By Frodo from Abandonia Reloaded:
- You start the game in a Smuggler's hideout (welcome back to Fantasy World!).

- Pick up SOGGY STICK, then walk over to the fire.

- Pick up A SHINY KEY, and drop A SOGGY STICK in the flames (don't get too close, or you will get burned).
The stick dries, and becomes STICK WITH WOODWORM.

- Now jump up to platform at top-right, and walk right into next screen (Trapped!).
Drop STICK WITH WOODWORM on blue crate, and the woodworm quickly get's rid of the crate for you.

- Jump up into The Entrance Hall, then jump up onto platform on the left.

- Continue left into Moat And Portcullis, then follow path up & right, into The Banquet Hall.

- Talk to Grand Dizzy to learn that he has lost his book.
It's up to you to find it for him.

- Jump up onto left-edge of the table, then jump up & left, so you are on a small platform in The West Wing.

- Now jump up & right, and make your way up 2 screens to The Attic.

- Pick up A GREASE GUN, then make your way back down to Moat And Portcullis.

- Try to flip blue switch, but it is stuck.
Use A GREASE GUN on switch to grease it, then flip the switch again.

- Head right, and follow path round, so you are in lower part of Moat And Portcullis.

- Walk left to A Sheltered Overhang, and pick up GRAND DIZZY'S BOOK.
Wait a minute... wasn't Grand Dizzy looking for this?

- Return to The Entrance Hall, then climb up to The Banquet Hall.
Give GRAND DIZZY'S BOOK to Grand Dizzy, then pick up FLIPPERS that he drops. 

- Make your way back down to The Entrance Hall, then head right to Danger! Thin Ice!
You have FLIPPERS that Grand Dizzy gave you, so you can safely cross over the ice.

- Now continue right to The Snowy Fields.

- Talk to The Shopkeeper, and he asks for 15 coins before he will let you pass.
Oh dear, 15 coins is a lot!
Let's start looking.

- Drop A SHINY KEY, and pick up A BLOWTORCH.
Make sure you still have FLIPPERS, then walk left onto Danger! Thin Ice!
Don't worry, as long as you have the FLIPPERS, you are safe.

- Pick up A BLOCK OF ICE on the frozen lake, then walk left to The Entrance hall.
Drop FLIPPERS here for safe keeping.

- Head left, and continue left until you reach The Guard House.

- Look closely at the tree stump.
See anything strange?
Pick up A BLOCK OF ICE from next to the tree stump, then walk left to The Icy River.

- Throw A BLOCK OF ICE into the river, and a thin layer of ice begins to form on the river.
It's still too thin to walk on though, so through the other A BLOCK OF ICE into the river.

- Jump across the now-frozen river, and jump left to Twoway Warehouse.


- Go left to The Docks And Pier, but be careful.
Look closely at the bridge to see that it has a loose plank.

- Start walking across the bridge, but jump over the loose plank (roughly half-way), or you will drown.

- Continue left to Looking Out To Sea.
Here we see our old pal Dylan.
Try and talk to Dylan, but he is frozen solid.
Oh dear, maybe you can free him from his icy prison.

- Use BLOWTORCH on Dylan to melt the ice block, and he offers you a magic ring in return.
Pick up PRECIOUS RING, then head right, all the way back to The Entrance Hall (remember to jump over loose plank in the bridge).

- Pick up FLIPPERS, and walk right until you reach The Snowy Fields.

- The Shopkeeper had asked you for 15 coins, but try as you might, you just can't find enough.
Maybe you could give him something else of value instead?

- Give PRECIOUS RING to The Shopkeeper, and he will let you pass.

- While you are here, drop FLIPPERS here for safe keeping, and pick up A SHINY KEY.

- Now walk right 3 screens, until you reach Base Of The Treehouse, and drop A WARM BLANKET here.

- Walk right again, and pick up A RUSTY KEY.

- Go right, and continue right, until you reach The Active Volcano, then pick up A CAN OF OIL.

- Return left, to Base of The Treehouse, and talk to Denzil to discover that his music player is broken.
Poor Denzil.

- Walk left to The Lift Control Hut, and notice the 4 control units.
Use A RUSTY KEY on bottom-right control unit, but the key won't turn, since it is rusty.

- Use CAN OF OIL on bottom-right control unit to oil it.
The key turns, and the lift starts to move.

- Use A SHINY KEY on bottom-left control unit to turn it on.
But you're not sure what lift has been triggered yet.

- Go right twice, until you reach The Snowy Allotment, and jump up into the tree.
From here, jump left, so you are on platform in Base Of The Treehouse.

- Pick up A WARM BLANKET, and drop A CAN OF OIL, since you won't need the oil anymore.

- Jump up onto top platform, then jump up & left to Daisy's Empty Hut.

- Walk left to Denzil's Pad, then jump up into top platform.

- Now walk back into Daisy' Empty Hut (this time, you are on the top platform), and pick up A BOOK OF MATCHES.

- Now walk left twice, and ride the lift up to top platform.

- Head right again, back to Denzil's Pad (but you are on the top platform this time), then jump up to Lift To The Elders (right above you).

- Talk to Dozy, and he tells you that he is very cold.
Maybe you could help him get warm?

- Give A WARM BLANKET to Dozy, then pick up AN EMPY BUCKET that he drops.

- I wonder what you could use that for?
Walk right, and pick up another A SHINY KEY.

- Now make your way back down to The Lift Control Hut, and use A SHINY KEY in top-left control unit to turn it on.

- Drop down to screen below, then go right to The Deserted Mines.

- Enter tunnel (left, middle), and pick up A SHINY CD, then head back up to the surface.

- Give A SHINY CD to Denzil, so he can use it in his music player, then pick up BATHROOM SEALENT that he drops.

- Head back left, to The Snowy Fields, and drop your EMPTY BUCKET here.

- Now pick up FLIPPERS, so you can safely cross the ice.

- Walk left to The Entrance Hall, and drop your FLIPPERS here for safe keeping.

- Jump up onto platform at top-left.
Now make your way up to The Banquet Hall, then continue up to The Castle Staircase.

- Walk over to dripping ceiling (careful not to get too close to the drips), and use BATHROOM SEALENT to fix the ceiling.

- Now walk right to The East Tower (be careful!), and pick up HEAVY PICKAXE.

- Make your way back down to The Entrance Hall. 
Pick up FLIPPERS, and head right to The Snowy Fields.

- Drop FLIPPERS here, and continue right to The Lift Control Hut.

- Drop down into Abandoned Dragon's Lair, and then head right to The Deserted Mines.

- Use A HEAVY PICKAXE to break boulder at top-right, then drop A HEAVY PICKAXE, since you won't need it anymore.

- Now pick up A SHINY KEY. Head back up to the surface, and use A SHINY KEY in top-right control unit to turn it on.
Now all 4 control units are active.

- Leave The Lift Control Hut, and make your way up to Lift To The Elders. 

- The lift here is working now, so ride the lift up to top level.

- Head right, and take CAN OF DE-ICER.
Jump right off the trees, and return to The Snowy Fields (where Shopkeeper is).

- Pick up AN EMPTY BUCKET, then head all the way right, until you reach Base Of The Volcano.

- Stand on the frozen puddle, and use A CAN OF DE-ICER to melt the puddle.

- Now use AN EMPTY BUCKET in the puddle to get A BUCKET OF WATER. 

- Head left, and make your way back to The Snowy Fields.
Pick up FLIPPERS, and continue left to The Entrance Hall.

- Drop down into Trapped (right below you).
Go left into Welcome Back, and then throw A BUCKET OF WATER into the flames to douse the fire.

- Now walk right into the lower section of Trapped!.
Talk to Daisy to find out that she wants to rent a room.
Unfortunately, the room is not cheap, and it will cost you 30 silver coins. 

- Search everywhere in Winter World to find 30 gold coins.
When you are ready, return to The Lift Control Hut, and drop down into Abandoned Dragon's Lair. 

- Walk right into The Deserted Mines, and talk to the troll.

- Give him the coins, and he will give you key to his room.