Solution - Level 3

Get Torch, Rx2, Up-Right, Jump Left, Jump Right, Jump Left X2, D, Get Flippers, D, Rx3, Get Tanks, R, Dx2, L, Drop Tanks And Flippers, U, L, R, Get Pick, L, Up-Left, L, Get Heart, L, Get Oil Can, L, Down-Right, D, Drop Pick By Blocks, Rx4, Drop Torch And Can, Get Flippers And Tanks, R, Ux2, Drop Pick, Dx2, L, Get Can, R, Ux2, Drop Tanks And Flippers, Get Pick, Lx2, Drop Pick Under White Pipe, Drop Can Under Drips, Lx3, Drop Can By Lift, Stand On Pad Press Fire, R, Drop Pick, Rx4, Get Tanks And Flippers, Dx2, L, Drop Tanks And Flippers, Get Torch, U, L, Up-Left, Lx2, D, Talk To Man, L, Get Chalice And Sword, R, Drop Chalice And Sword Under Lift, L, Get Crown, R, Drop Crown Under Lift, Stand On Pad And Press Fire, Rx2, U, Get Pin, Rx2, D, Drop Torch, Get Tanks And Flippers, R, Ux2, Drop Tanks, L, Drop Flippers And Pin, Lx4, Talk To Man, Get Puncture Kit, Get Crown, Rx5, Drop Kit On Dinghy, Take Tanks, Drop On Dinghy, Drop Crown On Dinghy, L, Drop Tanks, Lx4, Get Sword And Chalice, Rx4, Get Pin, R, Drop Sword, Pin And Chalice On Dinghy