Diamond Mine Dizzy
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Author: Jamie Douglas (delta)
Programmers: Jamie Douglas


The King has hired Dizzy and the Yolkfolk to mine Diamonds for him in his private mine.
One day, The King is away, so Dizzy decides to go for a walk.
As usual, he misses all the action, as Trolls loyal to the Evil Wizard Zaks enter the mines, causing the Yolkfolk to flee as the Trolls imprison Daisy and take all the diamonds, scattering them throughout the land and setting traps as they leave. 
Needless to say the King is not amused when he returns.
He blames Dizzy for the whole thing, and orders him to rescue Daisy, find all the diamonds, and restore order to the land... 


This is Jamie's first DizzyAGE game. 
On this version, you can choose between playing the v1.2 version and the v2 version (Where a few puzzles and places are altered slightly).
To choose a version, press Esc on the Title screen to display the Menu, then go to Options. 
This game was also an entry in the 2007 DizzyAGE Easter Competition, and came 3rd place. 

Diamond Mine Dizzy
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AddedApr 30, 2008
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