Helpline Transcript - Part 1

In part one you will be descending into the ground, talking to Theo, and performing giant leaps in a mining cart.

To start with, head left, jump over mushroom and walk into the deep pit, so you land on the trampette. Wait till you\'ve finished bouncing then get off. Pick up the trampette, and take it to the left hand side of the pit. Drop it roughly where the fruit is, then get on it, and by keeping the \"Jump\" key held down, bounce out of the left hand side of the pit, and walk to the sandstone quarry.

Jump over the mushroom, and collect a rock. Now go back right, walk into the pit, and if you placed the trampette correctly, you won\'t get hurt. Move the trampette back to the right hand side of the pit, and bounce on it to return to the starting screen. You need another rock though, and since rocks break if you drop them on the floor, you need to jump onto the mushroom here. Jump to the right and you\'ll land on a cloud, where you can safely drop the rock. Now go back to the quarry again, and fetch a second rock, then return to the cloud above the starting screen and collect the rock you left there.

Return to ground level, and from the starting screen head right to the windy shaft. the rocks serve to weigh you down enough to descend quite a way: You want the second exit on the left, which leads to Theo\'s Grotto. If you haven\'t talked to Theo yet you should do so. Otherwise, you\'ll want to take the upper passage left from the crystal tree, then jump up at the end, and the left again to Dylan\'s hole. You can\'t talk to Dylan yet, because he\'s stuck underground, but if you drop one of the rocks, you\'ll be able to pick up the hammer that\'s in this room.

Now return to the Windy Shaft. Because you\'ve only got the one rock, you get carried upwards, and you want to exit on your right: the mine shaft.

Go in and follow the railway track right, to where the track is broken. Fix the track with the hammer, dump the other rock, and walk back to the windy shaft, and thus to the surface. Dump the hammer in the starting room. Right, now go left to the quarry again, and pick up one rock. Then instead of returning straight away, use the mushroom in the quarry to jump right into some clouds and from there go left, via some more clouds to the edge of vast lake. Now whatever you DON\'T FALL IN!

You need to ride Wally the Whale across the lake and get the brake shoe from the other side. Then return and go across the clouds and land neatly on the trampette in the dip. Drop the brake while you move the trampette to the other end of pit, then pick it up again and take the brake and the rock to the windy shaft. One rock is enough to get you back to the mining shaft, and once there you MUST drop the rock, before attaching the brake shoe to the cart and getting in..... One quick Indiana-Jones impersination later, you should be at the very end of the line. Now go right and up, and pick up the bag (at last, you can carry more than two objects!).

Then go up to the ore crushers, and pick up the megaphone. Then continue left over the rickety bridge, and collect the shamrock, then down, back to the mine shaft. Now walk left, back to the Windy Shaft, return to the surface, and dump the shamrock and megaphone in the starting screen.

NEXT: You need three rocks. Fortunately, you can collect them all in one journey. Pick up the shamrock and take your heavy load to the Windy Shaft, and go down the four-way junction with green walls. Go right, run over the man-eating plant and talk to the leprochaun. Give him the shamrock and pick up the talisman he\'ll give you in return. Now go left, and across the Windy Shaft to the scales. Drop a rock on the right pan of the scales, and then go down the hole under the left pan. When you hit bottom, go left, avoid the dangerous drips, and talk to Grand Dizzy. Pick up the ear trumpet and leave the dark room using the mushroom provided. Drop another rock (living one) and return to the Windy Shaft. Keep to the left wall, and leave the shaft at Theo\'s exit (the second on the left) and drop the ear trumpet. Now cross the Windy Shaft to the mine shaft KEEPING your one rock this time, get in the cart again.

This time instead of flying effortlessly over the chasm the cart will crash into the reservoir wall, and you\'ll fall into some potentially deadly water. However, you\'ve just got time to run right: Since you\'re carryng the talisman, the beast will remain passive, and you can jump over it and get up the air... Now go right to the beast\'s lair, and avoiding the shark, collect the aqualung. Keep hold of the talisman, and go out past the beast. Dump the talisman in the reservoir, and continue left to the mine shaft, avoiding the assorted marine life. Drop the rock that you\'ve been carrying, and return to the surface with the aqualung.

Right so now you can safely explore all the watery bits of the map! If you\'re still stuck, the solution is continued in part two...