Solution (All versions)

Give Apple to the Troll, Take Bread, Take Jug of Water, Use Jug of Water on the Fire, L, Take Rock, Top-R, Drop Bread near Rat, U, Drop Rock, Top-L, Use Switch, U, R, Talk to Denzil, Get Rope, L, D, R, R, R, Use Rope on Snap Happy Gator, L, Top-L, L, U, R, U, U, R, R, Get Key, L, D, L, D, R, R, Swap Key for Rock, L, L, Under Ledge, Swap Rock for Bone, onto Ledge, L, Avoid Bird, L, Drop Rocks in Water, R, R, R, R, Get Rock , L, L, L, L, Drop Rock in Water, L, Get Key, Lx3, Talk to Dozy, Take Potion, Rx8, Use Potion, L, Get Key, R, R, R, Bottom-L, Use one Key in bottom right machine, Another in top left machine, R, R, Get Cow, R, R, Get Key, Lx5, Use Key in bottom left, R, U, L, Up-R, U, Talk to Grand-Dizzy, Get Crowbar, D, L, Walk left and land near Wide Eyed Dragon, R, Use Crowbar on WellL, D, L, Wait for Shopkeeper to apear, Give Cow to Shopkeeper, Take Bean, R, R, Get Key, L, D, R, R, Bottom-L, Use last Key, R, R, Drop Bean, L, U, L, L, Up-R, U, Top-L, Get Pickaxe, R, Bottom-R, Get Door Knocker, L, L, Fall and land near Wide Eyed Dragon, Lx3, Top-L, U, R, U, Use Door Knocker on Door, L, Get Bucket, R, D, L, D, Rx9, Use Bucket in Water, L, L, Use Bean on Manure, Use Bucket of Water on Manure, U, R, U, R, R, Jump on next two Clouds, R, R, Jump Gap, Get Egg, Walk left through gap and land on Volcano, L, D, Lx4, D, Drop Egg on Straw, R, Use Axe on Ledge under Coin, L, Get Rug, R, L, U, R, R, U, Rx3, Use Rug, Touch Switch, Rescue Daisy.