Standard Game Solution

L, Get Key, L, L, L, Jump On Sharks Back, Use Key, Drop Bottle, L, Get Handle Up Staircase, L, L, U, Get Power Pill, D, R, R, R, Jump On Window Sill, Jump On Cloud, Jump Right, Fall Onto Well, Jump Right, Jump Left, Take Duster, Fall Off Cloud, D, Stay On Left Of Well, Use Handle, Take Bucket, Drop Duster, R, R, R, R, Kill Ghosts, Take Frog, R, Talk To Glenda, R, Fill Bucket, L, Get Drink-me Potion, L, L, L ,L, L, L, L, L, Drop All Except Dora, L, Give Dora To Prince, R, Up Stairs, R, Jump Across To Top Of Well, Jump Right, Jump Right, Take Stick, U, Go To Middle Of Top Right Platform, Jump Right, Get Cat, Jump Right Off Edge, Take Dagger, Jump Left, Jump Left, Go To Glenda, Give Cat, (Go To Hall), Cut Leaf From Bush, Leave It, Get Bucket, L, L, Start Drawbridge, L, L, L, Cut Goats Rope, Use Stick, L, L, Drop Bucket On Denzil, Take Stereo To Hall, Drop Stereo, Take Potion, U, Go To Window Sill, Jump Left To Top Of Bed, Jump Left, U, U, Take Rod, D, D, L, Get Cross, L, Jump Out Of Window, L, Drop Rod On Dozy, L, L, L, L, D, D, Take Torch, R, Drop Potion On Daisy, L, U, U, R, R, R, R, Take Apple, Drop Cross, (Go To Dylan), Get Leaf, (Go To Glenda), Give All Items To Her, Take Potion, (Go To Dylan), Use Potion On Dylan, Go To Hall, Collect Cloth, Drop Cloth, Get Stereo, U, L, L, Jump Out Window, D, Jump Left, U, Jump Right, Jump Right, Jump Left, Drop Stereo Next To Bard, Take Pipes, Go To Well, Fall Left Into Well, Jump Right, Play Pipes, Jump Left, L, Get Something Sticky, L, Get Lamp, U, Drop Pipes, Take Cloth, Go To Sword In Stone, Take Excalibur, L, Drop Lamp, Use Duster On Lamp, Drop Duster, Go To Ice Castle, Jump Left, U, U, Jump Left Off Edge Of The Top Left Ledge, D, Enter Mirror, Take Queen, L, Save Grand Dizzy, Go To Volcano, Jump Across On Clouds, R, D, D, Go To Devil, Take Trident, Go To Zaks, Drop Trident On Him, Take Ring, Go To Devil, L, Jump Left To Middle Stone, Drop Ring In Lava, R, Go To Devil, Talk To Devil