Helpline Transcript - Part 4

In this part you will be exploring the control room and the pumping station, and also escaping from the Mystic Kingdom ourselves!

Firstly if the aqualung and the flippers aren\'t in the control room, then take two rocks and ferry them here, then return to the surface. Go and fetch two rocks from the quarry. Then pick up the ZX81 and the hammer from your collection of objects on the starting screen, and go down the Windy shaft, taking the control room exit, which is second exit on right.

Dump the rocks, pick up the aqualung and the flippers, and plug the ZX81 in next to the big screen: This turns on a transporter tube in the room to the right, which you should now enter... At the far end is the pumping station: Make your way down from the high platform carefully, then go right and stand below the large plug on top of machine. Now ensure that you\'re wearing your swimming gear, and use the hammer on the plug: The plug is removed, and the entire pumping station becomes flooded.

Dump the hammer and swim through the drainpipe to the reserve tank. Jump over the pipe entrance, and pick up the fishing net (plus your swimming kit) and leave the pumping station via the same transporter tube which you entered it from. Once back in the control room, drop the pillow with the ZX81 for now, and take the fishing net and the swimming gear back to the surface.

Dump the swimming gear on the starting screen, then go left, into the pit, and use the fishing net to catch Pogie. Pick up his collar, and go to fetch two rocks. Return down the Windy shaft to the control room. Drop one of the rocks, and pick up the ZX81 and pillow: With the rock you\'ve go left, you can cross to Theo\'s exit and (stars permitting) give him the ZX81, pillow and collar to rescue Denzil, Dozy and Pogie respectively.

By now, you\'ve found enough objects to rescue everyone. You should also have found enough stars to allow Theo to rescue everyone including yourself! But there\'s a problem. Those last five stars have to get you AND Theo home, and since he\'s reluctant to use magic to get you home, Theo leaves, and you\'re stuck with getting yourself out without using magic at all! As well as Theo\'s bit of string, you\'ll need 3 other objects: Some thin sticks, some pretty cloth and some sticky tape. These objects are in concealed rooms, the locations of which will be revealed in the last part of the solution. Put these 4 objects together, and you\'ve got... One fab kite!! Which in the windy shaft, takes you to previously undreamt of heights.

Once you\'re two rooms above ground level, wait for a really big gust of wind, and step onto the right hand cloud. Now go up - and - right into the small cavern in the roof, where you\'ll find a drill bit to the drilling machine, and home you go! Well done you\'ve finished! In next part you will have a full list of where all the magic stars are, and also the locations of those tree secret rooms, but try to find them yourself.