Helpline Transcript - Part 2

In part two of the solution, you\'ll be talking to Dylan and Denzil and encountering whales, bees, and bears....

Pick up just the aqualung from your small collection of objects, and go left trough the pit, over the quarry, to the lake. Jump boldly into the lake, which, thanks to the aqualung, you can survive indefinitely, and, avoiding all the fish go left into the watery passage: it\'s quite long and there\'s a soggy log at the far end, which you should pick up. Now go all the way back to the starting screen, and drop the aqualung and the soggy log there.

Now for another foray downwards: You need to collect three rocks. When you\'ve brought them, pick up the aqualung and go down the Windy shaft to the 4 way junction then right to the man-eating plant and plunge into the water. Avoid the fish, drop two of your three rocks and pick up the umbrella and take it and the aqualung back up to ground level. Note that the umbrella nullifies the effect of the one rock you\'re still carrying.

Drop the brolly on the RIGHT of Windy shaft, drop your one rock, then cross the shaft to the left side and drop the aqualung on the starting screen. Now go and fetch another two rocks in the quarry, and return to the starting screen.

Then pick up megaphone and the soggy log from the collection of objects which is starting to pile up here. Go down the Windy shaft and take the exit to Theo\'s grotto. Drop on the rocks and pick up the ear trumpet then go left and up and use the megaphone to talk to Dylan: Since you\'ve got the ear trumpet as well you can hold a proper conversation. Now dump the megaphone and take the ear trumpet and the vibes to Theo. If you\'ve got enough magic star you can give Theo the ear trumpet and Dylans vibe now, to rescue Dylan and Grand Dizzy; otherwise you\'ll have to leave them here in anticipation.

In the meantime use the soggy log next to the fire to get it smoking and go back to the Windy shaft carrying just the now smoking log and one rock. The exit you want is the one above Theo\'s with the bear in it. Don\'t touch the bear but pick up the empty jar, drop the rock and return to the surface. Walk right from the windy shaft, picking up the umbrella and use it to carry the smoking log to the right, safely through the rain to the killer bees. The bees are pacified by the smoke, and will not attack you. Drop the smoking log here, and use the jar under the bees nest to collect the honey.

Return to the Windy shaft once again leaving the umbrella on the right hand side. Go and fetch two rocks. You only need one really but returning to the staring screen, leave one in the cloud for later. Use the remaining rock to take the honey down one level to the bear\'s cave. Next comes a task which requires some swift and accurate movement: Drop the honey in the middle of the room to lure the bear forward. Then jump over the bear using the mushrooms, go left to the winding passage, then up on the mushroom to the cosy cavern. Pick up the pepper and the bones and then return using the mushrooms to get over the bear again, pick up the now empty JAR, drop your single rock, return to the surface and drop the jar and the bones, but keep the paper.

Next pick up the aqualung. It\'s not strictly necessary for this part of the solution, but any mistakes here can potentially lead to drowning. Take the pepper all the way left, through the pit and over the quarry to the lake. If you use the pepper whilst standing on the whale, the whale will sneeze, but it is very important to use it at the right place. Use the pepper once at the right of the whale\'s path, which will allow you to ride it\'s spout up into the some clouds, and from there, jump right and collect the flippers. Then return to the ground (or dive into the lake). If you carrying the flippers, you can swim using the \"jump key\". Next use the pepper at the left of the whale\'s path to allow you to get to the lakeside cliff top.

Now you can dump the pepper. Go left through the woody grove and talk to Denzil. He\'ll part with his ZX81. Pick it up, return all the way to the starting screen, and drop everything.