Helpline Transcript - Part 5

This part gives you full list of where the magic stars are, as well as the locations of the secret rooms.

First: The magic stars there are forty of them altogether, five for each of the yolkfolk, five for Pogie, five for Theo, and none for poor little you:-

There\'s one at the top of the windy shaft, one on the cloud to the left of the fireflies and another on the screen below this.

There\'s one in the quarry, behind a tuft of grass, one in the clouds above the quarry, and one in the lake that you can pick up whilst standing on the whale.

There\'s one at the top of the lake-side cliff top, and two in the woody grove, behind a tuff of grass, and behind some leaves.

Then there are two in the clouds above the woody grove: The first takes quite a stretch, and the other\'s above Denzil.

There are three in the watery passage, one right at the very start of it, one in chamber in its roof that you\'ll need flippers to get at, and the third behind some seaweed almost at the far end.

There\'s one in the bear\'s cosy room, by the windy shaft.

There\'s one down the mining shaft, near the mushroom, one in the rockfall at the far end, and one on the rock near the ore crushers.

Then you find you\'ll find one behind the chain of the right hand ore crusher.

There are two hidden behind railings on the rickety bridge: In addition to the stars, behind the railings is a mushroom which gives access to a further three stars once you\'ve got past some nasty drips.

Next there\'s one in the water in the spooky cave, one on the resevoir floor and one in the beast\'s lair behind the shark.

There\'s one on crystal tree, behind a crystal and one in Theo\'s grotto behind the left most railing.

There\'s one in the substation, at the extreme right and three in the pumping station. One of the left of the reserve tank that you can\'t reach till you\'ve flooded the chamber, one behind a railing on the platform above the oil drums, and one on the floor at the left hand end.

There\'s one inside the spare ore crusher.... to get it you\'ll need to jump into it from quite a distance!

Finally there are five at the bottom of the shaft:- One next to the Leprechaun, one by the plant\'s roots, behind some seaweed, two on the floor of the flooded chamber (one of which is behind the right - most clump of seaweed), and the last one in the sunken shed.

The three vital objects which you need to escape from the Mystic Kingdom yourself are hidden in three rooms: As well as Theo\'s piece of string.... There\'s some sticky tape in a room at the far end of the watery passage (which you\'ll need the flippers and the aqualung to get at).

There are some thin sticks in a room past Dylan\'s hole. Finally there is some pretty cloth in a room to the right of the pumping station. Again you\'ll need flippers and the aqualung to get into this room, and that\'s not the end of it... This room is a nasty illusory room, and the cloth\'s behind one of the wall panels. The route you\'ll need is down, right, jump up and right. Pick up the wall panel and cloth. Walk left, jump left, jump right and finally a couple of carefully placed jumps left to the exit.

So now you know where all the stars are you finish the game! We hope you enjoyed playing Spellbound Dizzy!