Dragon Valley Dizzy
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Author: Matt Huckvale (Huckleberry)
Programmers: Matt Huckvale


Dragon Valley - a peaceful kingdom ruled by King Ernest the Great.
The land gained its name when the last evil dragon was slain by a hero from a far-off land.
Withstanding blast after fiery blast, this champion delivered the fatal blow to the beast's heart with his mighty sword.
The dragon let out a chilling scream and took to the skies wrapped in a thunderous inferno.
The dragon scorched the land and plunged deep into the lake. It is said the water boiled for three days and three nights. 
Declaring the people of the land liberated from the tyranny of the evil dragons, the hero vowed to restore the valley to its former glory.
The people were so overjoyed they made him their king.
The champion planted trees and crops in the burnt earth.
This fertile soil nurtured mighty trees and an abundance of grain.
The people grew prosperous and two great forts were built on the surrounding hills.
These strongholds flanked the new royal residence, Castle Dragos.
The family took this name in remembrance of their beginnings.
The people vowed never to forget and planted memorial gardens.
The lake was covered to form a beautiful, new pond. 
Centuries passed.
The present king, answering a call of help from his ally in the north, has taken his army to the aid of his friend.
Events have taken a turn for the worse and a call for re-enforcements was made.
This has left the forts unguarded and the valley under control of the king's weak-minded son, Bertie. 
Now an evil stirs in the east.
Seeing the valley has become vulnerable, the Wizard Zaks has raised an army to bring Dragon Valley to its kness and under his maniacal control.
Knowing he is trapped, the king sends a letter to his most trusted subject imploring for his help. 
Can Dizzy save the valley from destruction?
Can he become the hero the people need?
To do so he will need to find the weapon of champions.
To take his place in history he needs...The Hero Sword! 


This is Matt's first DizzyAGE game. 
This game was also an entry in the 2010 DizzyAGE Easter Competition, and came 3rd place.

Dragon Valley Dizzy
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AddedMay 27, 2009
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