In the dark (EVENING #14)

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In the dark (EVENING #14)

Post by Adz.M » Tue Feb 13, 2007 9:47 am

Evening 14: - In the dark

[Everyone sitting in the living room, minding their own buisnesses]
[ADZ] whats that on tv?
[NITRO] The Simpsons ;)
[ADZ] ah yeah, i like this episode :say_yes:
[MAYBOY] havent seen this one :v2_dizzy_confused3:
[ADZ] it's funny believe me :p
[The LIGHTS suddenly go out]
[MAYBOY] :v2_dizzy_scared:
[ADZ] damn :O power outage :dizzy_mad:
[NITRO] we had no power here this morning actually haha
[MAYBOY] so we are all here in the dark :tdown: anyone got a torch?
[ADZ] do y'know where the candles are?
[MAYBOY feels around]
[NITRO] that might be what I'm sitting on?
[ADZ] whats it feel like? :p
[MAYBOY] lol
[NITRO] ahh anal :p hahaha
[MAYBOY] long, hard...honestly its a candle :v2_dizzy_rolleyes:
[NITRO] lol
[MAYBOY] i can fill the wick lol
[NITRO] now, whos got the matches ?
[ADZ] indeed
[ADZ trips over on his way to the KITCHEN]
[MAYBOY] clumsy :laugh:
[MAYBOY places CANDLES everywhere]
[ADZ] got the matches :) it was a pink fluffy doll i tripped over
[NITRO] oh, wait, you dont have a sister :v2_dizzy_confused3:
[MAYBOY] it wasnt mine :laugh:
[NITRO] what might that mean....
[ADZ] some b'day present from grave i think lol
[NITRO] possibly :p lol, the dogs new chew toy, coincidentally
[ADZ] if we had one :p
[MAYBOY] indeed
[ADZ lights CANDLES]
[NITRO] lol ahhh much better :say_yes:
[MAYBOY] more than one candle? :v2_dizzy_blink: think its best if we all have one
[ADZ] ya........right thats us bored stupid now :dizzy_mad: rock, paper, scissors?
[NITRO] oh, look, Nitro won :laugh:
[MAYBOY] lol no no we have to find out why the lights went out :p must be a fuse box somewhere?
[NITRO] hmm, ill climb up on the roof
[ADZ] careful m8, roofs a death trap
[NITRO] ah, you can do it then haha :p j/k
[MAYBOY] mind the water droplets coming from the roof, might put the candle out
[ADZ] not if i stop it ....umm looks around
[MAYBOY] looks!? its dark mate we cant see anything! :laugh:
[NITRO] hmm, ill go search for a flashlight
[MAYBOY] lol kk ill use the candle to see
[ADZ] oops :v2_dizzy_rolleyes: i should've warned you, the steps are dodgey
[NITRO] ehhh (half-concious)
[ADZ] oh good, nath he's ok, put the bucket of hot water away now :p lol
[MAYBOY] lol kk
[NITRO] WOO found the cookie cupboard, dont mind if you dont hear from me for a while ;)
[MAYBOY] hehe
[ADZ] hang on, cookie cupboard? i never knew we had that :v2_dizzy_blink: i was sure that was moved down there for a reason
[NITRO] heh.... did I say cookie cupboard? :laugh: well, I seemed to have stumbled on a secret exit :O ill brb in 10 guys
[NITRO goes through the PASSAGE]
[ADZ] m8? hmm, oh well :confused: , can you find the fuse box nath?
[MAYBOY] im feeling for it :p ill check this wall
[ADZ] wasn't it by the front door?
[MAYBOY] kk ill go check it out
[ADZ tries not to giggle]
[MAYBOY] damn! need a key for it :dizzy_mad: :p
[ADZ goes into DYLANSBIRD's BEDROOM to find a KEY and trips on the way up]
[ADZ] (talks to himself) Even though you're busy with ur acting career, you sure leave stuff here for emergencies :v2_dizzy_rolleyes:
[ADZ returns with KEY]
[ADZ] got it m8 :)
[MAYBOY] kk give it here
[ADZ stands back as MAYBOY uses the KEY]
[MAYBOY] yeah stand bck :p
[MAYBOY] its ok, the box is open :D i can see the fuse is gone, need some fuse wire
[ADZ] no matter, we've got spare :)'s in NITRO's room though he's locks his room :umm:
[MAYBOY] i would try something else but i dont want to blow myself up thats too risky :p lol, saying that some would love it
[ADZ] :v2_dizzy_lol: .......we have to follow nitro into that passage and find him, we need the key
[MAYBOY] kk bring the candle
[ADZ runs down and goes into the SECRET PASSAGE]
[ADZ looks around]

[ADZ] ah there he is nath :)
[MAYBOY] we have just gone up your passage mate lol
[ADZ] what is this place?
[NITRO] well, I'm running ahead haha, not a clue, its your basement isnt it?
[ADZ] not this part, looks like a hidden place :v2_dizzy_blink:
[NITRO] hmm, interesting :v2_dizzy_blink:
[MAYBOY] smells funny :confused:
[ADZ] anyhoo we need to get the fuse wire from ur bedroom but it's locked
[NITRO] heres the key :)
[ADZ] brill, lets.....
[A demondish laugh is heard]
[MAYBOY jumps]

[ADZ] woah :v2_dizzy_crazy:
[NITRO hides]
[ADZ legs it out the passage]
[Everyone runs]

[NITRO] bah, wow, I think I just ran face first into a wall
[MAYBOY] aw dude :(
[NITRO] im good, except for this broken nose :v2_dizzy_crazy:
[ADZ] ouch :v2_dizzy_blink:
[NITRO] well, moving on, lets find our way around this place, I don't have my candle anymore
[MAYBOY] we will have to feel our way out
[NITRO] well, it feels like solid ground beneath me, so i'm thinking this is a very old cellar :confused: it seems to be leading up, possibly an exit up ahead
[ADZ runs up]
[NITRO] i think your going to have to crawl now, its a smaller entrance, where I hit my nose :laugh:
[MAYBOY gets on hands and knees]
[NITRO] haha, easy there ;)
[ADZ crawls]
[The boys crawl through the narrow TUNNEL]

[NITRO] well, its getting a bit brighter up ahead
[MAYBOY] lol
[NITRO] and the ground seems to be sinking in a bit more
[MAYBOY follows light]
[NITRO] watch yourself guys :O
[ADZ] this looks like the basement, just a little more
[NITRO] hmm, I see the outdoors up ahead, although, its looking snowy :shocked: there doesnt seem to be enough room to turn back either..
[The boys heads out the end of the TUNNEL and end up OUTSIDE]
[ADZ] brrrrrr :v2_dizzy_cry:
[NITRO] hmm, watch your self, I believe we're on a lake
[MAYBOY hears cracks]
[NITRO] :v2_dizzy_scared:
[ADZ] bugger!
[NITRO] we need to find a packed down ski-doo trail or something
[ADZ] hmm, this must be everyone's p*ss patch but frozen
[NITRO] nah, this gotta be alot of p*ss haha :oooo:
[MAYBOY] lol nice
[NITRO] perhaps.. in that case, lets get the hell out of here! haha
[ADZ carefully leaves the LAKE]
[NITRO] alright, now on the shore :say_yes: where should we go?
[ADZ looks around]
[NITRO] oh sh*t, we left nath out there :O do you know standard ice safety?
[ADZ runs back and grabs MAYBOY]
[MAYBOY] yeah what about me! :p :rolleyes:
[NITRO] good thing :laugh:
[MAYBOY] kk thanks :p
[NITRO] phew
[ADZ] right
[NITRO] now, nath is here, he might know where to go
[ADZ] this is our backyard innit?
[NITRO] perhaps .. looks a bit.. familiar
[ADZ] yeah, i can see amanda and andy talking
[MAYBOY] talking about dare they :p
[NITRO] its most likely positive :laugh:
[MAYBOY] indeed :laugh:
[DIZZY & GREEN_DAY GAL look at the boys oddly]
[The boys walk back to the HOUSE]
[NITRO grabs nestea]

[ADZ] any chance you could run up to ur room and get the fuse wire? y'know it's off limits to us ;)
[NITRO] alright, ill fix it :p here y'all go, think fast ;) haha
[ADZ] k nath ;)
[ADZ walks and falls back on CUDDLY TOY]
[NITRO] sh*t, not that toy again :laugh:
[MAYBOY] that damn thing :p
[MAYBOY moves it]
[NITRO] lol
[ADZ] dont mind me i'll just lie here till the lights come on :rolleyes:
[MAYBOY] kk ill fix the wire
[NITRO] ok then me and nath will go play on your xbox till then ;)
[MAYBOY] lol
[NITRO] oh look, there is andy, outside the house, whats he doing now?
[ADZ] isn't that the badger dance?
[NITRO] indeed, lets avert our eyes :laugh: haha
[ADZ] careful nath :p
[MAYBOY] right here goes
[MAYBOY starts connecting]
[The lights flicker, then come on]

[MAYBOY] phew :)
[MAYBOY] what does :p lol
[ADZ] were we in the dark for that long lol
[MAYBOY] u havent sat on a lit candle then? :laugh:
[ADZ] nope checks
[NITRO] ahh the light :D well, lets go play xbox
[ADZ] so whats the game tonight? need for speed most wanted?
[MAYBOY] doom 3 is awesome ;)
[As MAYBOY and NITRO argue on what game to play, ADZ goes off to bed]