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Author: Lukasz Kur (Dizzy9)
Programmers: Lukasz Kur
Graphics: Marcelo Barbosa


(from Lukasz)
The story would involve Lunarians, an acient race of people living on the Moon.
They came down to find the "angel eggs", the ultimate source of power.

Well, that's the basic story, each chapter would actually have its own "inside" story and player would piece together the truth of how lunarians came to be, why they weren't active for a long time and what they need angel eggs for.

The project was about to bring are-invention of the Dizzy formula.
Entire game would be a multi chapter based. Each chapter would be a short adventure, about 5-10 minutes long to complete.
Now, Dizzy games tend to go stale after a single playthrough...after all, you have done and seen everything.
What I consider new would be for each chapter have three goals.
A goal for Hero, Neutral and Evil paths.
Acquiring each goal would mean some items need to be used, while others are useless.
But there is more. If player completes chapter with certain goal, he will be sent to another chapter which would be completely different other paths.
Revive Zaks? Go to Magicland. Save Daisy? Go to Snowcap mountains? Just get to the goal? Go check on Yolkfolk Village?

Additionally, all chapters would be laid out in a grid and not in linear manner.
Meaning by careful navigating the goals, you could see same locations by completing different objectives in previous chapters. (but wouldnt have to).
This fact would lead to small, later chapters would refer to your actions in previous chapter.

Didnt save Daisy in Zaks Castle? She's not here in Yolkfolk village! Oh, you saved her? Ok, now she is the leader of a rebellion.
With this, each chapter could be replayed again with some fresh air and it would give player kind of control over where next chapter will take place.

Next up, something that is partialy implemented in this demo, Teching.
Game originally would have a time counted and displayed after each chapter complete with online rankings (this is not implemented).
Teching (at least in this game) are general actions interrupted by a press of a button at just right moment to help player out.

Currently, there are 3 Techs implemented.
1- Grab a fruit and press Interact button just before Dizzy lands on ground
Eating animation gets canceled(HP is restored)
2- If falling from a big distance press Interact button before hitting the ground
Stunned animation gets canceled.
3- When walking of any ledge, let go of walking button just before dizzy is about to fall.
Dizzy's directional momentum gets canceled and he falls straight down.
3.5 -When walking of any ledge, press the opposite direction to the one you were walking.
This will reverse Dizzy's directional momentum. (so if you walked to right, he will fall to left).
The idea behind Techs was to give players more movement options as well as reward more skilled players that can pull off these.
Maybe even get some people to start speedrunning the game.
Another thing, Dizzy can now combine two items into one new. Keep it in mind when playing ;)
Game would also have a number of achivements-IMO, while it failed with POTY remake for mobile phones, with our varity of the game we could do so much better.
Things like finding a secret room in a certain scenario (which opening requires a certain Faction set) would work quite nicely.
The game also would have some more extra options such as replay recording, language selection, not to mention menu options with stuff like video filters.
While implemented, language selection is not optional and restricted to English (too much work for me to translate ATM) or replay selection (while recording and playing back works, it would require some kind of menu start, save, load etc...and I dont really have time to implement such menu).
There is no music, so feel free to start your favorite music while playing.

The controls are as following:
Left\Right arrow: Movement
Up arrow: Jump
Spacebar: Interact\pickup\drop item\drop item from menu
ESC: Item menu
C (while in item menu): Combine mode
T: Faction selection
P: (Un)Pause game
Debug controls:
Z+X+Arrow: fly around with collisions disabled. Be careful, using this to access some areas might bring some logic glitches.
0: Give Dizzy a magic star
Some special filters exist. Some could be set in options menu, some would be used in some special events.
It is possible to enable many filters at same time, but there is no debug keys for that.
1: Remove any filters
2: Monochrome filter
3: CRT Filter
4: Grain filter
5: Dream filter
This filter was supposed to be used in other part of game, where Dizzy would be able to enter other characters dreams.
6: Upside Down filter
7: Night filter
It can gradually make screen more "night like"...though the transition is not coded.
Was supposed to be used in outside scenarios.
8: Directional lighting source, hardcoded to bottom of screen
9: Inifnite halfway
Was supposed to be used in later scenario, where Dizzy (without an item) cannot progress.

DALR (Demo)
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AddedNov 11, 2017
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