Dark Story line (NES Manual)

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Dark Story line (NES Manual)

Post by Adz.M » Sat May 24, 2014 6:31 pm

As I was going through the scans of the Manual from the Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy on the NES, I noticed that three quarters of the Manual's pages hold a very long intro, which to me looks slightly darker and a lot more detailed than the Story line that the Sega versions had.

Be warned, It's very lengthy with a few egg puns thrown in. :v2_dizzy_blink:

Before the arrival of Zaks, the land of the Yolkfolk was a peaceful and safe place, full of gentle wonder and friendly creatures living together side by side in friendship.

The Yolkfolk were the friendliest and most curious of the creatures in the land. They were strange and charming with oval bodies and hard 'eggs-terior' shells.
They wore bright red gloves and boots by which they could always be recognised and lived in a small tree top village of wooden huts in a forest not far from the Diamond Mines.

Their days were spent wandering the forest and mining precious diamonds led by a council of wise and respected elder Yolkfolk.

The Diamonds were traded with trolls in the local town of Keldor for all the things that the Yolkfolk could not make for themselves.
So it had been for as long as anybody could remember until that fateful day, when a dark and brooding stranger came to the land.

He wore a long black cloak which disguised his stumpy body and a black pointed hat that hung down to shade his glowing eyes.

The Wizard Zaks - for that was the stranger's name - set himself up in the Castle of Keldor and summoned the head of the Yolkfolk to meet him there to discuss the Yolkfolk's diamonds.

Grand Dizzy volunteered to travel to the Castle and explain their terms of trading to Zaks.

The meeting took place in the grand hall of the Castle of Keldor where Grand Dizzy found Zaks sitting on an immense throne surrounded by trolls dressed in armour and clutching axes. Until now the trolls had been friends of the Yolkfolk.

"Welcome, I am the great Wizard Zaks", his words seemed more of a warning than an introduction.

Grand Dizzy introduced himself as the leader of the Yolkfolk and made clear their willingness to trade peacefully.

"I had in mind a different kind of arrangement all together." Zaks paused as if in deep concentration.
"I wonder how many diamonds the Yolkfolk will give in return for the safe return of their leader? Guards, seize him!"

Grand Dizzy, who had been ready for trouble from the start, spun around and ran for the door as if his life depended on it - which it probably did.
The guards rushed to block his escape but Grand Dizzy still had a trick or two up his sleeve and somersaulted over the heads of the clumsy and un-egg-sperienced guards.

As Grand Dizzy made good his escape, he could hear Zaks' voice sounding inside his head.
"You'll regret this day. One way or the other, I'll make you and your Yolkfolk pay for this."

From that day on, the Yolkfolk lived in fear of Zaks and what he might do.
Tales were heard of Zaks building a great Cloud Castle high up in the sky. The work was being done with ancient magic and the labour of his new slaves, the trolls.
For a while nothing happened until one day, somewhere in the forest a group of six young Yolkfolk were out 'egg-venturing'.

"Hey, Denzil, Daisy. Wait for me guys." Complained Dozy sleepily.
Come on hurry up, if you get any slower you'll be standing still!" Called Daisy without even looking back.

Dizzy, the eldest stopped and waited for his sleepy friend. He remembered his mother's words of warning as they had left the village.

"Dizzy, don't go too far and make sure everyone's back well before dark. You're old enough to be responsible for the younger children now."

Dylan stopped to smell a large yellow flower.
"Hey man, maybe we should take a rest here? It's soooo lovely with the sun's rays shining on the fresh meadow grass and the gentle sound of the sparking Swift river."

"Yo dudes, check it out. This is one happenin' place!" Joked Denzil adjusting his sunglasses and looking as unconcerned as ever.

"I think this would be a good place to have something to eat." Suggested Dora hopefully, holding up the picnic basket she'd been carrying. She did her best to look faint with hunger.

"Well, ....OK." Eggs-claimed Dizzy.
"But we're not stopping for long. We'll never find the Dragon's Cave at this rate!"
"And we don't want to be out after dark." He added to himself thinking of Zaks and his evil Castle now almost complete.

"Eggs-cellent!" Exclaimed Denzil looking at the river.
"If only I'd brought my flippers, I could go for a swim."

"Oh!" Eggs-claimed Dora as a frog jumped from the grass.
"How ugly!" She shrank away from It's slimy touch.

Dylan disagreed, "It's lovely man, all animals are lovely if you look at then in the right way."

"I don't see how anyone could think that was lovely!" Snorted Dora disbelievingly.

They were both interrupted by Dizzy pointing.
"look at those clouds over there....That's strange..."
Mysterious dark shapes were forming in the sky. The young group watched in fascination.

"Yo! I've never seen anything like that before!" Eggs-claimed Denzil jumping up.
Dora cowered. "I don't like this, Dizzy. I'm scared!"
Daisy agreed. She held on tightly to Dizzy's hand. "Dizzy. Let's go home."

"I think that's an eggs-cellent idea." Dizzy was now very worried himself.
"Come on, Dozy. Wake up!" Said Dizzy shaking Dozy who was - to no one's surprise - asleep!
"Wha...? What's happening?" Muttered Dozy as he forced his eyes open and squinted at the light.
"Yo, no time to eggs-plain!" Answered Denzil, helping him up.

The friends turned and ran for home. These were no ordinary clouds, their strange and growing shapes started to block out the sunlight.
"It's geeting darker!" Gasped Daisy.
"It'll be pitch black before we get home!"

"Ow!" Shouted Dozy from behind them.
A bird swooped down from a tree straight into him, knocking him to the floor.
"It attacked me!" He said, looking around for more assailants.
"Don't be silly, Dozy. Why would it want to hurt you?" Asked Dora.
It's just frightened." She added.

"Ahh! Help me! Help me!" Screamed Daisy.
Dizzy spun around just in time to see Daisy lifted off her feet and carried away by four more flapping, squawking birds.
"Daisy!" He shouted helplessly, chasing after her.
The birds headed over the forest. Dizzy chased after them as fast as he could.

Soon he left the cries of his friends far behind. No matter how quickly Dizzy ran, the birds kept getting further away.
They flew high up towards the densest part of the strange clouds.
Exhausted and stumbling, Dizzy didn't see the open mouth of a disused mine shaft. He tumbled headlong into it!

In the dark he could do nothing but listen to his girlfriend's fading calls for help. He was confused and dazed from his fall. Finally he collapsed into unconsciousness.
Dizzy dreamed of Daisy's pet fluffle and who would look after it now that's Daisy was gone.

The evil wizard Zaks looked out from his Castle in the clouds. He had unleashed his most awesome spell ever.
Across the whole land, the night grew darker. All that had been good and kind now turned to evil.
In the Yolkfolk village, dark shapes and evil creatures drew near....

The next morning, Dizzy woke alone and cold. In the light of day it was easy to climb out of the mine shaft.
Above the trees he could see smoke curling into the clear sky from the direction of the Yolkfolk village. Dizzy started to run.

As he rounded the last corner and the village came into view, he stopped and stood in shocked amazement. He gaed across what had once been their safe and cozy village. Smoke rose from several smouldering mounds, which was all that was left of the huts on the forest floor. They had been flattened, wiped out, devastated! Nothing stirred.

Crack....Thud....ugh!! Dizzy span around expecting some horrible creature but found only Grand Dizzy. He lay dazed where he had fallen to the forest floor. Dizzy rushed to help him.

"It was awful!" Moaned Grand Dizzy.
"The Trolls....in armour, with axes and burning torches....Everybody fled. I hid and waited for you and your friends." He gasped. "Where are they?"

Dizzy told Grand Dizzy what happened to him and his friends.

"Why would the trolls do this?" Dizzy asked himself.
"They wouldn't want to harm us."
Dizzy knew the answer to his own question. He remembered the birds the night before.
"Zaks turned the land to evil. Why are the Yolkfolk still good? Why aren't we evil like the birds?"
"Maybe It's our thick shells." He thought.
"Zaks' spell couldn't penetrate our minds! So that's why Zaks built his Castle in the sky."
"Without a shell, even Zaks had to hide from his own evil spell, high in his Cloud Castle."

Dizzy kept these thoughts to himself. He was worried about Grand Dizzy, who grew weaker and weaker every second.
"I don't think we should stand around in the open, they may come back!"
Wearily he helped Grand Dizzy up to his tree house, undamaged, high in the forest. All the time he was thinking of Daisy and the birds that had taken her away into the sky.

That was how Dizzy found himself alone in the land of the Yolkfolk. There was no way of knowing what had happened to his friends and Grand Dizzy was badly in need of medicine.

Dizzy decided that it was up to him to find his friends.
Maybe with their help he could rescue Daisy from Zaks' Cloud Castle.
Dizzy was sure the evil birds had taken her there.....

"Rest here, Grand Dizzy. There is something I must do."

Go! Dizzy Go!

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Post by Bag of Magic Food » Sun May 25, 2014 1:01 am

Yep, that seems to be the longest version of the story, from the early Camerica releases where they were able to afford a whole booklet for the manual. I also like the bogus stories from the manuals to Quattro Arcade and Quattro Adventure, and how most of the Quattro Adventure stories were totally rewritten for the single-sheet manual. You should compare the two versions of the Treasure Island Dizzy story, neither of which is anything like the story on other computers. (I first found most of these scanned on nintendoage.com.)

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Post by Rog'er Fahrenheit » Wed May 28, 2014 6:59 pm

Thanks for posting this. It's very interesting and the egg puns really CRACK me up!

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