Dizzy down the Abyss
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Author: Anthony Burns
Programmers: Anthony Burns


The ancient village of Wynnadunn in the Valley of Lenge was once the envy of It's neighbours, deriving great wealth from the magnificent blood emeralds it extracted
from its mines. 


That all changed a few years ago, however, when monstrous creatures
began emerging from the deepest mineshafts.


The mines were abandoned and most of the villagers fled in terror. Only a few poor wretches remain, living in constant fear of the curse that still broods beneath them. They could definitely use the help of an experienced adventurer with time on his hands...


Bored with the lack of adventure at home of late, Dizzy sets fourth to the cursed village of Wynnadunn.


Suddenly.....Dizzy's hot air balloon got struck by lightening and catches fire, he jumps for safety over the blighted realm. 




The "left" and "right" cursor keys make Dizzy walk left and right, and the "up" cursor key makes him jump.


The SPACE key is used to pick up useful objects and blood emeralds. Collectable items always appear in the foreground (in front of Dizzy).


The number keys 1-4 are used to drop held objects. If dropped in certain areas, or in conjunction with certain other objects, this may result in solving puzzles.


The "E" key is used to examine areas, including scrolls and inscriptions in the background. This can result in useful hints, or even finding hidden objects.


The "T" key is used to talk to characters (though they may not always respond).


The "C" key is used to advance text in conversations.


The "S" key is used to cast a spell, but only if you have a certain object.


There are 39 useable objects in the game, though Dizzy can only hold up to 4 of them at a time. Some of them need to be used in conjunction with other objects (drop them in the same space to see if they interact) whereas others need to be used at certain locations.


These valuable stones are possessed of a powerful magical energy. Collecting five of them will give Dizzy an extra life. There are twenty in total, but not all of them are easy to find. Emeralds do not take up space in Dizzy's inventory.


Dizzy will lose a life if he comes into contact with a monster, a ghost (or the trail it leaves), spores, falling rocks, fire, lava, or deep water (Shallow, flowing water and waterfalls are not dangerous).

After losing a life, Dizzy will flash for a few seconds, allowing you to move him to safety. Interactions with characters are not possible during Dizzy's "hurt" phase.

Some items can protect Dizzy from certain hazards.

Dizzy down the Abyss
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PlatformWindows 32bitVersionv1.01
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AddedJan 25, 2013
PlatformWindows 32bitVersion
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