger wi||y" - Jeb
[MAT_DIZZY] no no no, i mean i like the jeb thing :p
[MAYBOY] yeah i know mate ;)
[ADZ] thats what he said
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] :laugh:
[MAYBOY] im knackered lol
[ADZ] "hello, testicle support..oops....*puts phone down*"
[MAYBOY] not today thank u :p
[ADZ] gdgd lol
[MAYBOY] remind me ppl never to touch drink again :laugh:


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Team Yolkfolk
Team Yolkfolk
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Post by Adz.M » Sat Jan 20, 2007 9:28 am


[ADZ] 1 hour to go
[MAYBOY] mine says 11:00:31 PM
[MAT_DIZZY] i think we SHOULD do a countdown u no ;)
[ADZ] how do we do this countdown?
[MAT_DIZZY] it will be fun
[MAYBOY] its not new year until big ben does his thing anyway :p
[MAT_DIZZY] ill start and we have an order, so it will be me adz, nath then amanda, example???.
[MAYBOY] dont tell us now we will forget it before 12 lol
[ADZ] alphabetical order me thinks
[MAYBOY] im still last :( lol
[ADZ] plus andy if we're lucky
[MAT_DIZZY] so??..10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1?..
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] not yet! :p
[ADZ] not yet :rolleyes:
[MAT_DIZZY] im tooo excited tho :p
[MAYBOY] that wasnt a tester cos u did the whole thing :p
[MAT_DIZZY] lol :embarassed: i got carried away??right
[ADZ] 10
[Big Pause]
[MAT_DIZZY] ehem??NATH! :p
[MAYBOY] hang on a min :p start again
[ADZ] wakey wakey bro lol :v2_dizzy_lol:
[MAT_DIZZY] it has to stop there, typical :p
[ADZ] ready? :rolleyes:
[MAT_DIZZY] nath? :laugh: can we trust u :p
[MAYBOY] i dont know lol :v2_dizzy_blush: can someone put up the order again :laugh: of whos going when
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] adz, me, matt, u
[MAYBOY] right
[ADZ] 10
[ADZ] 6
[MAT_DIZZY] 5 I mean 4 (damn :p )
[ADZ] 2
[MAT_DIZZY] 1 :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i get the last 1 :D :vhappy:
[MAYBOY] matt's fault :p
[MAT_DIZZY] i get zero, i shout happy new yr :p
[MAYBOY] i wanna do 1 :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] tough :p
[MAYBOY] lol kidding ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] i was too excited
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] u better let me do it matt :laugh:
[MAYBOY] i was to excited i did a number 1 :p kidding :p
[MAT_DIZZY] lmao
[ADZ] lmao
[MAT_DIZZY] better than a number 2 :laugh:
[MAYBOY] indeed :p
[MAT_DIZZY] hold on, i need a number 1 ooh :( brb
[MAYBOY] what a way to welcome in the new year lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] where? the toilet
[MAT_DIZZY] yeah im bursting
[ADZ] do some yellow watering then :rolleyes:
[MAYBOY] no please dont lol :p
[ADZ] or on the floor, no one will notice ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i wanted 2 watch countdown on telly :( but ma bro nicked ma ariel :v2_dizzy_mad:
[MAYBOY] u know what im loving this havent laughed so much in ages :D
[ADZ] pussy pussy, sticky sticky, tangy tangy, licky licky
[ADZ] i've got that tune :p
[MAYBOY] ok everyone ignore what i have just said :p
[ADZ] better off ignoring what i just said ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] ahhhhh - thats better
[MAYBOY] agreed ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] yes! hav fun?
[MAYBOY] took a while matt did u wipe it lol
[MAYBOY] 50mins to go ppl :o and i know im going to mess it up :( :p
[ADZ] feck! already?
[MAT_DIZZY] now 509??50 :p
[MAT_DIZZY] 509. oooh i cnt wait that lonng
[ADZ] im NOT waiting another 500 minutes!
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] now it is :p lol
[MAYBOY] 500 seconds i can do :p
[ADZ] i'll Dizzy u *slap* ooh
[MAYBOY] wheres matt now lol
[MAT_DIZZY] lol, going for a number two :p
[ADZ] wtf?
[MAYBOY] u got wireless connection? :p
[ADZ] hahaha
[MAT_DIZZY] and a laptop i dont mind getting dirty ;)
[MAYBOY] lol lets move on :laugh:
[ADZ] oh dear god lol
[MAT_DIZZY] lol, joking ;)
[MAYBOY] wipe it well ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] lol, my botty or laptop?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i think im gunna leave :confused: ...
[MAT_DIZZY] ooh dear the screen is smeard :shocked: sorry im laughing my head of here
[ADZ] try painting it
[MAT_DIZZY] trying to keep quiet tho :)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] dont laff it dwn the toilet
[MAT_DIZZY] ill tippex the brown stains :p
[ADZ shudders]
[MAT_DIZZY] lol, ill throw it dwn the toilet and then *MAT_DIZZY is offline* muah ha ha
[DIZZY appears from nowhere and displays an emoticon on the toilet dumping so hard it goes up the ceiling, squishing the smilie]
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] yay ur here :D
[MAYBOY] the only thing u have said mate and its the funniest thing all convo :p
[ADZ] lovely lol
[DIZZY] i am indeed :) .. not for long though :)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] u here for countdown?
[ADZ] u ok mat? ;)
[MAYBOY] means im still last :( :laugh:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol aww
[MAYBOY] all these ppl whos names begin with A lol
[MAYBOY] i wanna be...........Alex lol
[DIZZY] i dunno if i will be here for the count down...
[MAT_DIZZY] no, u wanna be alex? :laugh:
[DIZZY] i wanna be Abby... ive said too much ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] lol, ull be first then :p ahhh lol now the whole world knows andy :laugh:
[MAYBOY] i wanna be Gabriel :p
[MAT_DIZZY] lol i wanna me ummmm MAT_DIZZY, how cool ;)
[ADZ] i'll stick with Gimp-looking Adam tah muchly
[MAT_DIZZY] mat underscore Dizzy lol, annyway
[MAYBOY] my name was going to be Darren then my parents changed their mind :p
[DIZZY] this looks like it will be a tough edit ;)
[ADZ] Darren May? :laugh:
[MAYBOY] yeah
[MAT_DIZZY] lmao
[ADZ] too rite andy m8 lol
[MAYBOY] ok, go ahead, laugh :p
[ADZ] "Good LORD!" - Weebl
[DIZZY] indeed
[MAT_DIZZY] lol damn whats my name again?..ooh yeh :embarassed: Matt
[MAYBOY] Alice ;)
[ADZ] Rik?
[MAT_DIZZY] vyvian ;)
[ADZ] PRick
[MAT_DIZZY] ooh yeh :laugh: univeristy challange one :p good old days ;)
[ADZ] "Can I go to the toilet?" - Neil
[MAT_DIZZY] omg yeh
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] im lost :?
[MAT_DIZZY] remember on the train, where vyvian loses his head :p
[ADZ] aw m8! lol
[DIZZY] There will be some changes to the list of Team Yolkfolk members, in the start of the new year, depending on who does what
[ADZ] u dont have long then ;) lol
[DIZZY] i know :confused:
[MAYBOY] lol
[MAT_DIZZY] what? lol im confuzzled
[ADZ] nowt new there :p
[MAT_DIZZY] oi :p
[DIZZY] many of them will be done around my b'day = 3rd January.. make a note :)
[MAYBOY makes note]
[DIZZY] a list of people who will become honery members
[ADZ] right, note to self "keep nath away from cheese bin and find out what to do for andy's b'day which will not involve me holding a frying pan"
[DIZZY] and a list of people who will have jobs to do, thats it btw adam ;)
[ADZ] thanx :p lol
[MAYBOY] lol! honery members eh :p
[MAT_DIZZY] :p m confuzzled like normal :laugh:
[MAYBOY] we noticed :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] im confused
[ADZ] merry confused day ;)
[DIZZY] brb lads and ladies *nods at amanda* ;)
[ADZ] okies
[MAYBOY] kk :)
[DIZZY] i may not be back in time.. if not ill be around for a while after certainly :)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] be bk in a bit am bored of sitting dwn :laugh:
[MAT_DIZZY] lol bye amanda and andy ;) happy bday for the 3rd btw m8 ;)
[MAYBOY] yeah happy birthday mate :p
[MAT_DIZZY] 31 mins now :p
[MAYBOY] no no its 30 mins :p
[DIZZY] 30 now, gtg - *runs*
[ADZ] WHAT?! alraedy?!
[DIZZY] and in case i miss it??. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 :) :p
[ADZ] merry early nu year ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] yeah, time goes quick when ur having fun :rolleyes:
[DIZZY] yay.. :)
[DIZZY exits]
[MAYBOY] u not having fun then matt mate
[ADZ] ur sprit is with us, now run my friend ;)
[MAYBOY] mine is in a glass ;)
[MAT_DIZZY] u not having fun then matt mate??? What?
[ADZ] eh? u cloned?
[MAYBOY] well u said "yeah, time goes quick when ur having fun :rolleyes: "
[MAT_DIZZY] oooh, joke :p
[MAYBOY] 28mins
[ADZ] dont shat yourself will you???. "actually i did s**t myself, sry shat myself, i ...." - Rik
[MAT_DIZZY] lol remember the episode - demolition, lmao
[ADZ] "How about Jelly Botty? where we have to eat 16 curries" - Vyv
[MAYBOY] can someone tell me what numbers i am doing in the countdown so i dont mess it up lol
[ADZ] 7 & 3 nath
[MAYBOY] thanks mate ;)
[ADZ] 7103! hot dog!
[MAYBOY] less than 19 mins :p
[ADZ] gawd
[MAYBOY] and wheres amanda she must be here for the countdown
[MAT_DIZZY] yeah
[MAYBOY] anyone whos near a telly go to BBC1 they have a countdown with minutes and seconds lol
[ADZ] can't reach remote, cat sleeping on me
[MAT_DIZZY] It is 0 days, 0 hours, 17 minutes and 53 seconds until the year 2006 (UTC time)
[MAYBOY] lets hope the cat doesnt do a number 1 during the countdown lol ;)
[ADZ] lol nah nah, he's asleep
[MAYBOY] just dont startle him lol
[MAT_DIZZY] omg, the clock on the pc is like 1 second deleyad! we could use that !! :laugh:
[MAYBOY] what a sight lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] im bk, let me catch up plz :laugh:
[MAT_DIZZY] 0 days 0 hours 14 minutes 843 seconds
[MAYBOY] right we are all here for the countdown :p
[MAT_DIZZY] 0 days 0 hours 13 minutes 830 seconds
[ADZ] shush, let her catch up, lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] exactly!
[MAT_DIZZY] lol sorry :embarassed:
[ADZ] 12 minutes
[MAT_DIZZY] ill be back as soon as i can :)
[MAT_DIZZY exits]
[MAYBOY] nooooo now my 7 and 3 will be wrong :( and i rehersed it aswell lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i dnt get 1 :(
[MAYBOY] ill be away for a bit after my bit of the countdown going outside with grandad its like a tradition :p hos 1 now?
[ADZ] i am number 1! wait, no im not! Bugger :v2_dizzy_mad:
[MAYBOY] must be me then :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] grr lol
[MAYBOY] let amanda have my number 1
[MAYBOY] that sounded wrong lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] its urs lol
[MAYBOY] but i dont want it :p ill have it if u want me to have it lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] tht means i av 2 go 2 1 lol :v2_dizzy_confused2:
[MAYBOY] my head is about to explode lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] crap i actually do need a number 1 ;) brb, haha i put crap at beginning
[MAYBOY] :p make up your mind, adz mate, what are my numbers now :laugh: if matt doesnt come back
[ADZ] 8, 5, 2
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] bk, so ur number 1 Adz :o
[ADZ] sweet :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] damn :( lol
[MAYBOY] who gets one if matt turns up?
[ADZ] bugger :v2_dizzy_jawdrop:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] me, cuz it goes bk??dunnit?
[MAYBOY] yeah, what a cock up this is going to be :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] up where? :p soz lol
[ADZ] :rolleyes:
[MAYBOY] 3mins and 40secs
[ADZ] oh oh oh
[MAYBOY] as i said earlier im looking out the door after my bit of the countdown
[ADZ] im bound to cock it up :laugh:
[MAYBOY] didnt we balls it up last year :p
[ADZ] ya, andy signed out accidently
[MAT_DIZZY appears]
[ADZ] yay wb
[MAYBOY] oh yeah :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] so hu does wha?
[MAYBOY] that better not happen this year lol, your now number 1 amanda ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] woooooooooo! :D
[MAT_DIZZY] my dad put his foot down on the pedal :p
[ADZ] 10 6 2 me
[MAT_DIZZY] amanda, adam, me, nath
[ADZ] 9 5 1 amanda
[MAYBOY] right now listen has everyone gone to the loo, checked they are ok, are sure there internet connection will not sign them out :p
[MAT_DIZZY] i need a wee :(
[MAYBOY] i should be 7 and 3
[ADZ] oh dammit hurry up mat
[MAYBOY] that right
[ADZ] 1 MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] les than a min :shocked:
[MAYBOY] am i 7 and 3 ? :p quick, oh lets just go for it :p
[ADZ] gets ready!!!!!!!!!!
[MAT_DIZZY] is it new yr now?
[ADZ] 20 secs! im starting!!!
[Everyone gets ready]
[ADZ] 10
[ADZ] 6
[ADZ] 2
[MAT_DIZZY] happy new year
[MAYBOY] :p :D
[ADZ] HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
[fireworks go off in the distance]
[MAT_DIZZY] i can hear them, merry 2006 ;)
[ADZ] u too guys, lets hope for a better year! :)
[MAT_DIZZY] yeah
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i got 2 txts :D
[MAYBOY] group hug :)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] group hug
[ADZ] :)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] nath u owe me summit :p
[MAT_DIZZY] :p a kiss
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] wuss :p
[MAT_DIZZY] dont be shy, share it m8 ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] not with u lot :p
[ADZ] :laugh: aww, i don't smell bad :(
[MAYBOY] lol i need the loo now been holding it all that time
[MAT_DIZZY] sure mate :p
[MAYBOY] well not physically of course :p
[ADZ] lol
[MAT_DIZZY] :p with ur hands
[MAYBOY] well we know that :p
[MAYBOY] 9 mins gone of this year already! Blimey, better prepare the next countdown lol :laugh:
[ADZ & MAYBOY make way to their beds]