Solution - Level 2

R, Get Fish Food, R, Drop Fish Food Near Edge, R, Talk To Captain, R, U, Get Tape, D, R, Ux3, Get Blu-Tac, Dx4, R, Drop Blu-Tac, L, U, R, L, Get Wheel, D, R, Get Saw, Lx2, D, R, Drop Wheel, Down-Left, Lx2, Get Plank, Down-Right, D, Drop Plank By Drip, Get Heart, Down-Right, L, Down-Right, Get Needle And Thread, L, U, L, Up-Right, Get Patch, L, Down-Right, Up-Right, L, Down-Right, Get Scissors, R, Up-Left, Ux3, Drop Scissors On Horizontal Pole, D, U, Drop Patch By Hole, Dx3, R, Get Wheel, Get Blu-Tac, L, U, Lx2, Drop Wheel On Post, Lx3, Talk To Dozy, Get Flag, Rx5, Ux3, Drop Flag By Post, Dx3, Lx2, Talk To Captain, Get Badge, Lx2, Swap Badge For Map & Telescope, Rx2, Talk To Captain, Rx2, Ux3, Stand On Crows Nest, Drop Telescope.