Amiga - Hidden Credits screen

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Amiga - Hidden Credits screen

Post by Adz.M » Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:32 pm

The Amiga version of Magicland (depending on what ROM you have) has a hidden credits screen.

SOURCE - ... iga-games/

As mentioned on some Amiga sites, press the DEL key while the loading picture is displayed, and when the game should start, it will instead load a hidden demo file on the disk (HAM.PIC) that contains the following message:

Credits for Magicland Dizzy go to the following:-

Amiga & ST programming by
Derek Leigh-Gilchrist

Amiga & ST graphics by

Game design by
The Oliver Twins & Neil Vincent

Original Spectrum & Amstrad versions by
Big Red Software Ltd.

Project Directors
Tim Miller & Paul Ranson

Greetings are going out to the following

The Codemasters bunch (part 1)
David Darling
Abigail Darling
Liz Darling
Richard Darling
Jim Darling
Gavin Raeburn
Jon Menzies
Peter Williamson
Andrew & Philip Oliver
Mark Baldock
Lyndon Sharp
Graham Rigby
Brain Hartley
Leigh Christian

The Codemasters bunch (part 2)
Paul Adams
Toby Ecclesfield
Paul 'Snacky' Perrot
Damon Redmond
Shan Savage
Stuart Regan
Penny Oddy
Shelia Smith
Mike Clarke
Paul Ranson
Tim Miller
Clare Lucas
Marion McVarish
Ted Carron

Friends (part 1)
Charlie Skilbeck
Richard Aplin
Tim Cannell
Jon 'JMP' Phillips
Dave 'E' Cantrell
Tim Mann
Ashley Hogg
Krister 'silly name' Wombell
Dan (The Core Design man!)
Alex Slater
Rob 'protection man' Northern
Adam 'SPEX' Lucas
Dan Clapson
Richard Kyjak

Friends (part 2)
Mark 'fish' Salmon
Russell Wark
Jolyon 'idiot' Ralph
Matthew Simmonds
Joby 'ex-artist' Wood
Gareth 'E' Price
Noel 'E' Johnson
Jonah Richards
David Clarke
Steve Barrett
David Hunt
Kris Penny
Alan Smith
Mazier Darvish

Jane Leigh-Gilchrist (MUM)
Gordon Leigh-Gilchrist (DAD)
Tanya Leigh-Gilchrist (SISTER)
Margret Brown (Granny)
Alex Brown (Grandpa)
Wendy Brown (Aunty)
Mo Leigh-Gilchrist (Aunty)

Albums I listened to while programming this game
Love Sexy (PRINCE)
Purple Rain (PRINCE)
Graffiti Bridge (PRINCE)
Parade (PRINCE)
Sign Of The Times (PRINCE)
Around The World In A Day (PRINCE)
Controversy (PRINCE)
Batman (PRINCE)
1999 (PRINCE)
Dirty Mind (PRINCE)
For You (PRINCE)
Prince (PRINCE)
Pandemonium (THE TIME)
Joshua Tree (U2)
Infected (THE THE)
Mind Bomb (THE THE)
Soul Mining (THE THE)
Dark Side Of The Moon (PINK FLOYD)
Immaculate Collection (MADDONNA)

Groups I have been in (in the past)
Share & Enjoy
XXX International

Games I have programmed
Battle Valley (Amiga only)
Pub Trivia (Amiga & ST)
Magicland Dizzy (Amiga & ST)

Use the keys F1-F4 to select different music!
Or use fire/space to quit!

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Re: Amiga - Hidden Credits screen

Post by Grandad » Tue Sep 24, 2019 11:02 am

Thought I'd check this out as I do have all the Dizzy games on my Clionto Amiga emulator ...only to discover that every single one is a cracked version :v2_dizzy_crazy:

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Team Yolkfolk
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Re: Amiga - Hidden Credits screen

Post by Adz.M » Tue Sep 24, 2019 4:50 pm

It does work on some cracked versions.

The ROM I have it works on has this filename.
Magicland Dizzy (1992)(Codemasters)[cr TRSi].adf

It doesn't work on the 'Dizzy Collection' compilation version though.

Also, here are the tracks contained in the hidden credits, the 4th track is just the Magicland theme.

:egg: ... edits1.mp3
:egg: ... edits2.mp3
:egg: ... edits3.mp3

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Re: Amiga - Hidden Credits screen

Post by Meph » Tue Sep 24, 2019 7:47 pm

Nice find... and some great tunes!

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