From Dizzy Stories:
• Give the Ear Trumpet to Grand Dizzy

• Use the Rope on the trees over the Swamp

• Use the Tweezers on the Eagle

• Use the Eagle Feather on Dozy

• Give the Miners Helmet to Grand Dizzy

• Use the Scroll on the Pyramid Entrance

• Hold the Umbrella to stop the drops hurting

• use the 'Hide and Seek' Book on the rolling rock

• Hold the Pharaoh Eye to get past the crushing block

• Use the Dagger on the rope

• Use the Rug on the spikes

• Use the Scroll on the sliding blocks past the spikes

• Give the Suncream to Dozy

• Use the Potion before the egg crusher

• Use the rope on the hole

• Give the three Treasure to Grand Dizzy