Dizzy in Wonderland
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Bubblefox Productions
Author: Bubblefox
Programmers: Bubblefox


Denzil was busy working on a secret Artificial Reality project one day, when there was a power surge.
As a result, an entire new world was created.
Denzil was proud of his achievement, but there were hidden dangers.
Whenever the world was called into existence, a person would be transported to yet another world.
It just so happens that Daisy wants a watch, and Dizzy, oblivious of the old watch powers, and wanting to stop her nagging, remembers that there is an old watch locked away.
Upon recieving the watch, Daisy triggers the new universe into existence, the ground breaks up, swallowing Dizzy and Daisy.
Falling into a new world, Dizzy looks everywhere for Daisy, but she is nowhere to be found...
Fortunately, Theo can be seen in the distance, but can he help you get yourself and Daisy out of Wonderland? 

Dizzy in Wonderland
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PlatformWindows 32bitVersionv1.1
File Size2.59MbDownloads20497
AddedJun 20, 2007
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