Dizzy and the Y2k Predicament
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Author: Tommy Pereira
Programmers: Tommy Pereira


It's close to the year 2000, and Daisy has been kidnapped by aliens who threaten to take over the world once the clock strikes midnight on December 12th 1999. 
Dizzy has no other choice, he must destroy these aliens before they destroy Earth! 


Dizzy and the Y2K Predicament is a space invaders-style game where you have to shoot the aliens at the top of the screen.
You only have a limited time to do it and there's lazers shooting all around you to add to the tension.
This game can be egg-stremely slow on certain Spectrum emulators.
Make sure you've got one that enables fast emulation. 
There were plans to port it onto the Commodore 64 and PC, but were both cancelled. 

Dizzy and the Y2k Predicament
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PlatformZX Spectrum 48KVersion
File Size37.97KbDownloads20390
AddedJan 7, 2007
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