From Dizzy Stories
- Classic Version specific puzzles are highlighted in Red.
- v2 specific puzzles are highlighted in Blue. 
• Use the Umbrella to get past the rain cloud and cave drops. 
Use the Large Stick on the broken moat switch, and the Front Door Key on the castle door beyond the moat. 
Get the Gold Key and use it on the 1st mine lift. 

• Use the sharp axe on the rotten wood next to Grand Dizzy’s hut. Flick both switches. 

• Get the trowel and give it to Dylan. 

• Take the Silver Key and use it on the 2nd mine lift. 

• Use the Pickaxe on the rocks at the top of the rock heap, and use the Bridge Kit on the acid pool in the cave. 

• Get the Walking Stick from the sandy tunnels and give it to Grand Dizzy. 

• Take the Blue Key and use it on the 3rd mine lift.

• Use the Pickaxe on the two rocks in the floor in the 'Mine Railway' room, and get the Camcorder. 

• Give the Camcorder to Denzil, and use the Back Door Key on the castle door in the cave. 

• Take the Empty Bucket to the shallow part of the sea, and drop it to fill it. 
Use the Full Bucket on the fire in the castle main entrance and get the Green Key. 

• (v1 only) Go to the last Cells room and take a Sword Handle. 
Give the Sword Handle to the King, and take the 3-in-1 Oil.

• (v2 only) Use the Wrench on the Sword in Wall, and get the Broken Sword. 
Use the Broken Sword in the Lake, and give the Sword to the King. 
Take the 3-in-1 Oil

• Use the 3-in-1 Oil on the mine truck, and use the Green Key on the 4th mine lift.

• Use the crowbar on the fireplace in the main entrance.

• (v1 only) Take the Small Crate.

 (v2 only) Take the Shamrock and give it to Seamus. 
Take the Small Crate.

• Take some Logs from the wood store, and take the Spade hidden behind them.

• Use the Small Crate just below the small ledge in the 'Landings' room, and take the Joke Book.

• (v1 only) Give the Joke Book to the Joker, and take the Pink Key.

• (v2 only) Give the Joke Book to the Joker, and take the Cement. 
Use the cement on the Quicksand, and take the Pink Key.

• Use the Pickaxe on the large rock beyond the 1st mine lift control, and use the spade to dig into the dirt. Take the Miners Helmet.

• Use the Pink Key on the 5th mine lift, and use the Miners Helmet to get past the falling rocks.

• (v1 only) Take the Shamrock and give it to Shamus. 
Take the Red Key.

• (v2 only) Use the Metal Sheet on the Key Maker, and take the Red Key.

• Use the Red Key on the 6th (and final!) mine lift.

• Give all 5 bunches of Cherries to Pogie, then move him out of the way to get a Feather. 
Use the Feather on Dozy to wake him up (The Air Horn will not work!).

• Give the Picnic Hamper to Dora to get the Pillow. 
Give the Pillow to Dozy to get the Cells Master Key.

• Use the Cells Master Key to free Daisy, and get the Chest Key. 
Use the Chest Key on the Chest in the wood store.

• Take the Dough, Kindling, Logs, Rolling Pin and Matches to the Castle Kitchen 
(to get to the kitchen, jump through the wall behind the King, and leap around at the top of the banquet hall).

• Place the Dough on the Table, and Use the Rolling Pin on the Dough. 
Place the Logs in the oven, and the Kindling on top. 
Stand outside the oven and light it using the Matches. 
Place the Unbaked Loaf next to the oven to bake it.

• Take the Fresh Bread to Daisy, who will give you the final Diamond (you have found the rest haven't you?).

• Give all the Diamonds to the King, who will congratulate you on a job well done.
The End!