The Oliver Twins relaunches their website

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The Oliver Twins relaunches their website

Post by Adz.M » Wed May 20, 2020 9:30 pm

Greeting, all!
How is everyone doing in this lockdown?

Well, Philip and Andrew Oliver have recently been spending their lockdown time giving their own website a new lease of life.


The last time the site had a major update was back in 2008, when Blitz Games were still trading.

On this new site, you can now take an in-depth look on all the games that the Olivers made or got involved with over the years.
Not just the Dizzy games, but even as far back as 'Road Runner' for the Dragon 32 or their infamous 'Panda Sprites' for the Amstrad.

The games' pages in question goes into great detail over the history of the games they worked on, including magazine articles, Let's Play or Longplay videos, and you can even get to play most of their games online.

Now just to quick point out that during the time of typing this news post, some pages (mostly on the 'Our Games' section) is still currently being worked on, which means you may come across some 'work in progress' signs on a few pages.

The site also includes a Story page, a special page on Dizzy and a Features page, such as photos from their past, game adverts and unseen images from when they both worked for Codemasters.

You can visit the Olivers new look website on the link below.


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