Coin Locations (8-bit)

1.By the portcullis 2.Entrance hall, top right, behind second railing 3.East wing 4.West wing 5.The mantelpiece above Denzil\'s head 6.Castle staircase 7.Starting place - Only when when troll has been seen in deserted mines. 8.By Dizzy hawk - the guard house 9.Between two crates on the docks and pier 10.On the crafty cloud above the warehouse 11.Jump down between the green and purple crate into the amazing illusion screen. 12.To the right of the bottomless well, behind the leaves 13.Next to the railing, by lift control 14.Base of the tree house 15.The right window of Daisy\'s house 16.Behind some railings in Denzil\'s pad 17.Below the meeting hall 18.Stay on the same platform as above but go right to the end of it. Jump left onto the lazy left cloud 19.In front of Daisy\'s parents\' house 20.Behind a piece of railing by the bottomless well. 21.On a cloud in the complex cloud route 22.On a cloud near the volcano top 23.On a cloud in more horrible clouds 24.On top of an active volcano 25.Behind some leaves in the large oak tree 26.In the deserted mine 27.In the dragon\'s lair 28.Underneath the table in Daisy\'s prison. 29.In the church (strange world) 30.In the market square. (strange world)