Helpline Transcript - Part 3

In this part we visit the spooky cave and the flooded chamber, and talking to Dora and Daisy.

Go and collect three rocks. On returning to the starting screen pick up the aqualung and go down to the man-eating plant. Drop the aqualung and the rocks near the plant, and go straight back to the surface. Next get another 3 rocks and use them to take the bones all the way down to the plant. Dump the rocks and pick up the aqualung.

Now use the bones to persuade the plant that you\'re worth eating. Once through the plant, go right into the flooded chamber avoiding the fish, and continuing right, pick up the small clump of seaweed. Once you\'ve got it, retrace your path and return through the plant. Drop the aqualung and the bones nearby, then take the seaweed back to ground level and drop it on the starting screen.

Now go and collect yet another three rocks and this time take the flippers all the way down to the plant. Drop the rocks and pick up the aqualung and the bones. Use the bones on the plant again, and once you\'re through, go right into the flooded chamber, then swim right and up into the sunken shed. Talk to Daisy and pick up her diamond ring. Leave the shed and return through the plant into the Windy shaft. Drop the bones and the ring here. This next bit takes practice with no rocks: duck into the Windy shaft and immediately exit it again to the right, which is the control room exit, if you miss it you will have to do some more rock ferrying. Leave the flippers and the aqualung in the control room and return to the surface.

For the next journey, we need four rocks.: If you followed the solution in the last part, you should still have one rock left in the clouds in the starting screen. If not then ferry one now, then get three more and pick up one in the cloud. Now go down the Windy shaft to the bottom (or at least as far as you can get!). Drop one rock, and pick up the jar lid. Then walk into the Windy shaft, and go up one level to where you left the ring. Drop two rocks (leaving you with one), pick up the ring an go up the Windy shaft to Theo\'s exit. Rescue Daisy using the ring and some stars if you\'ve got them, otherwise dump the ring here for now. Dump the last rock and return, with the lid, to the starting screen.

From your collection of objects on the starting screen, pick up the empty jar, and take it, and the lid, across the shaft where you left the brolly. Pick up the brolly and walk with it to the Windy shaft, allowing yourself to be blown into the sky... On a good gust, step out of the wind onto the cloud to your left, and go left-and-up through the clouds to the fireflies. Now for the tricky bit: When the firefly\'s close to you, catch it in the jar, and slam the lid on. This it no easy, because you have to jump occasionally to stop falling through the clouds. Once you\'ve managed that, go back down (via clouds, mushrooms and trampettes if you don\'t want to be hurt) to the surface, drop the brolly, but DON\'T DROP THE GLOWING JAR! Go and fetch TWO rocks, and take the seaweed and the now gloving jar down to the mine shaft. (Although the mine shaft\'s only one rock down, you need to go further down in a minute, and stepping out early is possible).

Walk to the right along to the mine shaft, to the mushroom and use it to get up to the passage junction: Go left into what was a very spooky cave till you got the glowing jar. Then use the (Garlic flavoured) seaweed to scare the bats. Jump across the water, avoid the drips and talk to Dora. Pick up the slipper, and get back out of the spooky cave, down from the junction, and back left along the mine shaft. With the two rocks you can jump left, across the shaft to Theo, and stars permitting, give him the slipper to rescue Dora. (Otherwise leave the slipper here for later!)

You can dump the gloving jar now, to let the firefly free, and then dump the empty jar as well! Now dump the rocks, and return to the surface.